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Origin of the surname “Mills:”







5   John Mills


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1709.


2. Wife: Hannah Starr


Born 10 December 1710 at Groton, New London, Connecticut, daughter of Captain Jonathan and Elizabeth (Morgan) Starr.  Died there in 1795.  Married John about 1732.


3. Children:


a. Edward Mills: See generation 4, below.


4   Corporal Edward Mills


1. Biographical notes:


Baptized 5 April 1747 at First Church, Groton, New London County, Connecticut.  Served in the Revolutionary War.  Killed by the British in a massacre on 7 September 1781 at Fort Griswold/Groton, New London County, Connecticut.


2. Wife: Hannah Avery


Born 14 April 1754 at Griswold, New London County, Connecticut, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (?) Avery.  Died after 1810.  Married (1st) Edward Mills, Sr. on 24 December 1772 at Groton, New London, Connecticut.


a. Child:


(1. Edward Mills, Jr.: See generation 3, below.


While her children were still young, Hannah (Avery) Mills married (2nd) (?) Smith and moved to Delaware County, New York.


3   Edward B. Mills, Jr.


1. Biographical notes:


Born 12 August 1780 at Bradford/Branford/Groton, New London County, Connecticut (only child).  Died 5 July 1869, age 87 years and 11 months, in Winnebago County, Illinois.  Three years old when his father was brutally slain by the British at Fort Griswold/Groton, Connecticut during the Revolutionary War.  Moved with his mother and her (2nd) husband, (?) Smith, to Delaware County, New York.


In the Spring of 1808, after he was married, Edward was attracted by the opportunity to acquire his own property in “the west.”  He moved to Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and worked the Cash farm.  The following year Edward moved to Sugar Creek in that county and rented the Smith farm until 1814, when he was finally able to purchase the Stephen Wilcox farm.  He worked hard, improving and working the farm over many years.


After their children were grown Edward and his wife moved to Logan County, Ohio, where she died.  Edward then moved to Winnebago, Illinois to be close to his children, and he died there in 1847.


2. Wife: Lucinda/Lusinah/Lucina/Losina/Losiana Stewart/Steward/Stuart


Born 1 April 1785 at Blandford, Hampden County, Massachusetts; daughter of Luther and Esther (Smith) Stewart of Scotish descent.  Died 29 October 1847 in Logan County, Ohio.  Married Edward Mills, Jr. in 1803 at Neversink, Sullivan County, New York and had the following children:


3. Children: (2 daughters and 1 son went west)


a. Stephen Avery Mills: (photos) Born 30 May 1804 at Neversink, Sullivan County, New York.  Died 21 December 1888 at North Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Amanda Fanning (photos) (b. 23 Dec 1801 at Springfield, d. 22 Aug 1879, age 77 yrs, 7 mo., 29 days at N. Towanda), daughter of Elisha, Jr. and Elizabeth “Betsy” (Grace) Fanning of Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, on 16/26 February 1826.  Was engaged in lumbering, farming, and hotel operations.  Stephen and Amanda had the following children:


(1. Marvin E. Mills: Studied the law and was admitted to practice in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Moved to California, arriving in 1851, where he engaged in mining for 2 years.


(2. George B. Mills.


(3. Hannah B. Mills.


(4. Harriet E. Mills.


(5. Charlotte A. Mills.


(6. Lewis Irenus Mills.


b. Hannah Smith Mills: Born 15 February 1805 at Westfield, New York.  Died 9 September 1899 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) George K. Bingham (b. abt 1800, d. 1831).  Married (2nd) Cornelius Coolbaugh (b. 25 Sep 1792 at Wysox, Bradford Co., d. 20 Aug 1860 at Wysox), son of Moses and Hannah (Shoemaker) Coolbaugh, on 4 May 1835. 


c. Esther Stewart Mills: Born 5/15 February 1807 in Ulster County, New York.  Died March 1892 at Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.  Married (1st) Erastus Pratt (b. 1805, d. 19 Jan 1844 at Lee Co., IL), son of Elisha and Sarah (Sill) Pratt of Pike, in 1828 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married (2nd) Abraham “Abram” Huff/Hoff (b. 1797, dl 1871 at Jasper Co., MO), son of Johann Jacob and Maria Catharina (Schmeltzer) Hoff, on 4 March 1845.


d. Silas Avery Mills: See generation 2, below.


e. Freeman Mills: Born 1812 (or about 1810).  Married Minerva Grace (b. 1814), daughter of William and Hannah (Salisbury) Grace of Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts on 12 October 1835 int Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Moved to Illinois.  Later moved to California, where he was prosperous.  Died there from injuries resulting from a horse kick. 


f. Dr. Edward Mills: Born 21 March 1813 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 17 January 1887 at Ulster, Bradford County.  Married Patience Rutty (Para. 3.j.(1. Of gen 4 of the Rutty Annex) (b. 3 Apr 1822 at Towanda, d. 13 Dec 1889 (age 67 yrs, 8 mo., 10 days) at Ulster), daughter of Ezra, Jr. and Mary “Polly” (Bloom) Rutty (and cousin of Mary Ann Rutty).  Practiced medicine for nearly 50 years at Ulster, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


g. Garner C. Mills: Born 17 March 1817.  Died 5 October 1901 in Sheffield Township, Bureau County, Illinois.  Moved to Illinois as a young man, where he became a prominent resident.


h. Mary Lusinah/Losina Mills “Losina”: Born 26 October 1819 at Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Moved to Ohio.  Married Nathan Wright in Ohio and later moved to Missouri.


2   Silas Avery Mills (photos)


Mills, Silas Avery from Craft (1) #.jpg

Mills, Mary Ellen (Allis) (wife Silas) from Craft (1) #.jpg


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 12 September 1808 in Ulster Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died at home on 20 June 1901 (age 93).  Received a limited education in local schools.  Was always employed as a farmer.  Resided on a portion of the old Mills homestead first purchased by his father from John Sheppard.  Member of the Methodist-Episcopal Church.


2.  Wife: Mary Ellen Allis (photos) of Orwell, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Born 25 June 1811 in Pennsylvania, daughter of Eleazer, III and Esther (Rutty) Allis of Orwell Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 17 September 1890 (age 89 yrs, 2 mo., 27 days) in Pennsylvania.  Married Silas Mills on 25/28 February 1840/39 in Orwell Township. Pennsylvania.


3.  Children:


a. Sophia E. Mills: See generation 1a, below.


b. Violetta/Viletta Mills: Married John O. Boyle.


c. Marvin Vespasion/Vaspasian Mills “Vespasion”: Married Anna Majer/Mauger/Mager; no children.


d. Edward Mills: Died at age 2.


e. Mary Josaphine Mills: See generation 1b, below.


f. William (Ormsby) Mills: Adopted.  Married Julia Walker.


1a  Sophia E. (Mills)


Born 30 August 1840.  Died 25 September 1931.  Married George Noach/Noack Strunk (photos), seventh child of Eleanor “Nellie” Biles, who was the 2nd child of Alexander Patterson Biles, generation 7 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles on 16/17 December 1868.


1b  Mary Josaphine Mills:


Born 2 October 1852 in Pennsylvania.  Died 1913.  Married Charles Edgar Biles (photos), 11th child of John Patterson Biles, who was the 1st child of Alexander Patterson Biles, generation 7 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles.



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