Ethelyn Amelia (Holdridge) Bryant Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Holdridge:”







2   Wiley A. Holdridge


1.  Biographical notes:




2.  Wife: Amelia Dibble


Born 29 November 1848 at Greene, Chenango County, New York.  Married Wiley A. Holdridge on 18 November 1864.



3.  Children:


a. Bertha Holdridge: Born 27 November 1871.  Died 29 July 1913.  Married Charles Fernald/Fernalld on 1 January 1895 and had the following son:


(1. Otto Kenneth Fernald: Born 29 May 1905.  Married Doris Elles in 1925 and and resided at South Onondaga County, New York.  Otto and Doris had the following children:


(a. Ellis Charles Fernald: Born 1926.


(b. Richard Eugene Fernald: Born 1928.


(c. Nancy Jane Fernald: Born 1934.  Married Edward Owen.  Of interest, Nancy was Matron of Honor for her sister’s wedding.


(d. Judith Ann Fernald: Born 1942.  Graduated from Onondaga Central High School and the Central City Business Institute.  Married David M. Luther, son of Reverend Clarence and Alice (?) Luther of 126 Kenneth Avenue, Nedrow, Onondaga County, New York, in 1964 at University Methodist Church, Syracuse, New York.  David was also a graduate of Onondaga Central High School.  Judith and David had the following daughter:




a. Ethelyn Amelia Holdridge: See generation 1, below.


c. Nina Holdridge: Born 16 January 1889.  Died February 1889.


1   Ethelyn Linnie Amelia Holdridge:


Born 4 July 1879.  Died .  Married Howard Burdette Bryant, paragraph 3.d.(7.(e.(2) of the Rodman Bryant page, on 4 December 1902.


See Rodman Bryant Page for More Info



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