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Prior generations in America are speculative.

John Biles - Gen 5

Henry Biles - Gen 6

Alexander Patterson Biles - Gen 7

Jacob Place Biles - Gen 8

John Addison Biles - Gen 9

Ruth Elizabeth (Biles)(Rubert) Carman - Gen 10

John William Rubert - Gen 10 


Raymond Emery Rubert (1922 - 1988)



Biles Generation 11

Descendant # 5.4


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1.  Ray’s parents: John William and Ruth Elizabeth (Biles) Rubert


2.  Ray’s birth: 23 November 1922 in Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

    Ray’s death: 3 October 1988 (age 65 at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania from complications of leukemia; interred Franklindale Cemetery, Franklindale, Bradford County, Pennsylvania (RD 3, Towanda).


3a. Ray’s 1st marriage:


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a.  To whom: Mary Gazelle Botsford (photos) (more info)


(1)  Mary’s parents: 


(2)  Mary’s birth: 24 April 1927


Mary's death: 18 May 2019 at home in Escondido, California from complications of heart failure.


b.  Marriage date & location: 1949 at Berkley/Oakland/San Francisco, California.


c.  Children:


(1)  John Frederick Rubert: Born 1953.



(2)  William Arthur Rubert: Born 1954.



d.  Divorce: December 1970.


e.  Mary married (2nd) (?) Griffith; subsequently divorced.


f.  Mary married (3rd) Michael Taylor in 1992.  Michael was in the oil exploration business, worldwide.


3b. Ray’s 2nd marriage:


Lutz, Marlene (von Voigtlander)(Swetland)(Rubert) 2007 (13) #.jpg


a.  To whom: Marlene (von Voigtlander) Swetland (photos) (more info)



(1)  Marianna’s parents: Colonel Karl Augustus and Lois Elaine (Foote) von Voigtlander of Borrego Springs, California.  Karl retired from the US Army.


(2)  Marianna’s birth: 1936 at Freeport, Illinois.


(3)  Marianna’s 1st marriage was to Earl Moss Swetland


(a)  Earl’s birth date & location:


(b)  Their marriage date & location:


(c)  Their divorce date & location: Divorced.


(d)  Their children:


[1. Deborah “Debbie” Lynn Swetland: Born 1958.  Married (1st) Daniel “Dan” Erbach and in 1971 resided at Washington, D.C.  Debbie and Dan had the following children:


[a. Michael James Erbach: Born 1981.  Married Amy (?) and had the following children:


[1] Lilith Katherine Erbach: Born 2000.


[2] Anna Lynn Marlene Erbach: Born 2002.


[b. Christopher Joel Erbach: Born 1983.  Not married in 2008.


[c. Sarah Erbach: Still born in Wisconsin.


[d. Elizabeth Joanna Erbach: Born 1986.  Not married in 2008.


[e. Emily Jane Erbach: Born 1988.  Not married in 2008.


Deborah (Swetland) Erbach married (2nd) Donald “Don” Burger.


[2. Karl Eric Swetland: Born 1960.  In 1971 resided at Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Not married in 2008.


[3. William “Bill” Bryan Swetland: Born 1965.  In 1971 resided at Los Angeles, California.  Resided in Florida in 2008.  Married Carol (?) and had the following children:


[a. Stephanie Ann Swetland: Born 1991.


[b. Marlene Jean Swetland: Born 2004.


(4)  Marianna’s 3rd marriage was to Dennis Bryan Lutz of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


(a)  Dennis’s birth date & location:


(b)  Their marriage date & location: 1992 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


(c)  Their divorce date & location: 1998 at Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


b.  Marriage date & location: 1971 at the First United Methodist Church of Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; Reverend Paul L. Herring officiated.


4.  Ray’s employment history:




Employer, location, job title






Citizens’ National Bank and Trust Company, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; President of the Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania branch, then Chairman of the Board, responsible for bank operations throughout Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


5.  Ray’s addresses:







Resided with his parents



In 1944 resided at Buffalo, New York (as did his two sisters, Hester and Pauline).






Resided on his parents prior farm



From at least 1962 to 1966 resided at 445 West 240th Street, Bronx County, New York City, New York.



In 1973: 505 Main Street, Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848.



Towanda RD #3, Burlington Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania 18848.


6.  Ray’s organizational affiliations:




Organization, offices held



Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (Grange) while in Sacramento, California.





7.  Other biographical notes on Ray:


a. Was President of the Porterville (later named Endless Mountains) Cemetery Association for several years.  In that capacity helped organize support for several improvements, such as a grave marker for John Addison and Sarah Ellen (Kerrick) Biles and expansion of membership and/or consolidation with other, nearby cemeteries to secure the Cemetery’s future.



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