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Origin of the surname “Davis:”







5   Isaac T. Davis


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1820 in Virginia.  Died after 1880 in Hancock County, Indiana.


2. Wife: Margaret J. McCorkhill


Born about 1825, perhaps in Hancock County, Indiana; daughter of Robert Jackson and Mary "Polly" (Keith) McCorkhill.  Died before 1860 in Hancock County, Indiana.  Married Isaac T. Davis on 29 May 1845 in Hancock County, Indiana.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Sarah E. Davis: Born about 1846 in Blue River Township, Hancock County, Indiana.  Died 1912 in Center Township, Hancock County.


b. George Washington Davis: See generation 4, below.


c. Jacob H. Davis: Born 17 January 1851 in Hancock County, Indiana.  Died 26 June 1914 at Cleveland, Hancock County.


d. Mary L. Davis: Born about 1852 in Hancock County, Indiana.  Died there 17 December 1886.


4   George Washington Davis


1. Biographical notes:


Born 14 September 1848 in Hancock County, Indiana.  Died 20 February 1923 at Greenfield, Hancock County.


2. Wife: Martha Josephine Arnold


Born August 1853 in Hancock County, Indiana; daughter of John and Martha (?) Arnold.  Died after 1920.  Married George Washington Davis on 27 September 1873 in Hancock County, Indiana; apparently divorced before 1920.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Riley Davis "Riley": (photos) Born January 1879 in Indiana.  Died .  Employed as a woodworking machinist in a planing mill.  Resided at 2164 Ashland Avenue in the City of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Married Alpha Arletta Johnson (photos) (b. abt 1885 in IN), daughter of Elwood T. and Hanna (Eiikenberry) Johnson, on 31 March 1907 in Fayette County, Indiana and had the following daughter:


(1. Martha E. Davis: (photos) Born 27 February 1908 in Indiana.  Died November 1983 in Marion County, Indiana; interred Bethel Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.


b. George Franklin Davis: See generation 3, below.


c. Rosa Davis: July 1886 in Indiana.


3   George Franklin Davis (photos)



Davis, George Franklin family 1922 Clara, Robert, Ruth, Howard) (188) #.jpg


1. Biographical notes:


Born 8 March 1879 at Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana.  Died 18 May 1949 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


2. Wife: Clara E. Rogge (photos)


Born 7 March 1882 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; daughter of William (b. 20 Dec 1833 in Germany, d. 21 Aug 1894; interred Lindenwood Cem., Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN) (photos) and Fredericka (Hilgemann) Rogge (b. 2 Jul 1837 in Germany, d. 18 Jun 1895, m. 28 May 1860 in Allen Co., IN; interred with William) (photos).  Died there 10 October 1961.  Married George Franklin Davis on 25 June 1902 (license issued same day) at St. John's Reformed Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


1900 US Census: Clara E. Rogge, age 18 (b. Mar 1882 in IN; parents b. Germany), single, and employed as an overall maker in a factory, resided in the household headed by her brother-in-law, William B. Siebold, age 30 (b. May 1870 in IN; parents b. Germany) and employed as a picture frame maker, at 66 Walnut Street in the City of Fort Wayne, Wayne Township, Allen County, Indiana.  The household also included William's wife of 9 years, Sophia B. Siebold, age 29 (b. Nov 1870 in IN; parents b. Germany), who had had 2 children, both still alive; son, Earl H. Siebold, age 6 (b. Jul 1893 in IN); and son, Herbert G. Siebold, age 2 (b. Jul 1897 in IN).


3. Children:


a. Ruth Nellie Davis: See generation 2, below.


b. Howard W. Davis: (photos) Born 8 November 1905 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  Died there in May 1970.  At age 19 married (1st) Sarah G. Boyer (b. abt 1903 in PA), age 21, daughter of George F. and (?) (Buser) Boyer, on 23 September 1924 in St. Joseph Township, Berrien County, Michigan and had the following son:


(1. Stanley Boyer Davis: (photos) Born about 1925.


Howard and Sarah were subsequently divorced, and Sarah retained custody of their son, Stanley.  Howard Davis married (2nd) Helen (?) and had the following daughter:


(2. Barbara Deann Davis: (photos) Born 13 January 1938 at St. Paul, Indiana.  Died 5 January 2012 in Indiana.  Married Jack McCartney.


Howard Davis married (3rd) Marian/Marion Kemp (b. abt 1915 in IN) and had the following son:


(3. Lasm Davis: (photos)


(4. Keith Davis: (photos) Was in an orphanage for 12 years.


c. Robert "Bob" Franklin Davis: (photos) (more info) Born 3 January 1911 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  Died there in May 1970.  Reportedly an alcoholic.  Married, as her 1st husband, Genevieve "Genke" Ursla Pritchett (b. abt 1914 in TX) and had the following children:


(1. Robert "Bob" Franklin Davis, Jr.: (photos) Born 20 February 1938 at Dallas, Texas.


(2. Ronald "Ronny" E. Davis: (photos)


(3. Lanny Gordon Davis: (photos) Born 7 March 1941 (9 lbs, 2 oz; 21") at Dallas, Texas.


Genevieve (Pritchett) Davis married (2nd) Johnny Latham Yates (b. 21 Mar 1914, d. 24 Oct 2005) and had the following children:


(4. Johnny Latham Yates, Jr.: Twin.  Born 31 August 1953 at Dallas, Texas.  Died 6 June 2011.


(5. Jerry Lee Yates: Twin.  Born 31 August 1953 at Dallas, Texas.


(6. Samellen Jeannean Yates: Born 16 December 1955 at Dallas, Texas.


2   Ruth Nellie Davis:


Born 25 May 1904 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  Died there 14 May 1984.  Married Peter Poinsett, Jr., generation 2 of the Poinsett Annex on 26 June 1931 at Wheeling, West Virginia.


See Poinsett Annex for More Info



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