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1. Several accounts.



Origin of the surname “Seibert:”







5   Malcolm Seibert


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1 July 1855 at Clark, Ohio.  Died 9 July 1929 at Fresno, California.


2. Wife: Julia Arline Bartlett


Born 27 March 1855 in New York State, daughter of Daniel Dickman Bartlett (b. 25 May 1805 in N.Y., d. Feb 1879 at Sharpsburg, IA) and Sally (Button) Bartlett (b. 12 Mar 1816 in N.Y., d. 1900 at Lincoln, NE).  Died 5 February 1948 at Fresno, California.


3. Children:


a. Henry Earl Seibert: Born 10 November 1879.  Died 29 March 1929.  Married Bertha Grace Marple (b. 1 Jan 1888 at Winfield, Henry Co., IA) and had the following children:


(1. Son.


(2. Daughter.


b. Bertha Mae Seibert: Born 28 November 1881 at Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa.  Died 31 May 1968 at Fresno, California.


c. William Edward Seibert: See generation 4, below.


d. Floyd Russell Seibert: Born 4 August 1886 at Austin, Mower County, Minnesota.  Died 29 April 1965 at San Francisco, California.


e. Nellie Mildred Seibert: Born 28 May 1889 at Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa.  Died 9 January 1973 in California.


f. Elby Arealiss Seibert: Born 28 December 1891 at Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa.  Died 27 December 1951 at San Francisco, California.


4   William Edward Seibert:


Born 10 April 1884 at Exira, Audubon County, IA.  Died 18 June 1957 at Madera, California.  Married Minnie Edna Gilbert, paragraph 2.b.(3.(c.(1)(b) of generation 4 of the Gilbert Annex.



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