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Origin of the surname “Reed:”


Originally Scottish.






4   (?) Reed


Born at Donegal, Ireland; ancestors from Scotland.  Died in Ireland (or perhaps North America).


1. Wife: Polly/Dolly Setson/Letson


Originally from Scotland.  Widow Dolly (Setson/Letson) Reed emigrated from Donegal, Ireland to North America, settling on a farm in Delaware with her two sons and three daughters.


2. Children:


a. Daughter: Married Thomas Brown and had the following children:


(1. Dr. Brown: Died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Practiced medicine in Philadelphia.


(2. Thomas Brown, Jr.: Died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Presbyterian minister of Wilmington, Delaware.


b. William Reed: See generation 3, below.


c. Son: Resided in Delaware.  Married (?) and had the following children:


(1. Thomas Reed: Presbyterian minister of Wilmington, Delaware.


(2. James Reed: Married his 1st cousin, Rebecca Reed, son of William Reed.


d. Daughter.


e. Daughter.


3   William Reed


Born Donegal, Ireland.  At age 7 emigrated from Ireland to America with his mother and 4 siblings.  Was living with his wife and family in Chester County, Pennsylvania before moving (except sons John and William, Jr., who were in the Revolutionary War) in 1772 to a large farm (and island) he purchased on “the West Branch” [of the Susquehanna River] near Great Island (opposite Lock Haven) in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Fled back to Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1778 during "the big runaway" to avoid attack by Indians, who had allied with the British.  In 1784, when the Indian threats were diminished, the family (minus John and William, Jr.) returned to their farm in Northumberland County.


William Reed was distinguished as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.


Of interest, Fort Reed was at the end of the bridge that now spans the West Branch of the Susquehanna River at Lock Haven.



1. Wife: Jane Mitchell


Daughter of an immigrant from Northern Ireland who moved to Chester County, Pennsylvania well before the Revolutionary War and bought a large tract of land in Delaware about where Wilmington is now.


2. Children: (5 sons, 5 daughters, all b. Chester Co., PA)


a. John Reed: Eldest son.  In 1776, with his brother, William, joined the Continental Army and served in the Revolutionary War.  After the war he returned to Chester County, Pennsylvania, married, and moved to Kentucky, where he raised a large family.  One, perhaps two, of his sons became Presbyterian ministers.


b. William Reed, Jr.: See generation 2, below.


c. Rebecca Reed: Married her 1st cousin, James Reed, and had the following son:


(1. Alexander B. Reed: Became a prominent citizen of Clearfield, Pennsylvania and was, for a period, Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Canal.  Married (?) and had the following daughter:


(a. Marie Reed: Married William Bigler, who became Governor of Pennsylvania.


d. Jane Reed: Never married. As the story goes, Jane was taking care of her younger brother, Thomas, at their parents’ residence near Fort Reed (end of bridge over West Branch of the Susquehanna at Lock Haven), when Indians appeared on their property.  Jane hid the sleeping Thomas under a large iron kettle and then hid herself nearby.  The Indians tapped on the kettle as they passed by, but did not turn it over, and Thomas did not wake up.  Thus was born a vivid memory and a point of contemplation for Thomas’s ancestors.


e. Daughter: Never married.


f. Daughter: Never married.


g. Son: Died of smallpox during the Revolutionary War.


h. Daughter: Died of smallpox during the Revolutionary War.


j. Thomas Reed: Resided with his parents in Northumberland County and took charge of their affairs and property in their later years.  Married (?) and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1. David Reed: Was a tanner.  Settled in Canada.


(2. William Reed: Owned and operated a farm in Nittany Valley, Pennsylvania.


(3. John Reed: Married and settled in business.


(4. Isaac Reed: Moved to California.  After acquiring wealth there, returned east to reside with his brother, Campbell, in Iowa.


(5. Campbell Reed: Resided with bother, Isaac, in Iowa.


(6. Alexander Reed: Occupied the old Reed family homestead in Pennsylvania.


(7. Letson Reed: Studed medicine.  Married (?) Grant of the Sunbury area and practiced medicine there before moving to Jersey Shore, where he died.


(8. Elizabeth Reed: Married John Watson and had several children.


(9. Jane Reed: Married (?) Lusk.


(10. Hetty Reed: Married (?) Pride and moved to Ohio.


2   William Reed, Jr.


Born 4 July 1753 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Died at home on 14 May 1831, age 78; interred in the old Chillisquaque church yard in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, which is on the eastern side of the Susquehanna River (also seen: d. age 79 in May 1832).  About 1772 moved with his parents and siblings to Lockhaven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.  In 1776 (after marriage), with his brother, John, joined the Continental Army and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Was scarred for the remainder of his life from the wounds he received in several incidents, including when he, under the command of Captain Hawkins Boone, went with 30 men to the aid of Fort Freeland.  Their effort failed, and William was one of the six or seven men who escaped death.  Being tall, slim, and a good runner, the 1 Indian and 1 Tory pursuing him were not able to keep up; of interest, at some point he stumbled while jumping over a log and lost his gun.  Years later he found the rusted barrel of that gun  (stock rusted away) where he lost it.


Following the War William moved to Northumberland County, where he married.  They resided for a while at Sunbury, Northumberland County, but subsequently moved to a farm south of Pottsgrove.  He was Justice of the Peace for a while and in later life was referred to as “Squire Reed.”


1. Wife: Mary Murray 


Born Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Died 12 October 1831, age 69 (by another account, autumn of 1832); interred with William.  Daughter of Colonel James Murray (d. 1 Apr 1817), of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, a veteran of the Revolutionary War.


2. Children: (Each had a large family.)


a. Margarette/Margaret Reed: See generation 1, below.


b. Jane “Jennie” Reed: Born at Sunbury, Pennsylvania.  Died at the home of her son, John, on 18 July 1875, age 94; interred in the Vineland, New Jersey Cemetery.  Married Samuel McMahan (d. Sunday, 11 Jun 1854, age 75, after a lingering and painful illness; interred in the Chillisquaque graveyard, close to the church) and resided in Chillisquaque Township, Pennsylvania for more than 50 years.  Had several children, including:


(1. Son: Authored a history of the McMahan family, which was used extensively by Marian Elizabeth Biles in compiling the information in this annex.


c. Rebecca Reed: Married Thomas Perry and resided at the Nippenose Valley, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, where both died.  Had children.


d. Mary “Polly” Reed: Married William Fisher, Jr., son of William Fisher, who was employed as a farmer.  Had children.


e. Eliza Reed: Married Henry Haas and moved to Michigan.  Had children.


f. James Reed: Married Mary Perry and resided at Pottsgrove, where they both died.  Had children.


g. William Reed, III: Married Sarah Blair and had children.


h. John Reed: Died at more than 90 years old.  Married Catharine Metzgar and resided at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where they both died.  Had children.


i. Alexander Reed: Married Jane Blair and resided on Pine Creek, Pennsylvania.  Had children.


j. Samuel Reed: Married Laura Melvina Parmalee of New York City and had children.


k. Robert Reed: Married Sarah Bryson and had children.


1   Margarette/Margaret Reed


Born 26 March 1780 (also seen: 1788).  Died 17 February 1872, age 91 at Liberty Corners, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married George Irvine (2) on 19 February 1801.




Other, still unidentified, Reed names:


a. Elmer B. Reed, 167 S. Front Street, Milton, died July 1913.  His only sister: Mrs. J. R. Smith of 29 Walnut Street, Milton, Pennsylvania.



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