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Origin of the surname "Loomis:"


"Loomis" is an American modernization of "Lomas," the original form of which was "Lumhalgh," "Lumhaulgh," "del Lumhalgh," or "Lumhales" - pronounced without sounding the letters "h" and"g."  It is Saxon in origin and, like all surnames in England, its use can be traced back to the arrival of the Normans, who began to make surnames popular in the 11th century.


Like so many surnames, Loomis is associated with a locality, in this case the village modernly known as Haulgh, a part of Tonge-with-Haulgh, a township in the civil and municipal parish of Bolton.  Bolton parish is in the southwestern division of the county Palatine of Lancaster, within the Duchy of Lancaster, which is in northwest England.  Ancestors of the American Loomis’s have lived in that village from the earliest record.  Lum is still the name of a section in Bolton identified in connection with "Lum Street."


There is no mention in the Domesday Book of 1086 of the surname Loomis in any form whatever, in any county of England, and it would be between one and two hundred years before the name became applied to any person.  The earliest record now existing in England of this surname is found in a Lay Subsidy Roll, number 130-6 at the Record Office in Chancery Lane, London.


All the Lomases and Loomises of the English-speaking world sprang from the original "del Lumhalgh" of Bolton; some, or all of these later men were of Pendleton or through Wigan, or Bury; and the descendants of Joseph Loomis (below) in America all trace back to at least one of them.






7   Thomas Lummyus: Died in 1551.  Had the following son:


6   John Lummys


1. Biographical notes:


Resided at Thaxted, Essex County, England.  His will was proved 12 May 1567 at Stortford.


2. Wife: Kyrsten Passfield/Jackson


3. Children:


a. John Lummys: See Generation 5, below.


5   John Lummys


1. Biographical notes:


Died in 1619.  His will, dated 14 April 1619 and proved by the executor (his son Joseph) on 21 June 1619 mentions the names of his children:


2. Wife: Agnes (?)


3. Children:


a. Joseph Loomis: See generation 4, below.


b. Ann Loomis: Married (?) Warr.


c. Sarah Loomis: Married (?) Burton.


d. Elizabeth Loomis: Married (?) Preston.


e. Jane Loomis: Married (?) Pengally.


4   Joseph Loomis


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1590 in England.  Died 25 November 1658/69 in Connecticut.  Employed in England as a woolen-draper.  Also managed a store in Braintree, Essex (also seen: Sussex) County prior to emigrating to America, sailing from London on 11 April 1638 aboard the "Susan and Ellen."  Arrived at Boston on 17 July 1638.


Joseph stayed for about one year at Dorchester, Massachusetts before traveling west to Windsor, Connecticut, arriving with Reverend Ephraim Heut on 17 August 1639.  On 2 February 1640 Joseph Loomis was granted 21 acres of land on the Farmington River (west side of the Connecticut River), including the site of the first English settlement in Connecticut.  He was later granted large tracts of land on the east side of the Connecticut River, and also enlarged his holdings greatly by purchase.


Joseph Loomis emigrated with five sons, all of whom were granted freemen status in 1669, and three daughters.  Their house was situated near the mouth of the Farmington River, on "The Island," as it was called, because every spring it was temporarily isolated by the overflowing Connecticut River.


2. Wife: Mary White


Baptized 24 August 1590 at Shalford, Essex County, England, daughter of Robert and Bridget (Allgar) White of Messing.  Died 23 August 1652 at Windsor, Connecticut.  Married Joseph Loomis at Messing, England on 30 June 1614.   


3. Children:


a. Joseph Loomis, Jr.: Born in England in 1615.


b. Sarah Loomis: Born in England in 1617.  Married Captain (?) Nichols on 28 September 1640.


c. Elizabeth Loomis: Born in England approximately 1619.  Married at Windsor, Connecticut to Josiah Hull on 20 May 1641.


d. Mary Loomis: Born in 1620.  Died 19 August 1680.  Married (1st) in 1628 to John Skinner.  Married (2nd) on 13 November 1651 to Owen Tudor. 


e. Deacon John Loomis: Born in Essex County, England in 1622.  Died 1 September 1688.  Married Elizabeth Scott on 3 February 1648/49 and had the following children:


(1. Deacon John Loomis, Jr.: Born 6 November 1649.  Married (1st) (?).  Married (2nd) Sarah Warner and had the following children:


(a. Mary Loomis: Born 20 March 1673.


(b. Elizabeth Loomis: Born 31 December 1677.


(c. Deborah Loomis: Married Jonathan Filley on 5 June 1700.


(d. Zechariah Loomis: Born in November 1681.


(e. Ezekiel Loomis: Born in October 1683.


(f. Ephraim Loomis: Born in November 1685.


(g. Rebecca Loomis: Born in December 1687.


(h. Ruth Loomis: Born 28 January 1690.


(i. John Loomis: Born 28 March 1692.


(2. Joseph Loomis: Born 7 November 1651.


(3. Thomas Loomis: Born 3 December 1653.  Married Sarah White on 31 March 1680.


(4. Samuel Loomis: Born 29 June 1655.


(5. Sergeant Daniel Loomis: Born 16 June 1657.  Had the following child:


(a. Daniel Loomis, Jr.: Married Elizabeth Barber., paragraph 3.d.(9. of generation 3 of the Barber Annex.


(6. James Loomis: Born 19 September 1659. Died 14 December 1669.


(7. Timothy Loomis: Born 27 July 1661.


(8. Nathaniel Loomis: Born 8 July 1663.


(9. David Loomis: Born 30 May 1665.  Died 24 June 1665.


(10. Samuel Loomis: Born 12 August 1666.


(11. Isaac Loomis: Born 31 August 1668.  Died 12 December 1668.


(12. Elizabeth Loomis: Born 8 May 1671.


(13. Mary Loomis:  Born 7 August 1673.  Died 14 May 1675.


f. Thomas Loomis: Born in 1624.


g. Nathaniel Loomis: See generation 3, below.


h. Lieutenant Samuel Loomis: Born about 1628 in Essex County, England.  Died 1 October 1689 at Windsor, Connecticut.  Emigrated from England to America with his parents.  He married Elizabeth Judd, daughter of Thomas Judd, on 27 December 1653.  Granted freeman status in 1654, Samuel was admitted to the church at Windsor on 26 November 1661.  He was active in military activities in Windsor and held the rank of Lieutenant in the local militia.  Between 1672 and 1675 Lieutenant Samuel Loomis moved to Woronoco (Westfield), Massachusetts.  He sold his house at Windsor in 1679.  Samuel and Elizabeth (Judd) Loomis had the following children:


(1. Philip Loomis: Born 22 February 1675/76 at Westfield, Massachusetts.  Died 1 December 1746 at Simsbury, Connecticut.  In 1730 Philip purchased land in Simsbury, Connecticut.  In 1704 married Hannah (?) and had several children, all born in Connecticut, including:


(a. Philip Loomis: Born 25 March 1707.  Married Mindwell Wilcoxson (d. 9 May 1745), daughter of Samuel and Mindwell (Grifen) Wilcoxson.  Philip was a farmer and prominent citizen of Simsbury, Connecticut, where he died in 1751.


3   Nathaniel Loomis


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1626 at Essex County, England.  Died 19 August 1688; his will signed Nathaniel "Loomys," was dated 17 August 1688 and is stored at Hartford, Connecticut.  Granted freeman status in 1654 and was admitted to the church on 3 May 1663.  He was also a member of the Windsor Troop of Horse in King Phillip's War.


2. Wife: Elizabeth Moore


Died 23 July 1728, age 90.  Married (1st) Nathaniel Loomis on 27 November 1654.  Married (2nd) John Case of Simsbury, Connecticut. 


3. Children: (12 total; all born at Windsor, Connecticut)


a. Mary Loomis: Born 5 January 1679/82.


b. Abigail Loomis: See generation 2, below.


2   Abigail Loomis


Born  .   Married Josiah Barber, generation 2 of the Barber Annex on 22 November 1679.




Other, still unassociated, Loomis names:


1. Hiram Loomis: Married (1st) Abigail Page and (perhaps) had the following daughter:


a. Marian Loomis: Married (1st) (?) Wait.  Married (2nd), as his 2nd wife, Augustus P. Van Allen, paragraph 2.b.(4.(c.(6)(e) of generation 6 of the Van Allen Annex.


Hiram Loomis married (2nd) Mary Ann Philips.




References:  101,132, "Descendants of Joseph Loomis" c. 1875



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