John Milton Irvine

(1858 Ė 1940)



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Irvine ancestors:


†††† John Irvine, I - Gen 1

†††† George Irvine - Gen 2

†††† John Irvine, II - Gen 3

†††† Emma (Stevens)(Place) Irvine - Gen 4


Irvine Generation 4


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1.Johnís parents: John, II and Emma (Stevens) (Place) Irvine.


2.Johnís birth: 20 February 1858 at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Johnís death: 13 April 1940.


3.Johnís marriage:


a. To whom: Jane Delphine Biles (photos)



Born 21 February 1856 at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.Daughter of Charles and Jane (Van Noy) Biles, paragraph 4.C.6.f. of the Alexander Patterson Biles page.Died there from complications of pneumonia on 15/19 February 1892 (age 35 yrs, 11 mo., 24 days) when her third child, Clara, was just 3 months old; interred Biles Cemetery on the hill above Homets Ferry.

b. Marriage date & location: 11 December 1883 at her parentsí residence at Homets Ferry, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania with Reverend David Craft officiating.


c. Children:


(1. Raymond (NMI) Irvine: Born 23 January 1885.


(2. Christine (NMI) Irvine: Born 15 August 1889.


(3. Clara Delphine Irvine: Born 9 November 1891.


4.Other biographical notes on John:


John was reared on the family farm and attended the common schools.By the time he reached adulthood he was already a well-equipped farmer.Acquired the old Irvine homestead at Homets Ferry in 1872, which had 100 acres of productive land, and lived there the rest of his life, except for a brief period when he went West.In retirement John received from the State a $30 per month pension for being blind.


John also had a steam driven hay press and thrashing machine he used to generate income.Tragically, while using that machine sometime in 1914 he got his left hand caught in the drive train, and his arm was injured so badly that it had to be amputated below the elbow.John died at home in Homets Ferry from complications of heart attacks at 5:45 A.M, 13 April 1940/39, age 82.He had fallen and was unconscious after the initial attack, and his sister, Ada, with whom he resided at the time, ran to his aid.He regained consciousness, had another bad spell, and then started to complain about his side, which he may have hurt when he fell.However, soon thereafter he had another heart attack and died.†† A memorial service was held at his residence on Tuesday, 16 April with Reverend W. Henry Demorest officiating; interment followed in the Biles Cemetery on the hill above Homets Ferry.††† He was a member of the Fairbanks Association, the Patrons of Industry, and, politically, was a Democrat.



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