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Rubert, John Henry & Susan Amanda (Lantz)  (34b) scan0106 #





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Origin of the surname “Lantz:”







5   Jacob Lantz


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 1755 at Alsace, Germany.


2.  Wife: Elizabeth Suten


Born 1760.  Married Jacob Lantz on 2 January 1783 in Sussex County, New Jersey.


3.  Children:


a. Peter Lantz: See generation 4, below.


4   Peter Lantz


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 9 February 1783.  Died 2 July 1862.


2.  Wife #1: Judith Vannesst


Born 31 March 1788.  Died 20 September 1821.  Married Peter Lantz on 18 February 1808.


a. Children:


(1. Maria Lantz: Born 9 December 1808.


(2. John Lantz: Born 22 January 1811.


(3. William Lantz: Born 8 November 1813.


(4. Sophia C. Lantz: Born 30 November 1815.


(5. Julian Lantz: Born 3 May 1819.


(6. Emeline Lantz: (photos) Born 7 July 1821.  Died 15 February 1888.  Married James “Jim” Roof (photos) (Gen 3 of the Roof Annex), son (perhaps) of Charles Roof (photos), and had the following children:


(a. Orris Roof: Married James K. Williams.


(b. Judie Roof: Married B. L. Lewis: Born at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(c. Dell Roof: Married George Grace.


(d. Joseph L. Roof: Born 11 February 1847 at Franklindale, Franklin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died .  Married, Ella McKee, 1st child of Sterne McKee, generation 2 of the McKee Annex.


3.  Wife #2: Catharine Ann Vannesst

(also seen: Catherine)


Born 20 June 1803.  Died 30 March 1835.  Married Peter Lantz on 24/27 April 1822.


a. Children:


(7. Susan Amanda Lantz Amanda: See generation 3, below.


(8. Harriet Elizabeth Lantz: Born 23 August 1825.  Married Joseph Johnson (b. 15 Sep 1824) of Bordentown, New Jersey (per family tradition) on 31 December 1845 and apparently resided at Powell, though they and some of their children were interred in the Franklindale Cemetery, Franklindale, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Harriet and Joseph had the following children:


(a. Ella Frances Johnson: Born 8 November 1846.  Died 18 February 1876; could be interred at either Franklindale Cemetery or Powell.


(b. Son: Born 3 September 1848.  Died 25 March 1848; interred Franklindale Cemetery.


(c. Walter Clarence Johnson: Born 13 September 1850.  Died 17 April 1872; interred Franklindale Cemetery.


(d. Edith May Johnson: Born 7 December 1856 at Powell, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 5 June 1940; interred Powell Cemetery.  Married Edward Sylvester Andrews (b. 27 Mar 1853 at N. Colebrook, CT.; interred Powell Cemetery), whose parents came to Pennsylvania in 1870 and purchased a farm at Powell, on 9 October 1876 and had the following children:


(1) Leon C. Andrews: Born 10 November 1878 at Powell.  Died 1946 in the vicinity of Dallas, Texas.  Married twice and had 6 children.


(2) Julia Ella Andrews: Born 4 September 1882 at Powell.  Died 13 July 1963; interred Powell Cemetery.  Married (1st) John Eick of Westfield, Pennsylvania.  Married (2nd) Russell J. Ecter.  No children from either marriage.


(e. Arthur Clyde Johnson: Born 26 January 1863.  Died 13 February 1913.  Married (?) Drysdale of LeRoy (or Canton), Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had 8 children.


(9. Sarah Lantz: (photos) Born 4 December 1827.  Married William Mason (photos).


(10. George Lantz: Born 21 July 1832.  Married Margaret (?) (d. 21 May 1903) and resided in Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  George and Margaret had the following children:


(a. Samuel Lantz: Married Gettie (?) and resided in Franklin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(b. James Lantz: Resided at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(c. Mamie Lantz: Married (1st) Nelson D. Spencer.  Nelson married (2nd) his sister-in-law, Jennie Lantz, paragraph (d., below.


(d. Jennie Lantz: Married, as his 2nd wife, her brother-in-law, Nelson D. Spencer, paragraph (c., above.  Nelson had the following children from one or both of these women:


(1) Theron Spencer.


(2) Daniel Spencer.


(3) Clyde Spencer. 


3   Susan Amanda Lantz Amanda:


Born 13 December 1822.  Died 30 March 1910.  Married John Henry Rubert, generation 3 of the Rubert Annex on 5 October 1842 (also seen: m. 5 November 1841).



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