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Origin of the surname “Sanders:”







6   Reverend Harden/Arden Sanders


1. Biographical notes:


Born .  Died .


2. Wife: Elizabeth (?)


Born .  Died .


3. Children:


a. Jessie L. Sanders "Jepe": (male) Born 30 July 1817, perhaps in/near Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Died 7 March/November 1910 at Wrightsboro, Gonzales County, Texas.  In 1896 visited his brother, Benjamin in Fannin County, Texas.


Jesse Sanders married (1st) Margarette C. Brethrie (b. , d. 28 May 1876 at Bracketville, TX) on 1 February 1838 and had the following children:


(1. Zarada Sanders: Born about 1840.


(2. A. C. Sanders: Born about 1850.  Inherited his parents' homestead tract.


(3. Jerry A. Sanders: Born about 1858.


Jesse Sanders married (2nd) Sarah (Reagain) Harris (b. , d. 27 Aug 1900) on 7 May 1888 in Gonzales County, Texas, with Reverend Briggs officiating.  Sarah had married (1st) (?) Harris and had at least the following son:


(4. J./H. S./A. Sanders: Veteran of the Mexican-Amerian War.  Resided at Wrightsboro, Gonzales County, Texas.


b. Benjamin Richard Sanders: See generation 5, below.


5   Benjamin Richard Sanders



1. Biographical notes:


Born 22 July 1823, perhaps in/near Rogersville, Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Died 26 January 1897 in Fannin County, Texas; interred there in Burns Cemetery with 2nd wife.  Described as a big man.  For years was Post Master and Justice of the Peace at Bells, Grayson County, Texas.


1870 US Census: Ben R. Sanders, age 47 (b. TN) and employed as a farmer, was heading a household in Fannin County, Texas.  The household also included his wife, Nancy J. Sanders, age 45 (b. TN); daughter, Elizabeth Sanders, age 22 (b. TN); son, Reuben Sanders, age 20 (b. TN); daughter, Annie P. Sanders, age 18 (b. TN); son, William Sanders, age 16 (b. TN); son, Arden Sanders, age 12 (b. TX); Joe C. Sanders, age 9 (b. TX); step-son, Adam Watkins, age 18 (b. TX); step-daughter, Josephine Watkins, age 11 (b. TX); step-son, George P. Watkins, age 8 (b. TX); and step-son, Joseph M. Watkins, age 6 (b. TX).


2. Wife #1: Eliza Jane Frazier


a. Biographical notes:


Born 22 October 1823 in Tennessee.  Died 31 October 1862, age 40 years, 9 days, in Fannin County, Texas; interred there in Porters Cemetery.


b. Children:


(1. Jessie L. Sanders: Born about 1847 in Tennessee.  Died in Texas.  Married Laura Jones (b. abt 1854) in February 1870 in Fannin County, Texas and had the following son:


(a. Benjamin Richard Sanders, II: Born 1873 in Clay County, Texas.  Died 2/3 January 1942, age 69, in at Bowie Township, Montague County, Texas, where he had resided 48 years.  Had 4 sons and 3 daughters. 


(2. Elizabeth Ellen Sanders "Ellen": (photos) Born about 1848 in Tennessee.  Died 27 August 1873, age 25, at Wills Point.


(3. Reuben Sanders: Born about 1848 in Tennessee.  Died in Oklahoma.  Married (?) and had children, including:


(a. Ella Sanders: Helped raise her siblings when her mother died young.  Married (?) Keys and had at least the following daughter:


(1) Mary Keys.


(4. Anne Parilee Sanders: See generation 4, below.


(5. William F. Sanders "Uncle Bill": Born 1854 in Fannin County, Texas.  Died 1929.  Married Emma Aldridge/Aldredge (b. 1867, d. 1935), daughter of Samuel T. and Margaret Ann (Andrews) Aldridge, and had the following children:


(a. Grace Sanders: Married (?) Roberts.


(b. Jerome Sanders: Born 1891.  Died 1918.  Married J. Claude Sears, son of Chris C. Sears.


(c. Charles Samders.


(d. Mack Sanders: Died young.


(a. Ralph Sanders: Born 6 October 1901.  Died 18 May 1937.


(b. Max Sanders: Born 5 April 1894.  Died 26 December 1908.


(6. Hannah C. Sanders: Born 24 February 1857.  Died 27 October 1862, age 5 years, 5 months, and 8 days; interred Porter Cemetery.  Enumerated with her parents and siblings in the 1860 US Census.


(6. Arden Sanders: Born 2 February 1858.  Died 31 January 1948.  Resided with his brother, Joe, below.  Never married.


(7. Joseph "Joe" Clemmons Sanders: Born 17 July 1861 in Fannin County, Texas.  Died there 1 November 1932.  Married Mary Frances Legg (photos) and had the following children:


(a. Effie Sanders: Married Randolph Wilson "Pack," son of Bird Wilson.


(b. Floyd Sanders: Married Cleo (?) and had the following children:


(1) Ardel Sanders: Married Ralph Tilger.


(2) Marietha Sanders: Married (?) Crawford.


(3) Alta Sanders.


(c. Ada Sanders: Married Bill Cox.  Resided in Bonham Township, Fannin County, Texas.  Their home burned in 1928, destroying all records.


3. Wife #2: Nancy Jane (McFarland) Watkins (photos)


Born 5 November 1825 in Sevier County, Tennessee.  Died 26 October 1902 in Trenton Township, Fannin County, Texas.  Married (1st) Joseph C. Watkins (b. 5 Nov 1825, d. 26 Oct 1902)(see gen 5 of the Watkins Annex); no children.  Married (2nd) Benjamin Richard Sanders on 8 November 1869 in Fannin County, Texas.


4   Anne Parilee Sanders: (photos)



Born 22 March 1852 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Died 21 August 1922 in Bonham Township, Fannin County, Texas, while visiting the residence of her daughter, Bennie (Watkins) Ford; interred Burns Cemetery.  Married Adam Watkins, generation 4 of the Watkins Annex on 26 February 1873 in Trenton Township, Fannin County, Texas.


See Watkins Annex for More Info



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