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Lewis, Cyrus Roys (Roys)




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Special thanks to Madeleine Watson Bryant for her diligent collection and preservation of most of the information, documents, and photos available in this annex.


Origin of the surname “Lewis:”


Lewis is of Welsh origins.






2   Oscar Scott Lewis


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 1875 at Tuskegee, Alabama.  Died 1945 at Dothan, Alabama.  Described as a “kook,” having a huge personality with prominent character flaws.  For instance:


·            Was a judge, but was disbarred for mishandling funds.

·            Fought a duel on the main street in Dothan.

·            Sent his wife and children to vacation in North Carolina during the summers, while, less than discretely, keeping a mistress in the Dothan house.

·            The Lewis house in Dothan had two bedrooms.  Oscar slept in one, while his wife and children slept in the other.

·            The family was routinely without funds for basic necessities, but Oscar retained his country club membership.


2.  Wife: Eva Sage


Born 26 August 1870 at Atlanta, Georgia.  Died 11 October 1963.  Daughter of Barzillai Yale (b. 1833, d. 1875) and Miranda (Royce) Sage (b. 25 Dec 1837, d. 1927) of Atlanta.  Married Oscar Scott Lewis on 17 July 1907.


Described as exceptionally domineering and difficult to live with.


3.  Children:


a. Yale Lewis: Oldest child; born approximately 1911.  Resided at Seattle, Washington.


b. Placide Lewis: Born approximately 1913.  Married (?) Fletcher and resided at Opelika, Alabama.


c. Cyrus Roys Lewis: See generation 1, below.


d. Parnell Lewis: Born 26 September 1917 at Tuskegee, Alabama.  Resided at Dothan, Alabama.


1   Cyrus Roys Lewis "Roys":


Born 8 February 1915 at Dothan, Alabama.  Died 8 November 1989, age 74.  Married Madeleine Watson Bryant, descendant # 5 of generation 10 the Descendants of Courtney Smith Bryant.



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