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10  Thomas Rood:


Born 1622 at Glastonbury, England.  Died 16 October 1672 in Connecticut.  Emigrated from England and settled in Norwich, Connecticut in 1649.  Was hanged 18 October 1672 for incest.  Married Sarah (Leffingwell) White (b. 1630 in Kent, England, d.  Mar 1667 at Preston, CT) and had the following children, who changed their surnames to Rude to avoid the stigma that would accompany such an association and ancestry: (order uncertain)


1. Sarah Rude: Born 1649.  Whipped for inappropriate conduct with her father.


2. Thomas Rude: Born 1651.


3. Micah Rude: Born February 1653.


4. Rachel Rude: Born February 1655.


5. John Rude: See generation 9, below.


6. Joseph Rude: Born May 1661.


7. Benjamin Rude: Born February 1663.


8. Mary Rude: Born 1668.


9. Samuel Rude.


9   John Rude:


Born September 1658 (also seen: b. 1665) in Taunton Township, Massachusetts.  Died 1706.  Married Mary Eddy (b. 1667 in Taunton Twp, MA, d. 1705), daughter of John and Susanna (Paddock) Eddy, and had the following children: (order uncertain)


1. Mehitable Rude.


2. John Rude.


3. Zachariah Rude.


4. Jacob Rude: See generation 8, below.


5. Mary Rude.


6. Joseph Rude.


7. Noah Rude.  


8   Jacob Rude:


Born 1695/90 at Norwich, New London County, Connecticut.  Married Jemima Parke (b. 1695, d. 1741), daughter of Robert and Mary (Rose) Parke, and had the following children: (order uncertain)


1. Jacob Rude, Jr.


2. Jemima Rude.


3. Child.


4. Joseph Rude.


5. Mary Rude.


6. Zachariah Rude.


7. Stephen Rude.


8. John Rude: See generation 7, below.


9. Robert Rude.


10. Dorothy Rude.


7   John Rude:


Born 17 June 1720 at Hebron, Connecticut.  Died 20 June 1811, perhaps in Norwich, Connecticut area.  Will dated 16 July 1811.  On 20 March 1766 John married Elizabeth Freeman (b. 1742 in Preston Twp, New London Co., CT, d. 14 Mar 1816), daughter of Joseph and Mehitable (Tyler) Freeman, with Pastor Griswald officiating.  In 1768 they lived in Murrayfield, Connecticut.  Later (abt 1769-70), John and Elizabeth lived near Norwich (now Huntington), Massachusetts.  First to settle the farm that was later (1770) owned by Elias Rude, Jr.  John and Elizabeth had the following children: (order uncertain)


1.  John Rude, Jr.: Born about 1770.  Died 1848.  Only son.  Married Deborah Dunbar and raised 6 children, including:


a. Zara/Zarah Rude: Married (1st) Elizabeth Patch (b. 13/30 May 1800) on 23 October 1817 and had 10/9 children at Norwich (now Huntington), Massachusetts, including:


(1. Elias Rude: With brother John, the last of their parents’ children to die.  Married Ruth (?) Cole, widow of John Cole, and had 2 children, including:


(a. Norman Rude: Resided at Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York.


(2. John Rude, III.


Zara married (2nd) Kesjiah (sp) (Damon) Stephenson, widow of Jerome Stephenson, on 22 November 1848.


Of interest, the territory around Huntington was originally part of “Plantation 9.”  It was sold at auction by the General Court to William Williams on 2 June 1762 for 1,500 pounds.  Three years later, 31 October 1765 Murrayfield Township was incorporated.  On 29 June 1773 the eastern part of Murrayfield Township was incorporated as the District of Norwich.  On 23 March 1786 the District became a town.  In the spring of 1769 quite a group of families moved there from Norwich, Connecticut, including: Daniel Kirkland, Samuel Knight, Caleb Forbes, William Miller, David Scott, Isaac Mixer, and John Rude.  William Miller and John Rude (husband of Elizabeth Freeman), located further up the stream, near the north line of the Town, in a place known as Norwich Hollow.


b. Clarissa Rude.


c. Alvin/Alavan Rude: Intent to married Mary Bisbee, daughter of Jonathan Bisbee, recorded 16 November 1882.  Alvin and Mary had the following children (all b. Chesterfield):


(1. Jonathan Rude: Born 17 November 1823.


(2. Austin Rude: Born 4 October 1825.


(3. Horace Rude: Born 7 September 1827.


(4. Relief Rude: Born 22 July 1829.


(5. Daniel Rude: Born 16 August 1832.


(6. Deborah Rude: Born 12 March 1834.


d. Relief Rude.


e. Harvey Rude.


f. Elias Rude: Last to die.


2.  Elizabeth Rude: See generation 6, below.


3.  Sophia Rude.


4.  Lydia Rude: Married Joseph Vaughn and had the following son:


a. Joseph Millen Vaughn, Jr.:  Married Polly Litchfield (b. 1811), daughter of Ensign and Molly (Hayden) Litchfield, at Ellicottville, Cattaraugus County, New York.


6   Elizabeth Rude


Born about 1770.  Died 6 September 1839, age 69.  Eldest daughter.  Married Nathaniel Bryant, III, generation 6 of the Ancestors of Courtney Smith Bryant, on 5 March 1792.


Other, still unidentified, Rude names:


1. Josiah Rude: Born Ashfield.  Married Jerusha Munyan (b. Northampton) and had the following daughter:


a. Julia Kate Rude: Born 27 October 1866.  Married (?) and had the following son:


(1. George H. Rude: Born Southampton.  Married Pamelia Drake, daughter of Billings and Pamelia (Bryant) Drake.


2. Silas Freeman: Married Mary (?) and had the following children:


a. Brewster Freeman: Born 27 March 1765 at Preston, Connecticut.


b. Freeman Freeman: Born 29 March 1767 at Preston, Connecticut.


c. Edmon Freeman: Born 5 August 1769 at Preston, Connecticut.


d. Joseph Freeman: Born 8 September 1771 at Preston, Connecticut.


e. Benjamin Freeman: Born 1 March 1773 at Canterbury, Connecticut.


f. Charles Freeman: Born 10 December 1775 at Preston, Connecticut.


g. Nathaniel Freeman: Born 25 May 1778.


h. Samuel Freeman: Born 12 February 1780.


i. Sylvanus Freeman: Born 14 February 1783.


3. Josiah Rude: Born Ashfield.  Married Jerusha Munyan 9b. Northampton) had the following children:


a. Julia Kate Rude: Born 27 October 1866.


b. George H. Rude: Born Southampton.  Married Sarah Pamelia Drake, daughter of Billings and Pamelia (Bryant) Drake.



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