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Origin of the surname “Neiley:”







Of interest: In 1833 an Alexander Neely was a merchant at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


3   William McNeiley


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1793 in Ireland.  Died ; unknown interment location.  Emigrated from Ireland to America before 1823.  Settled in the Stroudsburg area of Monroe County, Pennsylvania.


2. Wife: Elizabeth Plattenburg


Born 1803 in Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania; daughter of Jacob and Katharine Wardau (Hill) Plattenburg.  Died ; interred Neiley Cemetery, Asylum Township.  Smoked a clay pipe.  Following her husband’s death, moved from Monroe County to Bradford County with her son, Robert and some daughters.


3. Children: (order uncertain; supposedly 8 total)


a. Elizabeth “Eliza” Neiley: Born 1823? in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  Died ; interred Frenchtown Cemetery, Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married her 1st cousin, Abraham/George Pennell of French Asylum and had 5 children.


b. Robert Neiley: See generation 2, below.


c. Sarah Neiley: Born 1833?


d. Margaret Neiley: Born 1835?  Married George S. Miller on 25 October 1855.


e. Katherine/Catherine Neiley: (photos) (more info) Born 1837/38 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Died 31 October 1911, age 73, at the home of her son in Lestershire, Pennsylvania.  Married William M. Biles (b. 14 Jul 1839, d. 1918) (Para. 4a.C.4.e.(5.) of the Henry Biles (6) page), son of Miner and Caroline (Sickler) Biles, on 1 September 1861 and had 8 children.


f. John Neiley: Born 11 January 1838.  Died 4 November 1896.  Married Sophia Barnes and resided in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  John and Sophia raised the following foster child:


(1. Carrie (?) Neiley: Foster child.


g. James Neiley: Born 1841?


h. Samuel Neiley: Born 1843/47?  Married Agnes W. Hay on 1 January 1896.


c. Jane Neiley: Married (?) Gilson/Chilson and resided at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


e. Samuel Neiley.


f. Adam Neiley.


2   Robert Neiley


1. Biographical notes:


Born 25 December 1825 in the Stroudsburg area of Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  Died 12 August 1908 at  home in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania (also seen: d. 1 Feb 1904); interred in the little, old cemetery in Durell Township, Bradford County.  Was a Catholic.  In 1855 purchased a farm from William R. Storrs on Ellis Hill and was employed as a farmer of 111 acres.


In 1981 Marie (Elliott) Williams, wife of Rodney Williams, possessed Robert Neiley’s family Bible.  She planned to give it to Nancy (Neiley) Sturdevant, daughter of Lincoln Neiley.


2. Wife: Julia Ann Moyer


Born 27 August 1838 in Lower Smithfield Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Jacob and Catharine (Ornt (sp)) Moyers, who settled in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania about 1857.  Died 27 March 1918 at Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Neiley Cemetery, Asylum Township, Bradford County.  Married Robert Neiley, Jr. on 20 September 1855.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Jacob Neiley: Born 18 February 1856.  Died 7 February 1863 from complications of diphtheria; interred Macedonia Cemetery, Pennsylvania.


b. Edwin/Edson D. Neiley: Born 16 January 1858.  Died 21 February 1863 from complications of diphtheria; interred Macedonia Cemetery, Pennsylvania.


c. Cassandra “Cassie” M. Neiley: See generation 1a, below.


d. Emma Neiley: Born 5 December 1861.  Died 2-5 January 1941.  Married (1st) Richard H. DeLong and had the following children:


(1. Christine DeLong.


(2. Harriett DeLong.


Following Richard’s death, Emma (Neiley) DeLong married (2nd) Alexander “Alex” D. Stevens (b. abt 1861) (Para. B.2.c.(5.(a. of gen 3 of the Stevens Annex), son of Byron D. and Eliza (Van Ness) Stevens (and 1st cousin of Jennie Stevens, who married Emma’s brother, Jerome, above), on 19 April 1899 and had the following children:


(3) Asa N. Stevens: Born 17 February 1901.


(4) Alexander D. Stevens, Jr.: Born 27 August 1904.


(5) Robert Carlton Stevens: Born 26 December 1906.  Died 11 February 1911.


(6) Byron D. Stevens: Died at age 10 months.


e. Grant Andrew Neiley: See generation 1b, below.


f. Jerome Bonaparte “J.B.” Neiley: (more info) Born 26 July 1869 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died Tuesday, 3 March 1970, age 100, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania from complications of a broken hip and old age; interred Bradford County, Memorial Park.  Graduated from the Susquehanna Collegiate Institute, Towanda, Bradford County, and the Elmira Business College, Elmira, Broome County, New York.  Was employed as Justice of the Peace for Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Jennie Stevens (b. 5 Nov 1867, d. 16 Aug 1953) (Para. B.2.c.(6.(a. of gen 3 of the Stevens Annex), daughter of Nelson Stevens of Standing Stone, Bradford County (and 1st cousin of Alexander D. Stevens, who married (2nd) Jerome’s sister, Emma, below), on 25 December 1894 at the Universalist Church, Standing Stone, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and purchased a 118-acre farm (subsequently expanded to roughly 600 acres in conjunction with 2 sons) in Durell Township, Bradford County on the road to French Asylum, where they had a large family, including:


(1. Rachel Neiley: Employed as a school teacher at Rome, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  In later life esided with her father.  Never married.


(2. Ruth Neiley: Never married.


(3. Robert Alfred Neiley: Resided in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(4. Stephen R. Neiley: Resided in Durell Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(5. Nelson Neiley: Resided at RD #5, Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(6. Amelia Neiley: Married Alfred William Dunbar and resided at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


(7. Jerome Bonaparte Neiley, Jr.: Resided at Milan, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(8. David Neiley: Died a few years before 1969.  Resided at Macedonia, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(9. Lincoln Neiley: (youngest child) Resided at Saco, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married (?) and had the following daughter:


(a. Janice Neiley: Married (?) Sturdevant.


g. Jennie/Jenny Neiley: Born 12 May 1874.  Died 23/24 October 1946.  Married (1st) Joel G. Stevens in 1863.  Married (2nd) Wilmont Ellis.


1a  Cassandra “Cassie” M. Neiley:


Born 19 September 1859/60.  Died .  Married Guy C. Benjamin, paragraph 3b.c.(14.(f.(6) of the John Irvine (1) page, on 5 April 1883.


1b  Grant Andrew Neiley:


Born 27 July 1865/64.  Died 28/23 February 1907.  Married (1st) Frances H. “Fannie” Fowler (photos) (b. 1863, d. 16 Oct 1893 from complications of child birth), daughter of (?) and Eliza A. (?) Fowler (more info) (d. 9 Mar 1912 at the home of her son, Jewett C. Fowler, at Watsontown; interred Liberty Corners Cem.) of Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, on 10 December 1891 and had the following son:


1. Jewett F. Neiley: (photos) (more info) Born 5 October 1893.  Died 16 October 1974.  Raised from age 6 months by his maternal grandmother, Eliza A. (?) Fowler, at Liberty Corners, Bradford County.  Was employed as a leather buyer for the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company.  In 1912 resided at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  In 1968 resided at 3009 Country Club Road, Endwell, Broome County, New York.  Married (?) and had at least the following son:


a. Jewett F. Neiley, Jr.: (photos) (more info) In 1968 resided at 1 Hillside Court, Endicott, Broome County, New York.  In 1970 resided at 499 Marcella Street, Endicott.


Grant Andrew Neiley married (2nd) Edith Evelyn Hover, paragraph 4.C.2.a. of the Jacob Place Biles page, on 24 July 1895.




Other, still unidentified Neiley: names:


1. Charles M. Neiley: Married (?) (more info) (d. Tues, 16 Jan (?) at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Oak Hill Cemetery) and resided on 3rd Street in Towanda.



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