Harry G. Keiser Pedigree

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3   (?) Keiser


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children:


a. Loretta G. Keiser: (photos) Born 1897.  Died 1975.  Married (1st) George J. Ellwanger (b. 1892) in 1916 and had four children, including:


(1. Lorraine Helen Ellwanger: Born 1921.  Died 1997.  Married (1st) Natale "Nate" Minosh (b. 1922) and resided in New York.  Lorraine and Natale had the following children: (both raised from a young age by their great uncle and aunt, Harry G. and Virginia (Rowell) Keiser in Conesus Township, Livingston County, New York (see gen 2 below and Para. 3.b. of gen 2 of the Rowell Annex).


(a. Gerald "Gerry" Richard Minosh: (photos) Born 12 December 1942.  Died 13 May 1963, age 20, at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


(b. Charles "Chuck" Thomas Minosh: (photos) Born 13 April 1944.  Died 26 December 1974, age 30, in Conesus Township, Livingston County, New York.  Married, as her 1st husband, Jean Schmidt and had the following children:


(1) Floraine Minosh: Married Jerry Marble.


(2) Charlene Minosh: Married Gerald Presler.


Jean (Schmidt) Minosh married (2nd) Stan Smith.


Nate and Lorraine (Ellwanger) Minosh separated when their two sons were young.  Because Lorraine could not support Gerry and Chuck on her own, the boys moved to Conesus to reside with their aunt and uncle, Harry and Virginia (Rowell) Keiser.  However, Lorraine would visit them there on weekends and the boys would also visit Lorraine at her residence in Rochester, New York.


By 1941 Loretta G. (Keiser) Ellwanger married (2nd), as his 2nd wife, Thomas H. Proctor (b. 1890, d. 1952), who had married (1st) Minnie Luedecke (d. 1940).  Loretta and Thomas had the following son:


(2. Thomas E. Proctor: Married Ann V. Briggs (d. 26 Mar 2011, age 66), daughter of Victor and Helen (?) Briggs, and had the following son:


(a. Thomas R. Proctor: Has an interest in his family's history.


b. Harry G. Keiser: See generation 2, below.


2   Harry G. Keiser:


Born 8 April 1909 at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.  Died 22 November 1986 at home in Conesus Township, Livingston County, New York.  Married Virginia "Gin/Ginny" Detta Rowell, paragraph 3.b. of generation 2 of the Rowell Annex on 12 April 1941.



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