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4   Charles Homet


1.  Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .  Was among the French refugees who came to America during the French revolution of 1793.  In Paris he had been a steward in the household of King Louis XVI, and fled from that city with others about the time the King attempted to escape from France.  Came to America in January 1793 aboard a French war ship; by one account, Charles swam 5 miles out into the ocean to the ship.  They were chased three days in their voyage by an English vessel, but eventually made their escape.


2.  Wife: (?)


3.  Children:


a. Charles Frederick Homet: See generation 3, below.


3   Charles Frederick Homet


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 15 August 1769 near Paris, France.  Died 29 December 1838 (age 70) at Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Early in life employed as a steward in the household of King Louis XVI.  Emigrated from France to America in January 1793, fleeing the French Revolution.  His ship landed at Bottle Hill (now Madison), New Jersey.  Resided there about a year, during which time he married Mariah Scheilenger, who he met on the voyage to America.  Their first child was born at Bottle Hill (now Madison), New Jersey.  Charles and his family moved to Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1794, where he spent about two years constructing “the Queen’s House.”  From there Charles moved his family to Terry Township, Bradford County (a little to the south) to prepare for arrival of the French royal family.  A year or two later Charles moved his family back to Asylum Township, where he purchased a large amount of property from the French families who decided to return to France.  John LaPorte did the same thing on a much larger scale.  Charles turned his attention to farming, and was quite successful in that regard.  After his 2nd marriage Charles moved his family to Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  He was one of the few refugees from the French revolution who did not eventually return to France.


2.  Wife #1: Mariah/Maria Theresa Scheilenger/Scheilinger


a.  Biographical notes:


Born about 1760 in Strasburg, France.  Died 3 January 1823, age 63 at Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, age 63.  Had been one of the waiting maids of Queen Marie Antoinette.  Took passage on the same vessel as Charles Frederick Homet, who she became acquainted with on the voyage and married in May 1793, shortly after landing in New Jersey.


b.  Children:


(1. Charles Frederick Homet, Jr.: See generation 2, below.


(2. Francis Xavier Homet: (photos) Born 5 April 1798 at Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 27 January 1890.  Settled on part of the old Homet homestead, where he was employed as a farmer.  Was a Methodist.  Married Lucy Jane Dodge (photos) (b. 22 Aug 1807, d. 13 Apr 1884), granddaughter of Major Oliver Dodge, and settled on the family farm; no children.


(3. Harriet Theresa Homet: Born 2 March 1801.  Died 8 October 1847.  Married Simon Stevens (b. 22 Apr 1797, d. 16 Oct/Nov 1880) of Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Harriet and Simon had the following children:


(a. Charles Stevens: Born 8 December 1823.  Died 5 December 1895.  Married Martha Decker.


(b. George Stevens: Born 10 May 1826.  Married Mary Eyer.


(c. Ellen Stevens: Born 10 May 1830.  Died 25 August 1903.  Married William R. Storrs on 21 November 1849.


(d. Harriet Theresa Stevens: Born 30 April 1835.  Died 6 September 1860.  Married, as his 1st wife, M.J. Long.


(e. Mary Sophia Stevens: Born 25 November 1841.  Died 25 December 1870.  Married, as his 2nd wife, M.J. Long, husband of her deceased sister, Harriet.


(4. Joseph J. Homet: (photos) Born 29 January 1805.  Died 26 February 188?.  Owned and operated Homets Mills, which was located at the Ferry near the village of Asylum; sold out about 1840 and moved to Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged in farming at the former home of his wife.  Later moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Married Oris Brown and had the following children:


(a. Son: Died 1835 as an infant.


(b. Harriet M. Homet: Born 1 February 1838.  Died 13 October 1839.


(c. Jewett G. Homet.


(d. Marion Homet: Born 1844.  Died 4 September 1862.  Married Lieutenant Colonel J. A. Kress.


(e. Lydia Homet. 


    3.  Wife #2: Cynthia Sickler


a.  Biographical notes:


Married Charles Homet in 1827.


b.  Child:


(1. Lydia S. Homet: Married Eleazor T. Fox (b. 1825 at Owego, NY) of Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in February 1847.  Eleazor moved to Greenwood in 1841 and to Towanda in 1843, where he was employed as a store clerk.  In 1846 Eleazor formed a mercantile copartnership with A. D. Montanye, however, they were burned out in March of 1847, just 1 month after his marriage, in the great fire that destroyed the Court House and all buildings south of it to Pine Street.  In 1866 Eleazor established the wholesale company called Fox, Stevens, and Mercur, which later became Fox & Mercur.  He retired from the mercantile business in 1874 and in subsequent months was a public servant.  In 1876 Eleazor was elected President of Citizen’s National Bank of Towanda.


4.  Wife #3: Lydia Fox


2   Charles Frederick Homet, Jr. (photos)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 7/4 May 1794 at Bottle Hill (now Madison), New Jersey.  Died 20 August 1864, age 70 years, 3 months, 11 days.  Moved with his parents soon after birth to Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Owned about 1,000 acres of land.


2. Wife #1: Lucy Stevens


Born 20 August 1799; daughter of Judge Jonathan and Eleanor (Adams) Stevens.  Died 28 March 1851.  Married Charles Frederick Homet, Jr. on 24 September 1817.


a. Children:


(1. Francis Homet: Born 29/28 August 1820.  Died (killed accidentally) 11 September 1867, age 47, in a Lehigh Valley Railroad construction accident; a beam fell on him while he was participating in building the bridge across Wyalusing Creek.  Married (1st) Mary Gilbert (d. 11 Mar 1844) in 1843.  Following Mary’s death, Francis married (2nd) Ada/Adah Chamberlain (b. 15 Aug 1831, d. 7 Jul 1891, age 68 yrs, 10 mo.) (whose sister, Theresa, married (1st) John Van Noy Biles of Camptown), daughter of William and Susan (Merrett) Chamberlain, on 28 August 1845.  Francis Homet resided across the road from Ada Lucy Irvine, where the Walkers later resided and where Emma (Stevens) (Place) Irvine resided when her 1st husband, James S. Place, died.  Francis and Adah (Chamberlain) Homet had the following children:


(a. Mary Homet: Born 13 August 1847.  Died 11 June 1937.  Member, Daughters of the American Revolution.  May have moved from Ohio to somewhere in the south.  Married George Fell (b. 21 Jan 1846, d. 30 Oct 1915), who was a veteran of the Civil War (Sergeant in Company C., 141st PA Volunteers), and had the following children:


(1) Stella Fell.


(2) Daughter.


(3) Son.


(4) Son.


(b. Rachel Maria Homet: Born 3 March 1856.  Died 4 May 1904 from complications of a cancer.  Married William N. Wells (b. 1841, d. 1904) on 6 June 1876 and had the following children:


(1) Aurther Wells: Married Cora Overfield, who, along with her brother, Moses Overfield, were brought up by Aurther’s great uncle, Seth Homet.  At some point Aurther and Cora resided at Waverly, Tioga County, New York.  Aurther and Cora had the following children:


(a) Freeland Wells.


(b) Milton Wells.


(c) Thomas Wells.


(2) Marion Juliette Wells: (more info) Born 17 May 1879 at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 22 April 1972, age 92, at home from complications of heart disease; interred Homets Ferry Cemetery.  Trained as a nurse; headed a hospital somewhere in New England.  In 1950 resided at Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Never married.


(3) Arlene Wells: Trained as a nurse.  Married (?) and had the following son:


(a) Moses (?).


(4) Francis Wells: Employed at the Wyalusing Bank, Wyalusing, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Emma “Em” Ruff and had the following children:


(a) Rachel Wells: Resided at Wyalusing, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(b) Marion Wells: Developed severe psychiatric problems and deemed "crazy".


(c. George S. Homet: Born 7 January 1851/57.  Died 3 October 1922.  Married Sarah Wattles.  Ada Lucy Irvine thought George had never married, saying he was “not a children type” of person.  George resided at his father’s place after his father died.


(2. Theresa Homet: Born 8 July 1822.  Died 31 December 1907.  Married U. Phileman/Philemon Stone (b. 30 Mar 1818, d. 24 Aug 1902) of Wyalusing, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on 4 October 1848 and had the following children:


(a. Charles “Charley” R. T. Stone: Born 27 May/August 1849.  Died 19 June 1913.  Never married.


(b. Thomas Benton Stone: Born 9 March 1851.  Died 31 August 1933.  Married Mary Jane hillis on 2 April 1879.


(c. Theresa Stone: Born 9 August 1858.  Died 25 September 1860, age 2 years 1 month, 16 days.


(c. Lucy Stone: Born 9 November 1865.  Died 20 February 1920.  Never married.


(d. Ulysses Stone: Born 5 March 1856.  Died 8 March 1938.  Married Augusta Hoffman on 11 April 1908.


(3. Jonathan “Johny” Homet: Born 16 February 1824.  Died 1 July 1905.  Married Harriet Donley/Huff (b. 21 Nov 1823, d. 26 Nov 1894) (see bottom of Lambert Annex) and had the following children:


(a. Lucy Homet: Born 21 May 1853.  Died 25 April 1925.  Married John H. Howard (b. 1840, d. 1919) on 8 February 1883.  At some point John developed serious psychiatric problems and was deemed "crazy.”  Lucy and John had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Harriet Howard: Married Justus Vinette/Van Net "J.V." Taylor (also seen: Van Net Taylor), who was in the cattle business.  Harriet and Vinette and resided in Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a) Justice Vinette Taylor, Jr.: Married Dorothy Bosworth and had the following daughter:


[1. Allison Taylor: Resided in New York City.


(b) Kenneth Taylor: Married Vivian (?) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


[1. Kenneth "Ken" Taylor, Jr.: Married Caroline (?) and had the following children:


[a. Kenneth Taylor, III.


[b. Mathew Taylor.


[2. Thomas "Tom" Taylor: Married (1st) Marie Baker.  Married (2nd) Lindy Mathis and had the following son:


[a. Jackson Taylor.


Thomas Taylor married (3rd) Joan Shaylor and had the following children:   


[b. Greg Taylor.


[c. Cody Taylor.


Thomas Taylor married (4th) Marguerite (?).


[3. Ellen Taylor: Married (?) and resided in Wisconsin.  Ellen and her husband had the following children:


[a. Taylor Anne (?).


(c) Lucy Taylor: Married.


(d) Charlotte Taylor: Married.


(2) John Homet Howard: Died 7 January 1982.  Graduated from Camptown High School, Camptown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Resided at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Employed as a dairy farmer; raised pure bred Holsteins.  Married Harriet Taylor and had the following children:


(a) Lucy Howard: Married (?) Lockwood.


(b) James Howard: Employed as a dairy farmer at Homets Ferry, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Shirley (?).


(c) John Howard, Jr.: Married Doris Burleigh, daughter of William “Bill” and Dorothy (Layman) Burleigh, and had the following children: (order uncertain)


[1. Daughter.


[2. Son.


[3. Son.


[4. Daughter.


[5. Thomas William Howard: Perhaps born 1958.


(d) Charles Howard: Married Vivienne F. Bergey (more info) (b. Danbury, CT, d. at home Saturday, 31 March 1979, age 43; interred Homets family cemetery, Homets Ferry) in 1965 and resided at Homets Ferry.  At an early age Vivienne moved with her parents to Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and graduated from Towanda High School.  Charles and Vivienne had the following son:


[1. Charles David Howard.


(e) Theresa Howard: Married Andrew Brennan, Jr.


(f) William Howard: Married Phylis Taylor.


(3) Brunnetta/Brennetta Howard: Married Ackley “Acla” E. Blocher and resided at Yonkers, New York.  Brennetta and Ackley had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a) Son.


(b) Daughter: Married (?) Colglazier, who had a career in the US military, and had the following children:


[1. Roy Colglazier: Resided in Arkansas.


[2. Donald Colglazier: Graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point.  Killed in action during the war in Vietnam.


[3. Shirley Colglazier.


(4) Genevieve Howard: Married Ernest Fox and resided at Newark, New York.  Genevieve and Ernest had the following children:


(a) Paul Fox.


(b) Daughter.


(5) Child of John and Lucy (Homet) Howard (perhaps): Born 2 November 1840.  Died 12 April 1919.


(b. Ada H. Homet: (more info) Born 23 April/May 1863 at Homets Ferry, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died Monday, 30 September 1935 in Wyalusing Township, Bradford County from complications of a stroke at the home of her niece, Mrs. J. Vinette Taylor; interred Homet Cemetery, Homets Ferry.  Resided at Homets Ferry until about 1921, then moved to Wyalusing.  Never married.


(c. Ida Homet: Born 27 May 1860.  Died 17 September 1863.


(4. Edward “Ed” Homet: Born 3 May 1826.  Died 8 November 1908.  Employed as a farmer and surveyor at Homets Ferry, Bradfored County, Pennsylvania.  Built and resided in the large white house at Homets Ferry that was later owned by William B. Smith.  Edward married Maria Minnis, M.D. (more info) (b. 16 June 1820 near Phelps, Ontario Co., NY, d. 4 Feb 1892, age 71; interred Homet family cemetery, Homets Ferry), daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Horton) Minnis (d. 1864, age 80), on 13 November 1856.  Maria graduated in 1853 from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  Edward and Maria had the following daughter:


(a. Lucy “Lou” Jane Homet: Born 2 April 1858.  Died 27 July 1907, unmarried.


(5. Milton Homet: See generation 1, below.


(6. Charles Stevens Homet “Steve”: Born 20 May 1830.  Died 15 May/Apr 1902.  Married Julia Horton (b. 24 Oct 1834, d. 6 Jan 1922) of Terrytown, daughter of Dr. George F. Horton (who, of interest, was the cousin of Sarah Horton, who married Samuel Minnis and had Dr. Maria Minnis, who married this Charles Homet’s brother, Edward Homet, Para (4., above), on 11 June 1861 and had the following children.


(a. William “Will” Horton Homet: Born 22 March 1862.  Died 3 September 1952.  Employed manufacturing shingles.  Married Adelia Lewis Mitten (b. 1868, d. 1910) on 17 October 1889 and resided at Camptown, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Will and Adelia had 5 or 6 children.


(b. Eliza "Lida" Homet: Born 5 December 1865.  Died 23 January 1951.  Employed as a school teacher.  Married John Black on 17 June 1897.


(c. Francis “Frank” B. Homet: Born 27 August 1869.  Died 24 may 1956.  Graduated from Mansfield State Normal School, Mansfield, Pennsylvania and also studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music.  Resided in Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Was an accomplished vocalist.  Married Lizzie Morrow, daughter of Dr. Gailey/Garley Morrow, MD, on 9 October 1895 and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Beatrice Francis Homet.


(2) Ferieda Evelyn Homet.


(3) Lida Hannah Homet: Married Edward A. Bart and had the following children:


(a) Emilie Elizabeth Bart: Employed as a nurse.  Married Eldon D. Kerrick (see Para. C.10.e.(1. of gen 3 of the Kerrick Annex) in 1955.


(b) Dorothy Bart: Employed as a school teacher.


(4) Charles Emerson Homet.


(d. Daughter.


(7. Volney Homet, MD: Born 20 March 1833.  Died 27 December 1906.  Veteran of the Civil War (surgeon in the 7th PA Reserves).  Practiced medicine at Wyalusing, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Emma A. B. Ingham (b. 25 Nov 1840, d. 26 Feb 1893) on 30 April 1861 and had the following daughter:


(a. Jessica “Jesse” Homet: Born 20 April 1863.  Died 17 April 1931.  Was an accomplished musician.  Never married. 


(8. Seth Homet: Born 13 March 1836.  Died 19 December 1904.  Veteran of the Civil War (Quartermaster Corps (food)).  Employed as a farmer; inherited his parents house (1st house beyond the Homet Cemetery.  Married Elizabeth “Lib” Eilenberger (Para. 3.b. of gen 2 of the Eilenberger Annex) (b. 22 Jul 1840, d. 12 Mar 1922), daughter of Moses and Marietta (Bacon) Eilenberger (b. 31 Jul 1820, d. 15 Feb 1875), originally of Monroe County, Pennsylvania and later of Asylum & Terry Townships, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, on 4 March 1864 and had the following children:


(a. Ella Marietta Homet “Etta”: Born 5 March 1865.  Married Dr. Andrew D. Nesbit and moved to Craig, Nebraska.  Etta and her husband had the following daughter:


(1) Marguerite/Margarite Nesbit: Born about 1916.  Married (?) Johnston and moved to Tekamah, Nevada.


(b. Charles “Charlie” Moses Homet: (more info) Born 6 October 1867 at home on the Homet homestead farm at Homet’s Ferry, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died Tuesday, 27 December 1966, age 99, at the Proper Nursing Home, Athens, Bradford County; interred Homet family cemetery, Homets Ferry.  Graduated from the Homets Ferry school and the Susquehanna Collegiate Institute in 1888.  Taught school for a few years, including 9 months near his sister’s residence at Craig Nebraska, and the following year returned home to take over operation of the Homet homestead farm.  Retired from farming in May 1927 and moved to Wyalusing, Bradford County.


Charles married one of his former students, Caroline “Carrie” Chamberlain (b. 1872), daughter of William Chamberlain (who had a brother who had a daughter, Lucille Chamberlain of Wyalusing), on 28 October 1896 with Carrie’s uncle, Reverend G. M. Chamberlain officiating.  Charles and Carrie had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Elizabeth Homet: (more info) Born 26 May 1898 at Homets Ferry, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died Saturday, 3 September 1977, age 78, at Memorial Hospital, Towanda, Bradford County; interred Homet family cemetery, Homets Ferry.  Graduated from Syracuse University with a degree majoring in biology.  Taught biology at several locations, including 1 year in France.  Returned to Wyalusing, Bradford County in 1958 to help care for her sick mother.


(2) Marietta Homet: Born about 1900.  Died 1910, age 10.


(3) Also, one or two baby boys died young.


(c. Cora Homet: Born 21 October 1869.  Died 10 May 1888, age 17.


(d. Anna Homet: Born 16 April 1877.  Died 18 April 1877, age 2 days.


(e. Geraldine Martha Homet: Born 29 June 1878.  Died 23 March 1945.  Married Frank D. Vaughan on 24 March 1906 and had the following son:


(1) F. Homet Vaughan, DDM: Resided at Danville, Pennsylvania.  Employed as a dentist.  Married Roberta (?) and had the following daughter:


(a) Nancy Vaughan: Born about 1942.


For reasons that aren’t clear, Seth Homet also apparently raised Cora Overfield and her brother, Moses Overfield (b. abt 1885; subsequently married Edwina (?)).


(9. Joseph Albigence Homet: (photos) Born 18 May 1840.  Died 1 December 1905 (also seen: 1929/25).  Married L. Adelia “Adell” “Addie” “Delia” Gordon (photos) (b. 20 Sep 1842, d. 29 May 1897) and had 5 children, including: (order unknown)


(a. Augusta “Gussie” A. Homet: Born 1867.  Died 1927.  Married Emery Jacob Kerrick (b. 1862, d. 1916), generation 2, paragraph C.2. of the Kerrick Annex on 24 December 1891 and had the following children:


(1) Joseph Homet Kerrick: Born 20 February 1893.  Died 25 September 1951.  Married Mabel Ziegler Ashton on 17 February 1917.


(2) Dorothy Frances Kerrick: Born 1 October 1894.  Died 14 December 1894.


(3) Helen Augusta Kerrick: Born 1 October 1895.  Married Harvey Haven Franck/Frank (more info) (d. 30 Sep (?), age 69, at home; interred Homet Cem., Homets Ferry, PA) on 7 October 1922 and resided at Germantown, Pennsylvania.  Helen and Harvey had the following children: (order uncertain)


(a) Harvey Haven Frank, Jr.: Resided at Germantown, Pennsylvania.


(b) Jane Frank: Maried R. A. Garrabrant and resided at Wyndmer, Pennsylvania.


(c) Helen Frank: Married L. C. Krusein, Jr. of St. Louis.


(b. Fanny Homet: Married (?) Wolcott and had the following daughter:


(1) Daughter.


(c. Lydia E. Homet: Born 29 April 1876.  Died 21 December 1876.


(d. Joseph Edward Homet "Eddie": (more info) Born 3 January 1873.  Died 26 November 1911.


(e. Minor/Miner G. Homet: Born 2 May 1875.  Died 24 February 1890.


(f. Eleazor F. Homet: (male) Born 3 June 1877.  Died 17 October 1911 from complications of a fall from a ladder.


(g. Child: Born 16 August 1881.  Died September 1881, age 36 days.


2. Wife #2: Parmelia “Millie” (Alden) Arnout


a. Biographical notes:


Born 18 December 1801.  Died 4 June 1876 at Monroeton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps the daughter of Timothy Alden and sister of Louisa Alden (b. 1797), who married Benjamin Coolbaugh of Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) Jacob Arnout.  Married (2nd) Charles Homet in 1827.


b. Children:


(1. Daughter: Married Eleazer T. Fox of Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


1   Milton Homet:


Born 1828 (also seen: 4 Jan 1830 at Asylum) at Battle Hill, Madison County, New Jersey.  Died 1899 at Wysox, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Mary Ann Irvine, paragraph 3a.c.(1. of the John Irvine (3) page.


See John Irvine's Page for More Info



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