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Origin of the surname “Joseph:”







6   Benjamin W. Joseph


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1813 in Delaware.  Died .


1850 US Census: Benjamin Joseph, age 37 (b. DE) and employed as a farmer, was heading a household in Dagsborough Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware.  The household also included his wife, Caroline Joseph, age 32 (b. DE); son, William E. Joseph, age 10 (b. DE); son, John Joseph, age 8 (b. DE); daughter, Mary A. Joseph, age 6 (b. DE); son, Isaac B. Joseph, age 2 (b. DE); Mary Watson, age 70 (b. DE); and Rebecca Joseph, age 31 (b. DE).


2. Wife: Caroline Waters


Born about 1818 in Delaware.  Died .


3. Children:


a. William Joseph: See generation 5, below.


b. John Joseph: Born about 1842 in Delaware.


c. Mary A. Joseph: Born about 1844 in Delaware.


d. Isaac B. Joseph: Born about 1848 in Delaware.


e. Sarah Adeline Joseph: (more info) Born 3 August 1852 in Delaware.  Died 30 August 1938, age 86 years and 27 days.  Married George H. Swain.


f. Eleanor C. Joseph: (more info) Born 30 December 1857.  Died 22 March 1935, age 77 years.  Married John B. Vail.


5   William Joseph


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1840 in Delaware.  Died .


1870 US Census: (very hard to read) William Josephs, age 28 (b. DE) and employed as , was heading a household in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  His real estate was valued at $9,000 and his personal property was valued at $1,000.  The household also included his wife, Catharine Josephs, age 25 (b. DE); daughter, Laura Josephs, age 7 (b. DE); son, William Josephs, age 4 (b. DE); and daughter, Maria Josephs, age 2 (b. DE).


1880 US Census: William Joseph, age 40 (b. DE; parents b. DE) and employed as a sailor, was heading a household Mantua Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.  The household also included his wife, Sarah P. Joseph, age 38 (b. DE; parents b. DE); daughter, Laura Joseph, age 17 (b. DE); son, William P. Joseph, age 14 (b. DE); daughter, Sarah C. Joseph, age 11 (b. PA); son, Benjamin Joseph, age 9 (b. PA); son, Andrew Joseph, age 6 (b. PA); daughter, Mary M. Joseph, age 4 (b. PA); and son, Edward Joseph, age 2 (b. PA).


2. Wife: Sarah P. (?)


Born about 1842 in Delaware.  Died .


3. Children:


a. Laura Joseph: Born about 1863 in Delaware.


b. William P. Joseph: Born about 1866 in Delaware.


c. Sarah C. Joseph: Born about 1869 in Pennsylvania.


d. Benjamin Joseph: Born about 1871 in Pennsylvania.


e. Andrew Joseph: Born about 1874 in Pennsylvania.


f. Mary M. Joseph: Born about 1876 in Pennsylvania.


g. Edward Burton Joseph: See generation 4, below.


4   Edward Burton Joseph:


Born 19 February 1878 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.  Died 1961 in Mantua Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Married Mary May Phillips, paragraph 3.e.(6. of generation 4 of the Rubright Annex in 1918 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.


See Rubright Annex for More Info



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