Florence (Dodge) Neiley Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Dodge:”







3   Wallace Dodge


1.  Biographical notes:


2.  Wife: Orice Ely


a. Bertha’s parents:


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Myron Dodge:  See generation 2, below.


b. Edmund Woodward Dodge: (more info) Born 1861 in Wilmot Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died Thursday, 1 July 1948 at Elmira, Broome County, New York.  Married, as her 3rd husband, Edith Evelyn (Hover) (Vanderpool) Neiley, paragraph 4.C.2.a of the Jacob Place Biles page.  Had at least the following children from a previous marriage:


(1. Orice Dodge. (photos) (perhaps) Names after her grandmother, Orice Ely.


c. Daughter: Married W. G. Hartley and resided at Alamo, Georgia.


2   Myron Dodge


1.  Biographical notes:


2.  Wife: Bertha Page


Daughter of Hilsey P. and Emma (Tuttle) Page.


3.  Children:


a. Florence Dodge: See generation 1, below.


1   Florence Dodge:


Born .  Married Allen Roy Neiley "Roy", first child of Edith Evelyn (Hover) Neiley, who was the daughter of Helen Marr Biles, the second child of Jacob Place Biles, generation 8 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles.




Of interest: Oliver Dodge, who settled in the Terrytown area in 1788, establishing “Dodge Farm,” had at least one child, Edmund Dodge, who lived on, expanded, and worked that farm his entire life.  That Edmund had at least one child, John Franklin Dodge, who also lived on, expanded, and worked that farm his entire life.  The 1837 school bill for John F. Dodge is in J.A. Biles’ small, brown note book.  That John F. Dodge had at least two sons: Jon Edmund “John Ed” Dodge and Davis Dimock Dodge, and three daughters: Mrs. H.J. Hallock and Mrs. J.H. Black, both of Wyalusing, and Mrs. E.S. Thompson of Camptown.  John Edmund Dodge was born 25 May 1847 and died at home at 3 PM, 30 April 1912.  He married (1st) Mary Jane Schoonover, who d. 10 March 1892.  John married (2nd) Susie Graham, who d. 24 December 1894, after having two children: Joseph Graham Dodge (b. 22 Apr 1894) and Susie Marietta Dodge (b. 14 Dec 1896).  John Edmund Dodge married (3rd) Carrie (Smith) Fassett.



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