Reuben W. Flander Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Flander:”







6   Tenus/Tenis Flander


1.  Biographical notes:


Served during the Revolutionary War.  Certificate #1541 (dated 18 August 1779) was issued to Tenus Flander for services as a Private in Captain Nicholas Righter’s Company of the Tyron County Militia (Palatine District of the Mohawk River Valley).  Also, certificate #1285 (dated 4 December 1779) was issued to Tenus/Tenis Flander for services as Private in Captain John Hess’s Company of Colonel Jacob Klock’s Regiment.


2.  Wife: Larry Fox ?




3.  Children:


a. (?) Flander: See generation 5, below.


5   Dennis Flander


1.  Biographical notes:




2.  Wife:




3.  Children:


a. Dennis Flander: See generation 4, below.


4   Dennis Flander, Jr.


1.  Biographical notes:


Moved from Montgomery County, New York to Pamelia Four Corners, Pamelia Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Later resided at Herkimer, New York.


2.  Wife: Charity Doxstater


Of St. Johnville, New York.  Granddaughter of Peter (b. 1750, d. 1842 at Adams, N.Y.) and Elizabeth (Cumingham) Doxtater of Adams, Jefferson County, New York.


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. William Flander: Married Lydia Brown and resided at Boylston, Oswego County, New York.


b. Jeremiah A. Flander: Married Nancy Augsbury and resided at Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York.


c. Derius Flander: Never married.


d. Reuben W. Flander: See generation 3, below.


e. Elizabeth Flander: Never married.


3   Reuben W. Flander:


Born 2 November 1841 in Pamelia Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Died 22 June 1909.  Married Sarah Adaline Clintsman, paragraph 3.h.(5. of generation 3 of the Clintsman Annex on 16 October 1867.




Other, still unidentified, Flander names:


1. William Flander: (photos) Born 1823.  Died 1902; interred Mannsville, New York cemetery.  Married Lydia (?) (b. 1823, d. 1895).



Of interest: Jacob Doxtater (b. 1816) married Catherine Davis at Herkimer, New York and had 7 children, including:


a. Alexander Doxtater.

b. Mary Doxtater.

c. Milton W. Doxtater: Resided at Pamelia 4-corners.

d. Emma E. Doxtater: Married (1st) Myron Statlon (sp).  Married (2nd) James Shead.

e. Charles G. Doxtater.



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