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Origin of the surname “Dick:”







3   Peter Dick


1.  Biographical notes:


In 1978 resided at Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


2.  Wife: Mary Stella (?)




3.  Children:


a. James Dick: See generation 1, below.


2   James Dick (photos) (more info)


1.  Biographical notes:




2.  Wife: Betty J. Brooks (more info)


Born ; daughter of Charles E. and Genevieve (?) Brooks of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York.  Married James Dick on 22 May 1938 with a justice of the peace officiating.  A more formal wedding ceremony was held in October 1945 at St. Cecilia's Catholic Church, Adams, Jefferson County.


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Patricia Dick: Married James Creighton and in 1978 resided in New York.


b. Bonnie Dick: Married (?) Clark and in 1978 resided in New York.


c. Cathy Dick: Married Rod Morenus and in 1978 resided in New York.


d. Peter Dick: In 1978 resided in New York.


e. James Dick, Jr.: In 1978 resided in New York.


f. Robert Dick: In 1978 resided in New York.


g. Ralph Dick: See generation 1, below.


1   Ralph Dick:


Born .  In 1978 resided in New York.  With Denice Lorraine Drake, descendant # 5.1 of generation 13 of the Descendants of Almond Henry Drake, had the following daughter:


1. Lori Ann Drake: Born 1979.


See Denice's Page for More Info



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