Nancy Elizabeth (Fox) Burke Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Fox:”


Ancient Fox Coat of Arms:


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7   Hugh Fox


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1749.  Died 1828.


2. Wife: Mary Ann Bridges


Born .  Died .


3. Children: (perhaps others)


a. William Hugh Fox: See generation 6, below.


6   William Hugh Fox


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1769/1 December 1770.  Died 1850/15 September 1853, age 83; interred Greenbriar Cemetery, Williamson County, Tennessee (30 miles south of Nashville).


2. Wife: Frances Paine


Born 1774; daughter of Robert (b. 1745, 1805) and Rachel (Lord) Paine.  Died 1840.


3. Children: (perhaps others)


a. Moses Fox: See generation 5, below.


5   Moses Fox


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1799/1800.  Died 1870.


2. Wife: Mary Teague



Born 1801; daughter of Solomon and Nancy (Dorsett) Teague.  Died 1870.  Married Moses Fox on 4 October 1823.


3. Children: (perhaps others)


a. William Fox, II: See generation 4, below.


4   William Fox, II


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1823/24.  Died 27 May 1862; killed in action at the Battle of Hanover, Junction, Virginia, during the American Civil War.  Served in Company G of the 37th North Carolina Regiment (Confederacy).


2. Wife: Nancy Caroline Julian


Born 1823/24 in North Carolina; daughter of David (b. 1774, d. 29 Aug 1845) and Elizabeth (Merrill) Julian "Dosha".  Died 1890/97 in Alexander County, North Carolina.  Married William Fox II in 1847.


3. Children: (perhaps others)


a. Andrew Lafayette Fox: Born 1851.  Died 1925.  Married Mary Margaret Hefner (b. 1846, d. 1911) and had 2 sons and 4 daughters, including: (order uncertain)


(1. Dora Ila Fox.


(2. William Ross Fox: Born 15 December 1874.  Died 2 July 1937.  Married Dora Mitchell Mayes (b. 1877, d. 1958), daughter of Milas M. (b. 1813, d. 1889) and Dollie (Cox) Mayes (b. 1836, d. 1904), and had the following children:


(a. Cloyd Cleveland Fox: (more info) Born 3 August 1898 in Iredell County, North Carolina.  Died 1990.  Married Louise Rawlins on 30 June 1925 and had the following daughter:


(1) Betty Fox: (more info) Married J. L. Corbett (more info), son of L. L. Corbett, and had the following children:


(a) Susan Corbett.


(b) Nancy Corbett: Married (?) Fields.


(c) Jeff Corbett.


(d. Michael Ross Corbett: (more info) Born 20 December 1952 in Iredell County, North Carolina.  Died 1983, age 30, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.  Employed as a Baptist clergyman.  Married Rebecca Drown in 1976.


(b. Oscar Mayes Fox: Born 11 November 1900.  Died 13 April 1974.  Married Geneviene Correen Lazenby (more info) (b. 16 Feb 1904 in Iredell Co., NC, d. 21 Jan 1987), daughter of Harden and Mollie (Albea) Lazenby, on 25 December 1923 in Iredell County, North Carolina and had the following children:


(1) Elaine Lazenby Fox.


(2) Jane Agnes Fox.


(c. Jesse Paul Fox.


(d. Harvey Virgil Fox: (more info) Born 22 February 1906 in Washington State.  Married Reba Sprinkle on 4 September 1937.


(e. Portland Porter Fox.


(f. Noah Darlan Fox, DDS: (more info) Born 17 February 1911 in Iredell County, North Carolina.  Married Marjorie Sale.


(g. Maurice Oren Fox.


(3. Noah Webster Fox "Webb": (more info) Died 1939.  Married Effie Emma Johnson and had the following children:


(a. Rachel Fox: (more info) Born 4 May 1907 at Statesville, North Carolina.  Died 2 August 1983.  Married Joseph Paxton Musselman (d. 3 Apr 1945) on 28 April 1930.


(b. Edna Fox: (more info) Married (?) Brown.


(c. Muriel Fox: (more info) Born 26 June 1905.  Married John William Rhodes and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) John William Rhodes, Jr.


(2) Daughter: Married David Bailey.


(3) Daughter: Married Tommy Taylor.


(4. Daisy Jane Fox.


(5. Martha Caroline Fox.


(6. Bertha Salome Fox.


b. David Benjamin Fox: See generation 2, below.


3   David Benjamin Fox (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 16 June 1853.  Died April 1928 at Junction City, Kentucky.


2. Wife #1: Rachel Jane Swearinger



a. Biographical notes:


Born 1848.  Died 31 March 1881.  Married David Benjamin Fox on 28 December 1875.


b. Children:


(1. Ella Blanche Fox: Born 29 December 1897.  Died 1938.  Married James Johnson Cloyd on 24 February 1904 and had the following children:


(a. David N. Cloyd: Born 1905.  Died 1979.  Married Ethel Westerfield (more info) (b. 14 Apr 1909 in Boyle Co., KY,, d. 20 Feb 1985, age 75, at Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital), daughter of John and Leah (Stevels) Westerfield, and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Mary Cloyd: (more info) Married James E. Pendygraft (more info).


(2) Katherine Cloyd: Married (?) Prall.


(3) Jerry Cloyd.


(4) Travis Cloyd.


(b. Julian Layette Cloyd: Born 21 July 1908.  Died 1978.  Married Minnie Doss (b. 1913).


(c. Cecil Cloyd: Born 1910.  Died 1960.  Married Rachel Westerfield.


(d. Elizabeth Cloyd: Born 31 October 1912.  Died 9 February 1980.  Married Paul Young and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Mary Jane Young: (more info) Born 13 September 1951 at Junction City, Kentucky.  Died 22 July 1988.  Perhaps never married.


(2) Thomas Young.


(3) Noble Young.


(4) John Young.


(5) Betty Young: Married Alan Teele.


(6) Helen Young: Married Donald Greene.


(e. Paul Carroll Cloyd: (photos) (more info) Twin.  Born 6 September 1914.  Died 1983, age 69, in the Veteran's Administration Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Married Matha "Gussie" Hall (b. 1923, d. 2002) and had the following daughter:


(1) Carole Cloyd: Married (?) Garrett and resided at Nashville, Tennessee.


(f. Philip Cloyd: Twin.  Born 6 September 1914.  Died 1914.


(g. William James Cloyd: (more info) Born 2 August 1906 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Died 30 April 1992, age 85, in the Veterans Administration Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky; interred Danville Memorial Gardens, Danville, Kentucky.  Married Madge Lee Baker (more info) (b. 10 Jun 1912, d. 8 Sep 1986; interred Danville Memorial Gardens, Danville, KY), daughter of Samuel and Eddie (Vermillion) Baker, and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Betty Jean Cloyd.


(2) Shirley Ruth Cloyd: Married (?) Long.


(3) Robert Carl Cloyd.


(4) Edward Douglas Cloyd.


(h. Mary Margaret Cloyd: Born 1920.  Died 1922.


(i. Robert "Bob"  S. Cloyd: Born 16 January 1928.  Died 2007.  Married Helen Durrett (b. 1921).

(2. Edward "Arthur" Fox: Born 1881.  Died 1881, age 5 months.


3. Wife #2: Arjane Elizabeth Kinder (photos)


Fox, Arjane Elizabeth (Kinder) (214) #.jpg


a. Biographical notes:


Born about 1863 in Kentucky; daughter of William Jackson and Elizabeth (Gibson) Kinder.  Died 1949.


b. Children:


(1. Jennifer "Jennie" Caroline Fox: (photos) (more info) Born 10 January 1882.  Died 20 July 1954.  Married Edward Lee Grubbs (photos) (b. 29 Jan 1869, d. 11 Nov 1922) and had the following children:


(a. Margaret Lee Grubbs: (photos) Born 6 January 1902.  Died 24 June 1970.  Married John Milburn (b. 10 Oct 1895, d. Aug 1961) and had the following son:


(1) Samuel Milburn.


(2) Elizabeth Milburn: Married (1st) (?) Land and had the following children:


(a) Donald Land.


(b) James Bradley Land.


(c) Cheryl Land: Married Kanzi Taylama.


(d) Paula Land: Married John Walters.


Elizabeth (Milburn) Land married (2nd) James E. Pendygraft and had the following children:


(e) Edward Pendygraft.


(f) Benny Pendygraft.


(g) Louis Wayne Pendygraft.


(h) Kenny Pendygraft.


(b. Haydon Young Grubbs, Colonel, US Army: (photos) (more info) Born 21 November 1903.  Died 3 May 1992 at home in Shalimar, Okaloosa County, Florida.  Married Susan "Sue" Brandt (b. 18 Mar 1907, d. 2007, age 100) and had at least the following children:


(1) Brandt F. Grubbs.


(2) Haydon Young Grubbs, Jr.: (photos)


(c. Edward Fox Grubbs: (photos) (more info) Born 10 October 1905.  Died 20 December 1983.  Married Musette Jones (b. 14 Aug (?), d. ) and had the following son:


(1) Edward Grubs.


(d. William E. Grubbs: (photos) (more info) Born 3 February 1908.  Died January 1984.  Married Edna Peters (b. 1914, d. 30 Nov 1979)


(e. Caroline Clinton Grubbs: (photos) (more info) Born 20 June 1910 at Junction City, Kentucky.  Died 10 October 1995 at Lexington Manor Health Care Center; interred Bellevue Cemetery.  Married (1st) Noble E. Bailey and had the following son:


(1) Noble E. Bailey.


Caroline (Grubbs) Bailey married (2nd) Harlan Richards (b. 1896, d. 9 Feb 1963).


(f. Herman Stanley Grubbs: (photos) Born 18 September 1913.  Died February 1970.  Married Elsie Walker (b. 1913, d. 1 Nov 1995).


(2. John W. Fox: Born 31 March 1883.  Died 1900.


(3. Harvey A. Fox: Born 5 April 1885.  Died 1905.


(4. David Benjamin Fox, Jr.: Born 6 August 1887.  Married (1st) Matha Jones and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a. Christine Fox: (more info) Born 1907.  Died 7 February 1985.  Married John W. Berg (more info) (b. 1903, d. 23 Nov 1986).


(b. Sarah Fox:


David B. Fox, Jr. married (2nd) "Boots" (?) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(c. David Fox.


(d. Jane Fox.


(5. Mary Pinkie Fox: Born 30 November 1889.  Died 25 August 1938.  Married (1st) William McGirr and had the following children:


(a. Patsy McGirr: Born 13 January 1916.  Died 28 June 2002.  Married John Ely.


(b. Hugh F. McGirr: (more info) Born 23 February 1918 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Married Jewell McMullin (more info) (b. 1921 in Eubank, KY, d. 5 Jun 1988 at Joseph Hospital, Lexington, KY), daughter of Luke and Pearl (?) McMullin and sister of Virginia McMullin, who married Hugh's brother, William, and had the following children:


(1) Sudelle McGirr: Married Robert King.


(2) Linda Sallee McGirr: Married Bob Hagar.


(c. William E. McGirr: (photos) (more info) Born 1910.  Died 14 November 1984 at Methodist Evangelical Hospital.  Married Virginia McMullin (b. 6 Jun (?), d. 2007), sister of Jewell McMullin, who married William's brother, Hugh.


(d. Morgan Fox McGirr: (more info) Born 31 March 1921.  Died 14 December 1987.  Married Pairelee Overstreet (b. 11 Feb (?)).


Mary Pinkie (Fox) McGirr married (2nd) (?) Reynolds and had the following children:


(e. Benny Reynolds.


(f. James "Jimmy" Reynolds.


(6. Margaret Alma Fox: Born 11 February 1892.  Died 16 July 1961.  Married John H. Powell (b. 6 May 1888, d. 2 Jul 1954) and had the following children:


(a. Dixie Powell: (more info) Born 12 February 1916.  Died 10 April 1972; interred Bellevue Cemetery.  Married Thomas Enlow.


(b. John H. Powell, Jr.: (more info) Married Patricia (?).


(c. Maurice Fox Powell: (photos) (more info) Born 1922.  Died 3 Aug 1991 at Hardin Memorial Hospital.  Married Dorothy "Dottie" Hill and had the following children:


(1) Gary Powell.


(2) Rodney Powell.


(3) Katherine Powell: Married (?) Wortham.


(d. James Robert Powell: Married Jean Hughes and had the following children:


(1) Judy Powell: Married (?) Alexander.


(2) Debbie Powell: Married (?) Franklin.


(3) Becky Powell: Married (?) Tolley.


(4) Jamie Powell: (female) Married (?) Schultz.  (Perhaps the Jamie Marie (Powell) Planck, below.)


(e. Robert Powell: Died 8 February 2001.  Married Virginia "Ginny" Day.


(7. Lillian Elizabeth Fox "Elizabeth": (photos) (more info) Born 11 October 1894 in Lincoln County.  Died 26 August 1944.  Married James Paul Daugherty (b. 10 Oct 1892, d. 2 Feb 1967) and had the following children:


(a. Ruth Daugherty: Married Peter Browning.


(b. Barbara "Jamie" Daugherty.


(8. Edward A. Fox: Born 18 January 1897.  Died 1897.


(9. Robert Fox: Born 27 January 1898.  Died 1927.


(10. Samuel Kinder Fox "Kinder": Born 11 September 1900.  Died August 1960.  Married Betty Nicholson (more info) (b. 12 Sep 1900, d. 5 Oct 2000), daughter of Horace and Dora (Myers) Nicholson, and had the following children:


(a. David Horace Fox: Married Mildred Nussey (b. 9 Mar (?), d. 2006).


(b. Edith Fox: Born 13 July 1921, d. 18 January 1994.  Samuel "Sam" Marlowe (b. 3 Aug 1921, d. Nov 2001) and had at least the following daughter:


(1) Barbara Marlowe: Married William Jeffrey Rush, I, son of Louise (?) Rush, and had at least the following son:


(a) William Jeffrey Rush, II: Married Krista Hartley, daughter of Monte and Pamela (?) Hartley, and had at least the following son:


[1. William Tyler Rush: (more info) Born and died 17 June 1992.


(c. Dorothy "Dot" Fox: (more info) Born 6 January 1926.  Married Vaughan Dirck Pruitt "Dirck" (b. 30 Apr (?)) on 28 July 1944 and had the following daughter:


(1) Karen Pruitt: Married Robert J. Floro and had at least 2 children.


(d. Nancy Joyce Fox: Married Henry Blanks (b. 13 May (?)).


(11. Ruth Garnet Fox: (more info) Born 5 February 1902 at Moreland, Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Died 28 February 1992.  Married M. B. Jones (more info) (b. 1900, d. 22 Jul 1984 at Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital), son of Billy Burton and Lois (?) Jones, and had the following son:


(a. Billy Burton Jones, II: Married (?) and had the following son:


(1) Matthew F. Jones.


(12. Nancy Elizabeth Fox: See generation 2, below.


2   Nancy Elizabeth Fox:


Born 9 Nov 1906.  Died 29 September 1991.  Married Maurice Glynn Burke, generation 2 of the Burke Annex, on 10 February 1945 at Wibaux, Wibaux County, Montana.


See Burke Annex for More Info


Fox Reunions: (photos) (more info)


Other, still unidentified Fox names:


1. Calvin Fox: (photos) Resided at Bethlehem, North Carolina.


2. David L. Brown: (more info)


3. Julie Lambert Young: (more info) Married Ralph Kevin Chester (more info) in 1984 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


4. Jamie Marie Powell: (female) (more info) Married Shawn A. Planck and had at least 2 sons.


5. James Robert Powell, II: (more info) Married Marjorie Sue Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Roark.



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