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Origin of the surname “Ross:”


One of the most ancient and distinguished Scottish surnames.  George Ross, the 1st of that name in America, was born in Scotland in 1635.  He eventually settled at New Haven, Connecticut, then moved to Albany, New York, and finally to Elizabethtown, New Jersey, where many of his descendants resided.








8   Simeon Ross


1.  Biographical notes:


Settled at Litchfield, Litchfield County, Connecticut.  Probably related to the Daniel Ross who was at Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut in 1709.


2.  Wife: Mary (?)


Died 1777; interred South Farms west burying ground.


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Daniel Ross: Probably born at Litchfield, Connecticut.  Was heading a household there at the time of the 1790 US Census.  The household included 2 males over 16 years old, 2 males under 16, and 2 females.


b. Simeon Ross, Jr.: Born 29 June 1753 at Litchfield, Connecticut.


c. Asher Ross: See generation 7, below.


d. Sarah Ross: Born 8 July 1758.


e. Mercy Ross: Born 6 May 1761.


f. Elizabeth Ross: Born 12 January 1763.


7   Asher Ross


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 20 January 1755 at Litchfield, Connecticut.  Died about 1828.  Moved to Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut.  About 1790 moved to the Royal Grant in northern New York State.  Resided the rest of his life at Norway, New York on property he cleared and worked.


2.  Wife: (?)


Born .  Died .


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Noble Ross: See generation 6, below.


b. Samuel Ross: Was a prominent physician in western New York.


c. John L. Ross: Was a prominent physician in western, New York.


d. William Ross.


e. Watson Ross.


f. Amanda Ross.


g. Sophia Ross.


6   Noble Ross


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 26 December 1782 at Kent, Connecticut.  Was employed as a carpenter and millwright there.  Subsequently moved to Norway, New York.  Eventually settled on a farm in Herkimer County, New York.  Was a skilled mechanic and prosperous farmer.  Was a Captain of militia during the War of 1812.


2.  Wife: Tempa Kelsey


Born ; daughter of Reuben and (?) (Post) Kelsey.  Died .  Married Noble Ross in 1806.


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Dayton Ross: Born 5 February 1807 in Herkimer County, New York.  Married Betsey Hine.


b. Charles H. Ross: Born 5 May 1809 in Herkimer County, New York.  Died young.


c. Eliza Ross: Born 24 September 1811 in Herkimer County, New York.


d. Charles Ross #2: Born 28 June 1813 in Herkimer County, New York.  Died 8 February 1901.  Employed as a carpenter and a farmer.  Married (1st) Susannah Carpenter, daughter of Samuel Carpenter of Norway, New York, and moved to Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York in 1838.  In 1860 moved to a farm in the Lowville area, and in 1878 moved into the village of Lowville.  Was a Captain of militia at Norway, Herkimer County, New York.  Charles and Susannah had the following children:


(1. Watson Franklin Ross: Born 16 July 1839.


(2. Eugenia Viola Ross: Born 7 March 1841.


(3. Helen M. Ross: Born 17 March 1843.


(4. Walter Delaven Ross: Born 20 July 1845.


(5. Samuel Noble Ross: Born 3 December 1846.  Resided at Lowville, New York.


(6. Erwin Mandeville Ross: Born 12 December 1849.


(7. Orvilla Jackson Ross: Born 28 August 1850.


(8. Dennis Farwell Ross: Born 8 May 1853.  Resided at Utica, New York.


(9. Howard Deloss Ross: (more info) Born 1 October 1855 at Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York.  Graduated from Lowville Academy.  Taught school for 2 years before turning to agriculture.  Rented a farm from 10 March 1879 for 13 years before purchasing it.  In 1908 took his 2 sons into partnership with him, establishing H. D. Ross & Sons on what came to be called “Rossdale.”  Retired in 1918 and moved to 17 Park Avenue, South in Lowville.  Married Frances “Frankie” J. Bowen (b. 18 Jan 1858 at Lowville), daughter of Orrin and Deborah (Jacobs) Bowen (who also had daughters: Mrs. Warren Dean (Watertown, N.Y.) & Mrs. Erwin Davis (Hudson, N.Y.) and sons: Levi Bowen (Utica, N.Y.) & Jesse Bowen (Hudson, N.Y.)), on 28 January 1879 at the Bowen homestead farm on West Road, Lowville and resided at Lowville, Lewis County, New York.  Howard and Frankie had the following children: (4 others died as infants.)


(a. Jesse H. Ross: (male) Born 24 January 1881.  Graduated from Lowville Academy and a business college.  Married Amelia S. Miller on 19 August 1903 and resided on Shady Avenue, Lowville.  Jesse and Amelia had the following children:


(1) Charles Howard Ross.


(2) Clarence Theodore Ross.


(b. Orrin F. Ross: Born 10 October 1885.  Graduated from Lowville Academy.  Operated his parents’ farm and always resided there.  Later resided on East State Street, Lowville, Lewis County, New York.  Married Ella E. Evans on 10 October 1911 at the Evans residence in Martinsburg, New York.  Before marriage Ella taught school at Martinsburg.  Orrin and Ella had the following children: (order uncertain)


(1) Eloise Ross: Married Thomas W. Makesey and resided at Ithaca, New York.


(2) Evelyn Ross: Married L. Raymond Mundy and resided at Rahway, New Jersey.


(3) Frances Ross: Married A. C. Petty and resided at Oxford, New York.


(4) Hazel Ross: Married George Getman and resided at Ilion, Herkimer County, New York.


(5) Faith Ross: Married Willard Bliss and resided at Needham, Massachusetts.


(6) Cynthia Ross: Married Arleigh Rice and resided at Lowville, Lewis County, New York.


(7) Howard E. Ross: Resided at Baltimore, Maryland.


(8) John H. Ross: Resided at Lowville, Lewis County, New York.


(9) Orrin B. Ross: Was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy.  In 1961 was stationed at Boston, Massachusetts.


(10). James Ross: Died in 1956.


(c. Ethel L. Ross: (perhaps) Born 14 April 1890.


(d. Clara L. Ross: Born 6 June 1893.  Graduated from Lowville Academy.  Married Herbert Young and resided at Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


(10. Charles DeWitt Ross: Born 14 January 1857.


(11. Herman J. Ross: Born 1 July 1858.


(12. Susannah “Anna” Victor Ross: Born 21 April 1860.  Married (?) Stuber and resided at Detroit, Michigan.


(13. Frederick “Fred” M. S. Ross: Born 10 June 1862.  Resided on East State Street, Lowville, Lewis County, New York.  Married, as her 2nd husband, Mrs. Anna E. (?) Morse, on Saturday, 26 September (?) at the parsonage of the Lowville Methodist Church; both were over 70 years old at the time.


Charles Ross married (2nd) Mrs. Mary J. Lewis on 28 June 1893.


e. Jemima Ross: See generation 5, below.


f. Dan K. Ross: Born 15 December 1817 in Herkimer County, New York.


g. Chauncey Ross: Born 22 January 1819 in Herkimer County, New York.


h. Corinne C. Ross: Born 24 April 1822 in Herkimer County, New York.  Still alive in 1910.


i. Lester E. Ross: Born 18 April 1824 in Herkimer County, New York.


j. Emily M. Ross: Born 21 April 1826 in Herkimer County, New York.  Still alive in 1910.


k. Sophia I. Ross: Born 28 November 1828 in Herkimer County, New York.


l. Almeda G. Ross: Born 17 August 1831 in Herkimer County, New York.  Still alive in 1910.  Married Thomas Jefferson Waful.


5   Jemima Ross:


Born 21 September 1815 in Herkimer County, New York.  Died .  Married Heman Waful, generation 5 of the Waful Annex.



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