Desire (Howland) Gorham Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Howland:”







12  Harry Howland


11  John Howland


    A. Biographical notes:


Born in 1592.  Died 1673 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Was from the London area of England, though he seemed to have some farming experience.  John was employed as a young manservant to the Carver family when they emigrated to North America.  He was washed overboard without notice and almost lost at sea during one of the storms during his passage to North America, but luckily he found a rope trailing the ship in the water and was rescued.  When both of the Carvers died in the first winter in New England, John became a free man. 


John Howland and John Alden were the only Plymouth Colony residents to hold high office in the colony who were not among the original group of Plymouth immigrants.  John served as Assistant Governor from 1629 to 1635.


    B. Wife: Elizabeth Tilley


Born in England, daughter of John and Bridget (?) Tilley.  Died 1687 at Plymouth.  Elizabeth was under age 18 when her parents died during their first winter in New England.  She was living with one of the other immigrant families when John Howland proposed marriage.  Married John Howland in 1623.


    C. Children:


1. Desire Howland: See generation 10, below.


2. John Howland: Married Mary Lee in 1651.


3. Jabez Howland: Married Bethiah Thacher.


4. Hope Howland: Married John Chipmand in 1646.


5. Lydia Howland: Married James Brown.


6. Ruth Howland: Married Thomas Cushman in 1664.


7. Hannah Howland: Married Jonathan Bosworth in 1661.


8. Joseph Howland: Married Elizabeth Southworth in 1664.


9. Isaac Howland: Married Elizabeth Vaughn. 


10   Desire Howland


Died 13 December 1683.  Married John Gorham, generation 10 of the Gorham Annex in 1643.



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