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Terry Duane Drake (1959 - 2001)


Drake Generation 13 in America

Descendant # 5.4


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1.  Terry’s parents: Lorenzo Dow and Ann Marlene (Gates)(Richards) Drake


2.  Terry’s birth: 4 May 1959 at the House of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


Terry’s death: 21 July 2001 at University Hospital, Augusta, Georgia from complications of auto immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) acquired from an accidental needle stick 11 years earlier while working as an emergency room nurse in a high-risk neighborhood.  Terry was in the process of starting an IV on a drug addict patient when the patient jerked the IV needle out and Terry's skin was pierced.  Terry reported the accidental needle wound to hospital officials, but neither he nor the hospital followed up.  The disease was diagnosed just days before his death, when Terry developed symptoms of pneumonia that did not respond to treatment.  An HIV test was performed on 4 July 2001, and it was positive - the 1st indication Terry had that he had contracted HIV about 11 years before.


3.  Terry’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree



Adams Elementary School, Adams, Jefferson County, New York.



South Jefferson Central High School, Adams, Jefferson County, New York.



Jefferson Community College, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York; Associates Degree majoring in nursing; registered as a nurse (RN) in New York State.


4.  Terry’s marriage:


a.  To whom: Cynthia Cindy Louise Benjamin (photos) (more info) of New York.


(1) Cindy’s parents: Donald R. and Karen (Goodfriend) Benjamin of New York, and later of South Carolina.


(2) Cindy’s birth: 1957 at .


(3) Other biographical notes on Cindy:


(a) In 2008, following Terry's death, Cindy married (2nd) Christopher "Chris" Sandy; subsequently divorced.


b.  When & where married: 1980 at the Three Mile Bay Methodist Church, Lyme Township, Jefferson County, New York.


c.  Children:


(1) Tamara Jo Drake: Born 1981.



(2) Kurtis Ryan Drake: Born 1984.


(3) Shannon LeAnn Drake: Born 1988.


(4) Joshua Dylan Drake: Born 1991.


5.  Last known state of residence for Cynthia: South Carolina



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