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Special thanks to Sandra Alice (Degnan) Seaman (Para. 4.C.1.k.(2.(a.(1)(a) of the Alexander Patterson Biles page) for her extensive research and documentation, which was used in compiling the information in this annex:



Origin of the surname “Rutty:”







8   Peter Rutty


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 1623 in England.


2.  Wife: Rebecca (?)


Born 1627 in England. 


3.  Children:


a. Edward Rutty: See generation 7, below.


7   Edward Rutty


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 1651 at Milford, Connecticut.  Died 1 May 1714 at Killingsworth, Connecticut.


2.  Wife: Rebecca Stevens/Stephens


Born 1655 at Guilford, Connecticut, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Clark) (Fletcher) Stephens.  Died there 26 February 1737.  Married Edward Rutty on 16 May 1678 at New Haven, Connecticut.


3.  Children:


a. Edward Rutty, Jr.:  See generation 6, below.


6   Edward Rutty, Jr.


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 27 August 1680 at Killingsworth, Connecticut.  Died 22 January 1758 in Connecticut.


2.  Wife: Rachel Sheather


Born 1689 in Connecticut.  Died 11 October 1721 at Killingsworth, Connecticut.  Married Edward Rutty 2 May 1713 at Killingsworth, Connecticut.


3.  Children:


a. Samuel Rutty:  See generation 5, below.


5   Samuel Rutty


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 7 February 1713 in Connecticut (or 7 Dec 1716 in Dutchess Co., N.Y.).  Died 30 April 1777 in Connecticut.


2.  Wife: Patience Wright


Born 1 January 1708 in Connecticut (or 1709 in Dutchess Co., N.Y.).  Died 1741 in Dutchess County, New York.  Married 1 April 1735.


3.  Children:


a. Ezra Rutty: See generation 4, below.


4   Ezra Rutty


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 14 September 1741 at Killingsworth, Connecticut (or Dutchess Co., N.Y.).  Died 2 May 1812/14 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; interred Riverside Cemetery, Towanda; will proved 23 December 1812 (which seems early, considering his date of death).  Was a fruit farmer.


With his eldest brother secured title to 500 acres of land at North Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and moved there from Rawlings Precinct, Duchess County, New York in 1785.  Was the 1st permanent settler on Sugar Creek.  In 1778 was a member of Captain Icabod Ward’s Company of militia, 3rd Regiment, Duchess County, New York.  At the time of the 1790 US Census resided in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.


2.  Wife: Anna Mary Simons/Simmons


Born 10 December 1740/42 at Windham, Connecticut (or 10 Dec 1744 in Duchess Co., N. Y.).  Died 14 April 1817; interred Riverside Cemetery, Towanda.  Married Ezra Rutty in 1762 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


3.  Children:


a. Martha Rutty: Born 1764 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died there 16 November 1826.  Married Ozias Bingham (b. 12 Jun 1750 at Windham Co., CT, d. 5 Feb 1845 at N. Towanda), son of Joseph and Sarah (Wheelock) Bingham, in 1795.


b. Samuel Rutty: Born 15 June 1770 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 15 April 1847.  Married Mary “Polly” A. Newell (b. 25 Dec 1772 at Brimfield, Hampden Co., MA, d. 12 Mar 1861), daughter of John and Mary (Willard) Newell, on 13 June 1793 at Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


c. Anna Rutty: Born about 1771.


d. Mary “Polly” Rutty: Born about 1775.  Married Orr Scovell (b. 1775, d. 6 May 1850), son of Elisha “Scoville” “Scovil” “Schofield” and EliphaelElifall” (Bliss) Scovell, at the Rutty home on 22 August 1793 at Sugar Creek, Towanda Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Reverend Ebenezer Martin Scovell, brother of the groom, officiated.


e. Rebecca Rutty: Born 1776.  Died 1818.  Married Martin Stratton, Jr. (b. 13 Mar 1768 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT, d. 3 Nov 1821 at N. Tonawanda, Erie Co., N.Y.), son of Martin and Hannah (Griffin) Stratton.


f. Orvilla/Orrilla Rutty: Born about 1777.  Married Garner Carpenter (b. 1790, d. Feb 1834), son of Elisha, Sr. and Cynthia (Smith) Carpenter, on 28 April 1818 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


g. Sarah Rutty: Born about 1778.


h. Esther Rutty: See generation 3, below.


i. Deborah Rutty: Born about 1780.


j. Ezra Rutty, Jr.: Born 4 August 1781 at North Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died there 12 June 1855.  Married Mary “Polly” Bloom (b. 14 Aug 1786 at Burlington, Bradford Co., PA, d. 25 May 1824 at N. Tonawanda, Erie Co., N.Y.), daughter of George/Jorg and Mary “Molly” (Ater) Bloom, and had the following daughter:


(1. Patience Rutty: Born 3 April 1822 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 13 December 1889 (age 67 yrs, 8 mo., 10 days) at Ulster, Bradford County.  Married Dr. Edward Mills (b. 21 Mar 1813, d. 17 Jan 1887), paragraph 3.f. of generation 3 of the Mills Annex.


3   Esther Rutty:


Born 1779 at Sugar Creek, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died 23 September 1831 at Allis Hollow, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married Eleazer Allis, III, generation 3 of the Allis Annex, in 1801 at Allis Hollow.




Other, still unidentified, Rutty names:


1. Ezra Rutty: (photos) Married Ellen Wilson (photos).



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