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Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool)(Slater) Smith



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Cool Ancestors:


(?) Kuhl - Gen 6 of the Cool Annex

John Cool/Kuhl - Gen 5 of the Cool Annex

Jonathan Cool - Gen 4 of the Cool Annex

Truman J. Cool - Gen 3 of the Cool Annex

Lorenzo Dow Cool - Gen 2 of the Cool Annex

Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Slater - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1c of the Cool Annex

Roxie Ellen (Slater) Grinnell - Gen 7 in America

Richard Lawrence Grinnell - Gen 8 in America

Lois Ann (Gonzales) Grinnell - Gen 8


James Allan Grinnell (1979 - )


Cool Generation 9

Descendant # 5.2.1


Photo Substitute


1. Joseph's parents: Richard Lawrence and Lois Ann (Gonzales) Grinnell


2. James birth: 1979.


3. Last known state of residence for James:



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