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11  William Ennis


Born Scotland.  Died 1712.  Resided near Edinburg, Scotland before emigrating to America.  On 23 September 1703 purchased 200 acres of land at Marbeltown, Ulster County, New York (near the Rost place, at the northeast end of Gysbert Cronis’s property).  Married, as her 1st husband, Cornelia Vier Vant (b. Kingstown, NY) of Marbletown, Ulster County, New York and had the following children:


a. Alexander Ennis #1: Baptized 18 November 1694.


b. Cornelis Ennis #1: Baptized 6 September 1696; witnessed by Jannetje Ennis.


c. Cornelis Ennis #2: Born at Mormel (Marbletown).  Baptized 1698.  Resided in Keyser-Ryk (in the present town of Rochester in Ulster Co., NY).  Registered to marry Marytjen Van Etten (b. Horly (Hurley), resided at Keyser-Ryk) on 13 September (?).


d. Catherina Ennis: Baptized 20 April 1701; witnessed by Jan Janssen Post and Antje Post.


e. Jennetje Ennis: Baptized 17 July 1703; witnessed by Abrams & Antje Post.


f. Alexander Ennis #2: Baptized 1709.


g. William Ennis, Jr.: See generation 10, below.


h. George Ennis: Resided at Stowe (abt 20 miles from Edinburg), Scotland, where he became a wealthy banker.  Raised the following adopted son:


(1. Mitchel Ennis: (adopted) Still alive in 1870.


Following the death of William Ennis, Sr., his wife, Cornelia (Vier-Vant) Ennis, registered to marry (2nd) Lammert Brink (b. Horley, NY) on 21 April 1717.


Of interest: a Thomas Ennis married Jannetje Francois and had the following children:


a. Jannetje Ennis: Born 29 September 1695.


b. Rachel Ennis: Born 9 January 1698.


c. Helena Ennis: Born 3 March 1700.


10  William/Wilhelm Ennis, Jr.


Born 10 January 1711 at Marbletown, New York.  Baptized 27 January 1711; witnessed by Wiljam & Mary West.  Died March 1804/14, age 93, in Sandyston Township, Sussex County, New Jersey.  Married Elizabeth Quick (bapt 28 Jan 1722 at Rochester, Ulster Co., N.Y., d. 3 Apr 1771), daughter of Thomas, Sr. and Margrieta (Decker) Quick (gen 6 of the Quick Annex) of Milford, Pennsylvania, on 18 May 1739.  Of interest, Thomas Quick was killed and scalped by the Indians on the ice of the Delaware River in 1757 during the French and Indian War, and his son, Thomas, Jr. witnessed it from the river bank. In revenge Thomas, Jr. pursued Indians his entire life, earning him the title "Tom Quick the Indian slayer" during the Revolutionary War.


William and Elizabeth resided in Sussex County, New Jersey.  He lost an arm and was employed as a school teacher.  William and Elizabeth had the following children:


a. Cornelia Ennis: Born 28 September 1740.  Baptized 7 June 1741.  Died 24 January 1743, age 3.


b. Benjamin Ennis: Born 23 April 1743.  Baptized 3 May 1743.  Died 20 April 1780 in a battle with the Indians near Milford, Pennsylvania.  Served in the Revolutionary War.  His descendants lived at Swartwood, New York.  Married Magdalena “Lena” Van Etten, oldest of 11 children of Johannes (b. Namanock, NJ) and Maria (Gonzales) Van Etten.


c. Daniel Ennis: Born 30 November 1745.  Baptized 8 December 1745.  Served in the Revolutionary War.  Married Eleanor Hornbeck.


d. Margaret Ennis: Born 12 June 1748.  Baptized 17 July 1748.   Married James Hornbeck.


e. Joseph Ennis: Born 9 July 1751.  Baptized 18 August 1751.


f. John Ennis: Born 9 March 1754.   Baptized 24 March 1754.  Died 4 June 1778.  Served in the Revolutionary War.


g. Cornelius Ennis #1: Born 26 November 1756.  Baptized 19 June 1757.  Died 10 September 1760, age 4.


h. Alexander Ennis: Born 16 August 1759.  Baptized 19 August 1759.  Died 11 October 1769, age 10.


i. Cornelius Ennis #2: See generation 9, below.


j. Catherine Ennis: Born 24 May 1764.  Married Simon Courtwright.


9   Cornelius Ennis


Born 5 November 1761 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Baptized 19 June 1757.  Died 27 March 1836 at Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and was interred there in the Ennis Cemetery.  Served as a ranger on the frontier in Captain Henry Shoemaker’s Company.  Later served, along with several brothers, in the Revolutionary War.  Moved to Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1816.  Married (1st) Eleanor Decker (b. 1756 at Sussex Co., N.J., d. 16 Mar 1791, age 35) on 22 September 1781 in Sussex County, New Jersey and had the following children:


a. Levi Ennis: See generation 8, below.


b. Elizabeth Ennis: Born 9 May 1784.  Moved to Bradford County, Pennsylvania with her brother, Levi.  Married John Smith of Burlington, Bradford County.


c. Isaac Ennis:  Born 12 July 1786.  Died 6 August 1844.  Was a farmer his entire life.  In 1816 moved to Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania with his brother, Levi.  Married (1st) Hannah Wood (d. 20 Jun 1840) on 18 October 1807 and had the following children:  (order uncertain)


(1. Elizah Ennis: Married Betsy Kellum.


(2. Ellen Ennis: Married John Powers.


(3. Matilda Jane Ennis: Born 3 January 1812 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Married Samuel Sam Winans Biles, Paragraph 4.C.4. of the Alexander Patterson Biles page on 13 February 1834.


(4. Eliza Marie: Married Horace Osburn.


(5. Cornelius Ennis: Married Cecelia Corkins.


(6. Deborah : Married Philetus D. Havens.


(7. John Ennis: Married Jane Coolbaugh.


(8. Hiram Ennis: Married Matilda Vanness.


(9. James L. Ennis: Never married.


(10. George Ennis: Never married.


(11. William Ennis: Never married. 


Issac Ennis married (2nd) Laura Havens and had (at least) the following child:


(12. Daniel Ennis.


Following the death of Eleanor (Decker) Ennis, Cornelius married (2nd) Deborah (Clark) Cole, widow of Abram Cole, on 21 May 1799; no children.


8   Levi Ennis


Ennis, Mary (Adams) wife of Levi Ennis (34) #.jpg


Born 25/28 March 1782 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Died 13 January 1858, and is interred Ennis Cemetery, Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Mary Adams (photos) (b. 8 Dec 1788/8 Oct 1787, d. 4 Sep/Dec 1869, age 81, 8 months, 28 days; interred with Levi in the Ennis Cemetery), daughter of James and Sarah Ann (Dunn) Adams (m. 3 Jan 1784), on 24 June 1804.  Levi and Mary moved from Walpack, New Jersey to Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania about 1816 and had the following children: (order uncertain)


a. Isaac Ennis: Born in New Jersey.  Came to Standing Stone in 1816.


b. James Ennis.


c. Alexander "Zan" Ennis: Born 24 November 1816 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Died 10 March 1879.  Resided last at Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Eleanor Stevens, daughter of Asa and Phoebe (Vought) Stevens (Para B.2.c. of gen 3 of the Stevens Annex).


d. Sarah Ann Ennes/Ennis: See generation 7, below.


e. Westfall Ennis.


f. Eliza Ennis: Never married.


7   Sarah Ann Ennis/Ennes


Born 10 February 1813.  Died 7 March 1893.  Married Jacob Ross Emery, generation 7 of the Emery Annex on 29 November 1829.



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