Anna (Lauterman) Jayne Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Lauterman:” (also seen: Lanterman)







6   John/Jacob Lanterman/Lauterman


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1714 in Wittenberg, Saxony, Germany.  Died age 80; interred Union Brick Cemetery near Blairstown; will dated 10 April 1793, probated 19 September 1793 at Burlington, New Jersey.  Emigrated to America in 1735.  Settled 1st at Esopus (Kingston, NY).  Later settled at Wautage, New Jersey along the Papakating, close to Frankford line.  About 1761/62 moved to Knowlton Township, Sussex County, New Jersey on Hope Road one mile south of Butt’s Bridge.


For reasons that seemed proper and necessary to him, he thought best to become an English citizen, so at about age 54 the following act was passed:


“John Lanterman, John Snook, Frederick Hayn, William Strader, Phillip Beemer, John Haas, Johannes Meyer, Peter Colsher, XXXX.


“That they were born under the dominion of foreign powers in amity with Great Britain, but are now settled or desirous of settling within the province of New Jersey and of enjoying the privileges of His Majesty’s natural free born subjects therein, and as they professed to Protestant religion and have given testimony of their duty, loyalty and affection to His Majesty King George the Third and the succession of the Crown in the Protestant-line, and in confidence of their conforming themselves in a dutiful manner to the laws and customs of this colony.  Be it therefore enacted by the Gov General Assembly that the said before named persons shall be henceforth deemed, taken, and esteemed to be as his majesty’s natural free born subjects within this province.”  The bill passed 25 April 1768.


2. Wife: Elizabeth Peterson


Born 1719 in Germany.  Died 30 November 1798; interred with Jacob.  Married Jacob Lanterman about 1739.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. John Lauterman, Jr.: Died 16 November 1813; interred Plains Cemetery.  Resided at Wautage, New Jersey.  Employed as a miller.  Had the following son:


(1. John Lauterman, III: Born 11 March 1773.  Died 14 May 1854; interred Oparta, New York.  Founder of Ogdensburg, New York.


b. Peter Lauterman: Reided at Blairstown, New Jersey.  Later moved to Kentucky.


c. Anna Lauterman: See generation 6, below.


d. Isaac Lauterman.


e. Jacob Lauterman.


f. Abraham Lauterman.


g. Mary Lauterman.


h. Elizabeth Lauterman.


i. Sophia Lauterman.


j. Christine Lauterman.


k. Sarah Lauterman.


6   Anna Lauterman:


Born .  Died .  Married Isaac Jayne, generation 6 of the Jayne Annex.



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