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George Edgar Drake (1856 - 1948)


Drake Generation 10 in America


Gay #1129 *


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1.  George’s parents: Almond and Mehitable (Gamble) Drake


2.  George’s birth: 4 May 1856 at home on the family farm outside Felts Mills, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.


    George’s death: Monday, 3 May 1948 from complications of a bladder infection at the home of his youngest child, Charles Briant Drake, in the village of Evans Mills, Jefferson County, New York, where he had resided since moving from the family farm between LeRaysville and Evans Mills in 1941; interment (new) Evans Mills Cemetery.


3.  George’s wife:  Mary Arvilla Briant (photos) (more info)


a.  Mary’s birth: 14 July 1850 at home on the family farm near Evans Mills, LeRay Township, New York.


b.  Mary’s marriage: 17 March 1886 at Evans Mills.


c.  Mary’s death: 14 December 1914/16.  Interred next to George in the (new) Evans Mills Cemetery.


d.  U.S. Census Records relating to Mary:


1860:  Mary Briant was age 9 and living with her parents on a farm in LeRay Township, New York.  Born in New York State.


1870:  Mary Briant was age 19 and living with her parents in Philadelphia Township, New York.  Born in New York State.


1880:  Mary Briant was 29 years old and living with her parents in LeRay Township, New York State.  See George's record, below, for this and subsequent censuses.


4.  Biographical notes on George:


Drake, George Edgar, Sr. 1 (85) #.jpg

Drake, George Edgar 1941, Aug at time of relocation 4 #.jpg


George was on his own when he was 17 years old (about 1873), working as a laborer on the farm of Henry and Louisa Briant outside LeRaysville, New York.  Shortly thereafter he went West to seek his fortune, along with many others of the period, in the California gold fields.  Apparently fortune eluded him, because he returned to northern New York State a year later, age 18, and again went to work for the Briants.  That is where he was at the time of the 1880 U.S. Census and undoubtedly where he met his future wife, the Briants' daughter, Mary.


George and Mary acquired from her parents an approximately 170-acre piece of the Briant dairy farm and operated a Guernsey dairy (breed of tan and white cattle with relatively high butter fat content).  The farm was split by County Road #56 (now Route 26) between Evans Mills and Great Bend, Jefferson County, New York.  It was located about 3.6 miles from Great Bend and 1.7 miles from the intersection of Routes 11 and 26 outside the village of Evans Mills.  George lived on this farm for 68 years, until about September 1941, when it was annexed to expand Pine Camp.  The Drakes weren’t alone in being evicted; about 525 families in LeRay and Wilna Townships (some 75,000 acres total) were annexed for the expansion.  At that point George moved with his son, Briant, and Briant's (2nd) wife, Edna (Wolcott) Drake, into the village of Evans Mills, New York, where he cared for 100 chickens, tended a garden, and did house chores until very late in life.  Into his 90s he also spent almost every week with his son, Almond, on the new farm near Belleville, New York.  His son, Briant, or some other available family member would drive him to the farm on Sunday, and he would  help where he could with farm chores until Friday, when someone would drive him back to Evans Mills for the weekend.


George was a member of the LeRaysville Methodist Church for many years and was an honorary member of the Great Bend Grange, Great Bend, Jefferson County, New York.


5.  U.S. Census records relating to George:


1860:  Referred to as "Edwin."  Born in New York State.  4 years old.  Living with his parents in Rutland Township, New York.  Also in the household were his brother, Martin (age 7), and sisters Malissa (age 19) and Susan M. (age 16).


1870:  Referred to as "Edgar."  14 years old and living with his father in Rutland, New York.  Also in the household were Martin Drake (age 18), Malissa Drake (age 29), and Hattie Drake (age 8).


Note:  Census records indicate Hattie was George's sister.  In fact she was probably an out-of-wedlock daughter of George's sister, Malissa.  See paragraph 4.e.(2) of the Almond Drake chapter).


1880:  George E. Drake was 24 years old and employed as a laborer in the household of his eventual father-in-law, Henry Briant (age 51) of LeRay, New York.  Henry Briant was a farmer who was born in New York State.  Henry's father was born in Switzerland and his mother was born in New York State.  Other members of the household included Henry's wife, "Louesia" (age 52, b. Germany, as were her parents); Henry's daughter and George's eventual wife, Mary Briant (age 29, b. N.Y.); Henry's son, Lewis P. Briant (age 5); and Charlott Frulether (age 70, b. N.Y., as were her parents), Henry's aunt.


1900:  Born in May 1856, age 44.  Living in LeRay Township, New York.  Engaged in agriculture.  Household also included his wife, Mary A. (b. Jul 1850, age 49, m. 14 years, all 3 children still living); his daughter, Louisa A. (b. Nov 1889, age 11, in school); sons Almond H. (b. Aug 1891, age 8, in school) and Briant C. (b. Sep 1894, age 5); and Lewis E./P. Briant (age 25, b. Mar 1875, employed as a day laborer), Mary's brother.  George and Mary owned their home.  All were born in New York State, as were their parents.


1910:  53 year-old head of a household in LeRaysville, New York.  Married 24 years to Mary A. Drake, age 59, who was born in Germany.  Household included sons Almond H. (age 19) and Briant C. (age 16) and Lewis P. Briant (age 35), a photographer and Mary's brother.  George was a farmer.


1920:  63 year-old widower living in the household of his son, Briant, along with Briant's wife, Edna, and daughter, Ruth, in the Town of LeRay, New York.


1930:  Age 73, widowed, m. 1st age 30; resided in the household of his son, Charles Briant Drake in LeRay Township.


6.  Death of George Edgar Drake:


3 May 1948, one day short of his 92nd birthday, at home in the village of Evans Mills (where he resided with his son, Charles Briant Drake), Jefferson County, New York from complications of a bladder infection.


In March 1948 George had undergone surgery at Mercy Hospital, Watertown, New York to relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland.  Following surgery George was seriously ill and confined to his bed for most of the following two months.  An infection developed, but his doctors decided, because of his advanced age, physical condition, and the difficulty of such surgery on the patient, not to operate, opting instead for catheterizing through the wall of the abdomen.  In his weakened mental state George pulled his catheter out and contracted a bladder infection which, shortly thereafter, resulted in his death.


Funeral services were held the following Wednesday at his home in Evans Mills.  Reverend Walter J. Suit, pastor of the Evans Mills Methodist Church, officiated.  Interment was in the (new) Evans Mills, New York cemetery, about one half mile outside the center of Evans Mills on the Gould Corners Road, left side as one leaves the village.


7.  Children of George Edgar and Mary (Briant) Drake:


Drake, George Edgar family scan


a.  Louisa Mehitable Drake: Born 22 November 1888.

    Louise Lulu/Lula

Gay #1251 *


b.  Almond Henry Drake: Born 31 August 1890.

Gay #1252 *


c.  Charles Briant Drake: Born 24 September 1893.


Gay #1253 *



*  Note: Reference is to numbers assigned to people by Alice M. Gay in The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor Connecticut, published in 1933.



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