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Origin of the surname “Eglin:”







4   Benjamin Eglin


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: Eva Segal


Born about 1870 in Chechnya, Russia.  Died 8 January 1940 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interred Upper Darby, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.


3. Children:


a. Isadore Eglin: See generation 3, below.


3   Isadore Eglin (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 11 April 1897 in Bohuslav, Kiev, Ukraine.  Died 18 December 1975 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Immigrated to the United States in 1905.


1940 US Census: Isador Eglin, age 42 (b. Russia) and employed as a checker in a garage, was heading a household at 2815 Beulah Street in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  He had completed 4th grade, resided in the same city in April 1935, and his residence was valued at $2,500.  The household also included his wife, Sadie Eglin, age 35 (b. Russia), who had completed 7th grade; son, Marvin Eglin, age 9 (b. PA); daughter, Renee Eglin, age 7 (b. PA); son, Barry Eglin, age 6 (b. PA); brother-in-law, Martey Brooks, age 20 (b. PA), married, and employed as a fruits salesman, who had completed 8th grade; and sister-in-law, Janet Brooks, age 19 (b. PA) and married, who had completed 3 years of high school.


2. Wife: Sadie Goldstein


Born 15 Mary 1900 in Kalinovka, Vinnytsya, Ukraine.  Died 21 January 1979 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Immigrated to the United States in 1901/1902


3. Children:


a. Marvin E. Eglin: See generation 2, below.


b. Rene Eglin: Born 1932.  Married (?) Handel and had children.


c. Barry Eglin: Born 11 January 1934 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Died 13 March 2004, age 70, at Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona.


2   Marvin E. Eglin


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1930 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Resided outside Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .  Married 1954 in Dade County, Flordia.


3. Children:


a. Eileen Barbara Eglin: See generation 1, below.


b. Benjamin Robin Eglin: Born 1956 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  In 1992 resided in Pennsylvania.


c. Diana L. Eglin.


1   Eileen Barbara Eglin:


Born 1954 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Domestic partner of Sarah Stevens Lewis, descendant # 5.1 of generation 11 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant.


See Sarah's Page for More Info



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