Alice Irene (Henson) Harper Pedigree

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Special thanks to Lois (Harper) Walsh, paragraph 3.g.(5.(a.(2) of generation 3 of the Quick Annex for providing the information in this annex.  See Lois’ research at http://www.ancestry.com/.



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Origin of the surname “Henson:”







7   Elisha P. Henson


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1792.  Died 1860.


2. Wife: Experience Pratt


Born 1789.  Died 1881.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Luther Henson: See generation 5, below.


6   George Washington Henson


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1832.  Died 1917.


2. Wife: Samantha Dickinson


Born 3 May 1833 in Potter County, New York.  Died 4 May 1892 in Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married George Washington Henson in 1852 at age 19.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Virsal D. Henson: Died 12 July 1925.


b. Barna Henson: Born 25 October 1865 at Lockwood, Tioga County, New York.  Died 26 March 1946 at Tioga Center, Tioga County, New York.


c. Luther Henson: See generation 5, below.


d. Lucinda Henson: Born 1869 in Pennsylvania.  Died 25 July 1945.


e. Martha Henson: Born 1870 in Pennsylvania.


5   Luther Henson


1. Biographical notes:


Born 13 May 1867 in Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 12 July 1946 at Waverly, Tioga County, New York.


2. Wife: Florence Carey


Born 13 November 1875 in Chemung Township, Chemung County, New York, daughter of Erastus (b. Feb 1836 in NY, d. there abt 1902) and Phoebe Ann (Burlingame) Carey (b. 1849, d. 1909) (who also had daughter Estella (Carey) Smith (b. abt 1883), wife of Frank K. Smith (b. abt 1873 in NYS), son of William and Ruth (Chase) Smith.  Died 4 October 1943 at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Luther Henson in 1892 at age 17.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Harry J. Henson: Born November 1893 in Pennsylvania.  Died 31 January 1980.


b. Henry G. Henson: Born November 1893 in Pennsylvania.


c. Margaret Mae Henson: Born August 1895 in New York.


d. Alice Irene Henson: See generation 4, below.


4   Alice Irene Henson:


Born 19 September 1898 in Pennsylvania.  Died 27 October 1971 at Orlando, Florida.  Married (1st) Robert Edwin Harper, Jr., generation 4 of the Harper Annex on 26 June 1917 at Elmira, Chemung County, New York.  Married (2nd) Cyrille Francis Perrault after 1947.


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