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Origin of the surname “Harrison:”







3   Richard Harrison


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 5 July 1805.  Died 10 June 1875; interred Sylvan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, Chenango County, New York.


2.  Wife #1: Mary (?)


Born 28 August 1808.  Died 18 December 1891; interred Sylvan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, on same gravestone as Richard.


3.  Wife #2: Catherine Scriber


4.  Children: (order and mother uncertain)


a. Andrew Harrison: Had a harness business in Smithville, New York.  Married Mary Catherine Braisted (b. 1841) of New York City and had the following children:


(1. Ella Harrison.


(2. Eva Harrison.


(3. Judson “Judd” Harrison:  Married Lola (?) and had the following children:


(a. Arthur Harrison.


(b. Richard Harrison.


(c. Mary Harrison.


(d. Louise Harrison: Married H. Walworth.


b. Arthur Harrison.


c. Margaret "Maggie" R. Harrison: Born 1840.  Died 1930; interred Sylvan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, Chenango County, New York.  Married Charles H. Phelps (b. 1829, d. 1908).


d. James George Edward Harrison: See generation 2, below.


2   James George Edward Harrison (photos)



1.  Biographical notes:


Born 19 March 1841 at Hobart, Delaware County, New York.  Died 28 July 1932.  Came up the canal to McDonaldsburg.  Per Elizabeth (Harrison) Mead: “Grandfather bought into the ‘novelty works’ at Greene… made furniture there for 41 years.”  The Novelty Works building was torn down in May 1978.


1910 US Census: Edward H. Harrison, age 69 (b. NYS; father b. Ireland; mother b. NYS) and a widower, was heading a household on South Canal Street in the Village of Greene, Greene Township, Chenango County, New York.  The household also included his son, Lee R. Harrison, age 37 (b. NYS) and employed as president of a furniture factory; daughter-in-law, (Lee's wife of 4 years), Francis E. Harrison, age 38 (b. NYS), who had had 1 child; granddaughter, Elizabeth M. Harrison, age 2 (b. NYS); and daughter, Corinne E. Harrison, age 35 (b. NYS).


2.  Wife: Elizabeth Morton (photos)


Born 21 March 1837.  Died 8 February 1899.


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Lee Ray Harrison: See generation 1, below.


b. James R. Harrison: Born about 1870.


1915 NYS Census: James R. Harrison, age 45, was heading a household in Greene Township, Chenango County, New York.  The household also included his wife, Harriet C. Harrison, age 39; and son, Ivan R. Harrison, age 18.


c. Corinne Harrison: Died 5 September 1957.  Married Edward "Ed" Kenyon (d. 24 Aug 1941), who was employed as a druggist in the village of Greene, Chenango County, New York, and had the following son:


(1. Edward Harrison Kenyon: Graduated from Greene High School, Greene, Chenango County, New York in the class of 1933.


1   Lee Ray Harrison:


Born .  Died .  Married Frances Eliza Bryant, 2nd child of Orris Willoughby Bryant, generation 8 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant on 18 October 1905.


Lee’s daughter, Elizabeth “Betty” Morton (Harrison) Mead of Oxford, New York (north of Greene) said: “All of the Harrisons had hotels in New York City, but my great grandfather [Richard Harrison] was a sickly baby, he and his mother took the canal boat to Greene and then traveled to McDonough Springs, which was then a health resort.  The rest of the family finally moved to Smithfield Flats.  My great uncle, Andrew, became bored with life in Smithville, where he worked in a harness shop, and went to visit relatives in New York City, where he met Mary Catherine Braisted and they were married.  Eventually they returned to Smithville, where he had a harness shop.  He got quite a bit of business from William Braisted, his wife’s nephew, the New York City veterinarian.”


See Orris's Page for More Info



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