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Origin of the surname “Fowler:”







 This is one of the oldest New England names, and has many worthy representatives in America, who were active in the struggle for American independence, and in various ways have contributed to the welfare, prosperity and happy conditions of the country now the abode of their posterity.

I. William Fowler, a native of New England, was a member of Rev. John Davenport's company, which came to Boston in 1637.  In 1592 he was imprisoned with other Puritans, in the effort to suppress the spread of their religious belief, or heresy, as it was then called, in England.  He arrived at New Haven, Connecticut, April 16, 1638, and participated in the famous meeting in Mr. Newman's barn, June 4, 1639.  In April of that year he settled at Milford, same colony, of which place he was one of the first trustees and was a magistrate.

II. Ambrose, only son of William Fowler, was at Windsor as early as 1640.  The records of that town mention the burning of his house and barn in 1675.  He was married there May 6, 1646, to Jane Alvord, who died May 6, 1684, at Westfield.  He died October 18, 1704.  His will was made in 1692 and proved in 1706.  His children, all of whom are residents of Windsor, Connecticut, were:  Abigail, John, Mary, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth and Ambrose.

III. Samuel, second son and third child of Ambrose and Jane (Alvord) Fowler, was born November 18, 1652, in Windsor, and was married there November 6, 1683, to Abigail Brown.  He settled in Westfield, Massachusetts, in 1684.  His children, born in Westfield, were:  Samuel, Jonathan, Abigail, Hannah, Hester, Isabel, Elizabeth.

IV. Samuel, eldest child of Samuel (I) and Abigail (Brown) Fowler, was born May 31, 1698, in Westfield, and married Naomi, daughter of Luke and Ruth Noble.  She was born in August, 1707, and died in August, 1797.  He died January 6, 1771, in his seventy-third year, and was buried in Westfield old churchyard.  Ten of his children grew to adult age.

V. Silas, son of Samuel and Naomi (Noble) Fowler, was born May 23, 1735, in Westfield, and married Keziah Noble.

VI. Silas, son of Silas (I) and Keziah (Noble) Fowler, was born April 23, 1767, in Southwick, and married Betsey Hough.  She was born September 30, 1775, in Meridan, and died May 20, 1835.  He died August 29, 1839.  Their children were:  Frances, Lester N., George Jarvis, Earl Bill, Laura, Addison, Mary E., and Betsey Elvira.  Silas Fowler was a farmer in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and a soldier of the Revolution.

VII. Lester Noble, son of Silas and Betsey (Hough) Fowler, was born September 21, 1796, and was married, April 12, 1827, to Dolly B. Green.  She was born October 6, 1806, and died September 27, 1882, in her seventy-sixth year.  Her father, Allen Green, was also a Revolutionary soldier.  Lester N. Fowler was a soldier in the war of 1812, and soon after the close of that struggle settled in Oneida county, New York, where he was a farmer.  He was a representative in the state legislature in 1837, and died November 15, 1868, in Jersey City.  From 1838 to 1858 he resided in Antwerp, this county.  Mr. Fowler was an Episcopalian, and a straight-out Democrat in political principle.

VIII. Helen J., daughter of Lester N. and Dolly B. (Green) Fowler, was born November 10, 1840, in Antwerp, and became the wife of Dr. Addison W. Goodale (see Goodale, VIII).




2   (?) Fowler


1. Biographical notes:


Born in New Hampshire.  Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. John H. Fowler: See generation 2, below.


2   John H. Fowler:


Born about 1825 in Jefferson County, New York.  Died 10 May 1862; interred Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.  Married, as her 2nd husband, Abi (Jackman) Drake, paragraph 5.d.(2) of the Josiah Drake, III page, about 1852.


See Josiah's Page for More Info


1850 US Census: John Fowler, age 24 (b. NYS) and employed as a clerk, resided in the household headed by Howel Cooper, age 34 (b. NYS) and employed as a merchant, in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.  Howel's real estate was valued at $10,000.  Howel's family and several boarders also resided on the premises.


1850 US Census: Abi Drake, age 23 (b. NYS) resided with her parents in Antwerp Township, Jefferson County, New York (see Jackman Annex).


1855 NYS Census: John H. Fowler, age 29 (b. Jefferson Co., NY) and employed as a merchant, was heading a household in the 2nd Election District of Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.  The household also included his wife, Abi S. Fowler, age 28 (b. Jefferson Co., NY); son, George J. Fowler, age 1 (b. Jefferson Co., NY); and brother-in-law, George L. Jackman, age 15 (b. Lewis Co., NY) and employed as a clerk.


1860 US Census: John H. Fowler, age 35, resided in the household headed by his father-in-law, Benjamin Jackman, age 58, in Pamelia Township, Jefferson County, New York.  The household also included his wife (and Benjamin's daughter), Abi Fowler, age 33.


John Fowler married, as her 2nd husband, Abi S. (Jackman) Drake (b. 27 Mar 1827, d. 25 Apr 1905; interred Brookside Cem., Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY), daughter of Benjamin A. (b. 24 Feb 1802 in NH, d. 4 Sep 1889 at Watertown, NY; interred there in Brookside Cem.) and Sarah (Post) Jackman (b. 1806, d. 1877; interred with Benjamin), and had the following children:


a. George J. Fowler: Born about 1854 in Watertown Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Perhaps the George Fowler who died 1886?, age 36? and was interred in Section C, lot 301-303 of Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.


(b. Nellie C. Fowler: Born about 1856 in New York.


(c. William E. Fowler: Born about 1857 in New York.


(d. Mary Fowler: Born about 1861 in New York.



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