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Origin of the surname “Moore:”


Thought to have originated as early as Thomas de More, whose name was enrolled in the ancient list taken at embarkation in 1066 from St. Valery, France under the leadership of William the Conqueror.  Thomas de More’s name also appears in the list of those surviving the Battle of Hastings.


After the Wyatt insurrection in 1664, many of the More family went from England to Ireland, where the name was spelled Moore.  Later this spelling also became prevalent in England.






2   Thomas Moore


In fact, we have no conclusive evidence of the origin of the Thomas Moore, who was in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1639 and was later in Windsor, Connecticut.  The Porter Genealogy, Volume I, page 86 suggests he was a passenger on the "Mary & John," which arrived near Boston, Massachusetts in 1630, but this is doubtful, since a passenger list of that voyage exists and does not mention him or his family.  Is there any more reason, therefore, to place confidence in The Porter Genealogy's further suggestion that this Thomas Moore had a son, Thomas Moore, Jr. (d. 27 Jan 1691 on Long Island), who married Mary Youngs, the daughter of Reverend Christopher Youngs, Vicar of Reydon Parish, Suffolk County, England, in 1613?  Reydon is approximately one mile from the east coast of England and approximately two miles from Southhold, which is on the sea.


We do know that the Dorchester group of emigrants was fairly small and tight knit in their associations, and we know that it included a John Moore, who had clearly been a passenger on the "Mary & John."  No less than 23 of the 40 "Mary & John" heads of household traveled west in the later 1630s to settle Windsor, Connecticut.


About the same age as Hannah Moore (generation 1, below), this John Moore could also have been the son of Thomas Moore - they were the only Moores in Dorchester, Massachusetts and Windsor, Connecticut at this time.  We also know the names Thomas and John Moore were recorded in Reydon Parish, England during this period, as follows:


·       John Moore: Baptized 29 August 1574.

·       John Moore: Son of Thomas Moore.  Baptized 18 June 1592 at Wethersfield (abt. 70 miles west of Reydon).

·       John Moore: Married Marye Gye at Wethersfield on 18 April 1630, possibly the same John Moore who was baptized there in 1592.

·       Thomas Moore: Son of Thomas Moore. Baptized 11 February 1570.  Interred at St. Edmunds.

·       Thomas Moore: Married Chrystan Davey at Homersfield on 20 September 1584.

·       Thomas Moore: Son of Thomas Moore. Baptized 20 February 1597.  Interred at St. Edmunds.

·       Thomas Moore: Son of Johannis Moore.  Baptized 23 March 1614.  Interred at St. Edmunds.


Perhaps Thomas Moore (generation 2, above) resided with his son, John Moore in Windsor, and had a daughter, Hannah, below, and son, Thomas Moore, Jr.  Given its likelihood, we will assume Thomas Moore married (?) and had at least the following children: (order uncertain)


1. Thomas Moore, Jr.


2. John Moore:


Was a deacon of Reverend Warham's church in Dorchester in 1630 and moved with Mr. Warham's congregation to Windsor, Connecticut in 1635 to become one of the original founders of that town (though his name continued to appear in the Dorchester records as late as 1638).  John was a juror at Windsor in 1639 & 1642; in 1643 he was a Deputy from Windsor to the Connecticut General Court; he dealt in real estate; he manufactured pike heads; and he constructed a ferry in 1671.  John Moore’s will, which mentions one son and four daughters, was dated 14 September 1677.  His death was documented in the Windsor town records as 18 September 1677; interred there.


John Moore married (1st) Abigail (?) on 16 June 1639 and had the following children: (order uncertain)


a. Mindwell Moore: Born 10 Jul 1643.


b. John Moore, Jr.


c. Elizabeth Moore.


d. Abigail Moore.


John Moore, Sr. married (2nd) (?) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


e. Daughter.


f. Daughter.


g. Son.


3. Hannah Moore: See generation 1, below.


1   Hannah Moore


Married John Drake, generation 2 of the Ancestors of George Edgar Drake in America.



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