Margaret Alice (Miner) Biles Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Miner:”







5   Joshua Miner


Born 1747.  Married Martha Pierce (b. 13 Jan 1777), daughter of Ebenezer Pierce, Jr. (Vet of Rev war) and had the following son:


4   Joshua Miner, Jr.


Died 1834.  Married Roxy Miner (d. 1847) and had the following son:


3   Reverend Edmund Bridges Miner


Born 26 April 1829 at Scriba, Oswego County, New York.  Died 12 August 1916 at Camp Point, Illinois, age 87. 


Was fatherless at age 5 and motherless at age 18.  For fifteen years thereafter he had no home, working on a farm, in a copper shop, in a dry goods store, and in a bookstore.  Became a member of the Belleville, New York Presbyterian Church at age 23.  In January 1854 Edmund resigned his position in the American Tract Depository in Rochester, New York and with savings of $140 entered Belleville Academy to begin his preparation for college.  After nine and a half years of continuous study he entered Hamilton College as a freshman in the fall of 1855, with just $18.58 in his pocket.  Graduated from Hamilton College in 1859, and the same year entered Auburn Theological Seminary, where he graduated in 1862.  In 1863 was ordained a pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Barabos, Wisconsin.  He retired by Springfield Presbytery in 1899 at age 70.


Married Lucy Beals/Beales Hunting (b. 7 Oct 1835 at Henderson, N.Y., d. 9 Mar 1930 at Camp Point, IL, age 94), daughter of Ezekial Sawen and Rebecca (Breed) Hunting, in Belleville, New York on 10 September 1862.  Rebecca’s father owned Breed’s Hill, where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought.  Edmund and Lucy had the following children:


1.  Edmund Hunting Miner: Born 15 March 1864 in Barabos, Wisconsin.  Died 19 January 1868 at Big Rapids, Michigan, age 3.


2.  Walter Baines Miner: See generation 2, below.


3.  Anna Miner: Born 3 April 1867 at Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Died 18 September 1940, age 73.  Married Fred Fassett Welles.


4.  Mary Miner: Born 20 December 1868 at Big Rapids, Michigan.  Died 2 November 1928 at Minneapolis, Minnesota, age 59.  Married Lewis Beech Wheeler.


5.  Florence Miner: Born 3 December 1870 at Camillus, New York.  Died 21 October 1944, age 73.  Married Fred Farlow.


6.  Robert Hamlin Miner: Born 20 October 1872 at Westfield, New York.  Died 3 December 1897 at Venita, Illinois, age 25.


7.  Fannie Edith Miner: Born 24 September 1875.  Died 1 February 1888 at Kossuth, Iowa, age 12.


2   Walter Baines/Beaumont Miner (photos)


Miner, Walter Baines (145) #.jpg


Born 20 September 1865 at Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  Died 4 March 1938 at Rushville, Pennsylvania, age 72; interred there in the Presbyterian Church cemetery.  Resided for a period of time at Duncan, Greenlee County, Arizona before moving to Rushville, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. 


1.  Wife: Marian Ellen Pierce (photos) (more info)


Miner, Marian Ellen (Pierce) 1913, 9 Jun, age 26 (145) #.jpg


Born 9 June 1887 at LeRaysville, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Middle name is in honor of her Great Aunt, Ellen Black.  Graduated from Mansfield State Normal School in 1908.  Died 16 May 1979 (age 91) at Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.  Taught school at Duncan, Arizona; met Walter there.  A memorial service was held Thursday, 24 May 1979 at the Rushville, Pennsylvania United Presbyterian Church, with Reverend John H. Dabback of the Franklin Hill United Presbyterian Church officiating.  Interment following in the Church Cemetery.  Married 13 July 1915 at El Paso, Texas.


2.  Children:


a.  Cora Lucille Miner "Lucille": (photos) Born 3 March 1917 at Duncan, Greenlee County Arizona.  Died 2 July 1917 (age 16 wks) at Duncan; interred there 3 July 1917.


b.  Margaret “Margie” Alice Miner: See generation 1, below.


c.  Robert "Bob" Edmund Miner: (photos) Born 1923 at LeRaysville, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania.  Married Eleanor Lucille Cobb (photos) on 29 August 1957 at Stevensville and subsequently resided at RD #1, Hallstead, Pennsylvania.  Robert and Eleanor had the following children:


(1) Virginia Anne Miner: (photos) Born 1958.


(2) Natalie Beth Miner: (photos) Born 1962.


(3) James "Jim" Robert Miner: (photos) Born 1966.  Married (?) and had the following son:


(a) Joshua Miner: Born 2001.


1   Margaret “Margie” Alice Miner


Born 13 February 1921 at Duncan, Greenlee County, Arizona.  Died 30 September 2001.  Married Irvine Clarence Biles, descendant # 3.2 of generation 11 of the Descendants of John Addison Biles on 24 May 1941 at LeRaysville, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.



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