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Origin of the surname "Porter:"


Ralph (Roger), generation 19, below, was the "Grand Porteur" to King Henry I of England from 1120 to 1140.  "Porteur" became the surname "Porter" for the descendants of Ralph.



Porter Coat of Arms:







17  William de la Grande


Was a Knight who came to England in 1066 on the army of William "the Conqueror," Duke of Normandy.  William de la Grande acquired lands at or near Kenilworth in Warwickshire and had the following son:


16  Ralph (Roger)


Was "Grand Porteur" to King Henry I of England from 1120 to 1140 and had son.




3   John Porter


1. Biographical notes:


John Porter of Felsted, Essex County, England was a man of considerable substance.  According to Henry D. White, Esq. of New Haven, Connecticut, John arrived in New England with his wife, nine children, and his brother-in law, Joseph Loomis and the Loomis family, on board the ship "Susan and Ellen" on 17 July 1638.  He may have been prompted to emigrate from England by Reverend Ephram Hewitt of Wraxhall in Kenilworth, England, who was called to assist the Reverend Mr. Warham in Windsor, Connecticut.


John had a land grant in Windsor and his residence appears to have been located near the "Little River" at its junction with the Connecticut River (called by Windsor residents "the Great River") and between the residences of George Phelps and Joseph Loomis and nearly opposite those of Henry Wolcott and Matthew Allyn.  He was a prominent man in the Windsor community and served in several public capacities, including: Constable (1639-1640); Grand-Juror 1643; Juror 1640; and a Deputy to The General Court (1646 and 1647).


John Porter died 21 April 1648 and was interred in the Windsor, Connecticut Congregational Church yard.  His last will and testament was recorded as follows in the Particular Court in Hartford, Connecticut on 7 June 1649.


"This is the last will and testament made by me, John Porter of Wyndsor.  Although now weake and sick in body, yet perfect in memory, do bequeath my soule to god that gave it, and my body to be buried and my goods as followeth:


"I Give my eldest son, John Porter, one hundred pounds, and to my second son, James Porter, I give three score pounds, and to my other six children, to wit: Samuel Porter, Rebecca Porter, Rose Porter, Mary Porter, Sarah Porter, and Anna Porter, I give to them thirty pounds apiece, which is to be raised out of my whole estate, as housing, lands, cattle, and household goods, and is to be paid as they come to be twenty years of age, or sooner if my overseers see just cause, without whose consent I would not have them to manage; which if they do, it shall be in the power of my overseers to abate of their portions, and give it to the others that are more deserving.


"And in case of any my children die before they be married or be twenty years of age, their portion shall be equally divided amongst the rest, unless the overseers see cause to abate it upon the eldest.  In case my estate shall be found upon particular view, to rise to be more in value than these portions above given, or less than the sum, my will is that it shall be proportionately added or rebated to my childrens' several portions, except my overseers see cause to abate my eldest son, that hath the biggest portion, or likewise my second.


"The particular goods wherein each child shall have his portion paid out of my whole estate, I leave to the direction of my overseers.  My son, Joseph Judson, is to take twenty shillings of Thomas Thorton next winter.


"Also, I give fifty shillings to Wyndsor church, my desire is that my beloved friends would be overseers of this my last will and testament: Mr. Warham, of Wyndsor; Mr. Goodwin, of Hartford; Goodman White of Hartford; and Matthew Griswold of Wyndsor."


Witness: Henry Clarke and Abigail Branker.


2. Wife #1: Anna White


Baptized 13 July 1600.  Died July 1647.  Daughter of Robert White of Messing and Bridget Allgar of Shalford, Essex County, England.  Bridget was the daughter of William Allgar.


Anna was probably the sister of Mary White of Messing, who married Joseph Loomis, the emigrant ancestor of the Windsor family of that name.  Another probable sister, Elizabeth White, married William Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut on 7 November 1616, and the three are thought to have been the sisters of Elder John White.  However, this is not proven.  Both Loomis and Goodwin marriages are recorded in the Shalford Parish Register.


According to the Parish Register of Messing, Anna was married on 18 October 1620 to John Porter of Felsted.


3. Children:


a. John Porter, Jr.: See generation 2, below.


b. James Porter: Born in England in 1638.  Employed as a merchant and colonial agent for Connecticut in London.  Married Sarah Tudor of Windsor.


c. Sarah Porter: Born 1622 in England.  Died 16 March 1696, age 70.  Married Joseph Judson of Milford, Connecticut on 24 October 1644. 


d. Samuel Porter: Born in England in 1626.  Died 6 September 1689.  Married Hannah Stanley (d. 18 Dec 1708), daughter of Thomas Stanley, in 1659.


e. Mary Porter: Born in England in 1630.  Married Samuel Grant of Windsor on 27 May 1658.


f. Anna/Anne Porter: Born in England in 1624.  Married William Gaylord of Windsor on 24 February 1644.


g. Joseph Porter. Born in England in 1634.


h. Rebecca Porter. Born in England in 1628. Died unmarried.


i. Rose Porter: Born in England in 1632.  Died about 12 May 1648.


j. Nathaniel Porter: Born 29 February 1640.  Baptized the same year.  Married Anna Groves of Stratford, Connecticut.


k. Hannah Porter: Born 4 September 1642.  Baptized the same year.  Married John Coleman of Deerfield, Massachusetts.


2. Wife #2: Rose


Died July 1647.


2   John Porter, Jr.:


1. Biographical notes:


John Porter, Jr. was born in England in 1620 and immigrated to Windsor, Connecticut with his parents aboard the "Susan and Ellen" approximately 1636.  John died at Windsor on 2 August 1688.


2. Wife: Mary Stanley


Born in England.  Died 13 September 1688.  Daughter of Thomas Stanley.  Emigrated from England to America with her parents in 1635 aboard the "Planter" and grew up in Hartford, Connecticut.  Married John Porter in 1650.


3. Children:


a. Sarah Porter: See generation 1, below.


b. John Porter, III: Born 3 January 1651.  Died 4 January 1699.  Married Joanna Gaylord (d. 1716), daughter of William Gaylord (who emigrated from England to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 aboard the "Mary & John"), on 16 December 1669.  John and Joanna had the following children:


(1. Joanna Porter: Born 7 February 1670.  Married Peter Mills.


(2. Mary Porter: Born 20 November 1672.  Married H. Loomis.


(3. John Porter, IV: Born 17 January 1674.  Married Mary Drake.


(4. Sarah Porter: Born 4 June 1677.


(5. Anna Porter: Born 25 August 1679.


(6. Daniel Porter: Born 13 November 1681. Married M. Alexander.


(7. David Porter: Born 10 October 1685.  Married Anna Phelps, daughter of William Phelps (emigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 aboard the "Mary & John" along with his brother, George Phelps), on 3 January 1707.  David and Anna had the following children:


(a. David Porter, Jr.: Born 13 September 1708.  Married Ruth Mack.


(b. Anna Porter: Born 25 September 1710.  Married Thomas Judd.


(c. Jerusha Porter: Born 15 September 1712.  Married Thomas Perrin.


(d. John Porter: Born 18 September 1714.  Died 3 October 1762.  Married Sarah Mack on 22 March 1739 and resided at Hebron, Connecticut.


(e. Tabitha Porter: Born 11 November 1716.


(f. Pelatiah Porter: Born 30 May 1719.  Married Sarah Allen.


(g. Increase Porter: Born 18 February 1722.  Married Mary Niles.


(h. Lydia Porter: Born 6 November 1724.  Married Simon Burroughs.


(8. Isaac Porter: Twin.  Born 23 April 1687.  Died 10 October 1717.


(9. Martha Porter: Twin.  Born 23 April 1687.  Married Moses Rowley.


(10. Lydia Porter: Twin.  Born 28 November 1689.


(11. Esther Porter: Twin.  Born 28 November 1689.


c. Mary Porter: Born 17 July 1653.  Married Joseph Phelps.


d. James Porter: Born 22 December 1657. Married Sarah Tudor.


e. Nathaniel Porter: Born 20 April 1660.  Married Deborah Buell.


f. Hannah Porter: Born 1 June 1662.  Married Thomas Loomis.


g. Samuel Porter: Born 5 March 1664.


h. Rebecca Porter: Born 2 March 1667.  Married Timothy Loomis.


i. Esther Porter: Born 8 May 1669.  Died 5 February 1687.


j. Ruth Porter: Born 7 August 1671.  Married Nathaniel Loomis.


k. Hezekiah Porter: Born 7 November 1673.  Married Mary Buell.


l. Joseph Porter: Born 7 February 1675.  Married Hannah Buell.


1   Sarah Porter


Born 5 September 1655.  Died 1730/31.  Married Enoch Drake, generation 3 of the Ancestors of George Edgar Drake, on 11 November 1680.



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