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Elizabeth (Schoomaker) Depue Pedigree


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Sarah (Schoomaker) Depue Pedigree

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Origin of the surname Schoomaker:







8 (?) Schoomaker


1. Biographical notes:


Born . Died .


2. Wife: (?)


Born . Died .


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Joachim Schoomaker: See generation 7, below.


b. Henricus Schoomaker: Resided at Kingston, New York.


c. Son: Resided at Shawangunk.


7 Captain Joachim Schoomaker


1. Biographical notes:


Born . Died . Emigrated from Holland to America about 1683. Moved to Rochester (near Kingston, north of New York City) under Royal letters of patent of Queen Ann. With Colonel Henry Beekman and Moses Depue, Joachim was chosen a trustee of Rochester; 1st recorded meetin 14 September 1703.


2. Wife: Aantje Hussy


Born . Died . Married Joachim Schoomaker at Kingston, New York on 28 April 1689.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. Cornelius Schoomaker.


b. Hendrick Schoomaker.


c. Frederick Schoomaker: Moved to Marbletown.


d. Jacobus Schoomaker: Moved to Accord. Married (?) Sleight about 1760 and had the following son:


(1. Joachim Schoomaker: Married Elizabeth Depue about 1790 and had the following children:


(a. James Schoomaker.


(b. John Depue Schoomaker.


(c. Aantje Schoomaker.


(d. Helen Schoomaker.


(e. Sarah Schoomaker.


(f. Maria Schoomaker.


(g. Blandina Schoomaker.


(h. Moses Schoomaker: Married Phoebe Decker in 1833.


(i. Nicholas Schoomaker.


(j. Catharine Schoomaker.


e. Benjamin Schoomaker.


f. John Schoomaker.


g. Joachim Schoomaker, Jr.: Married Lydia Rosakrans and had the following children:


(1. Helen Schoomaker.


(2. Daniel Schoomaker.


(3. John Schoomaker.


(4. Jacobus Schoomaker.


(5. Martinus Schoomaker.


h. Daniel Schoomaker.


i. Tryntje Schoomaker: Married Jacobus Bruyn.


j. Ettie Schoomaker: Married Joseph Hasbrouck.


k. Jacomyrtie Schoomaker: Married Johannes Miller.


l. Grietje/Gretzen Schoomaker: See generation 6a, below.


m. Elizabeth Schoomaker: See generation 6b, below.


n. Aantje Schoomaker: See generation 6c, below.


o. Sarah Schoomaker: See generation 6d, below.


6a Grietje Schoomaker:


Born . Died . Married Moses Depue, Jr., paragraph 2.b.(7. of generation 6 of the Depew Annex on 22 January 1716.


6b Elizabeth Schoomaker:


Born . Died . Married Benjamin Depue, paragraph 2.b.(8. of generation 6 of the Depew Annex on 16 August/3 September 1719.


6c Aantje Schoomaker:


Born . Died . Married Cornelius Depue, paragraph 2.b.(10. of generation 6 of the Depew Annex, probably in 1722.


6d Sarah Schoomaker:


Born . Died . Married Jacobus Depue, paragraph 2.b.(11. of generation 6 of the Depew Annex on 20 August 1725.



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