Lydia (Shuler) Carlisle Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Shuler:”


     Shuler, in German, means scholar. 







7   (?) Shuler


A. Biographical notes:


B. Wife:


C. Children: (order uncertain)


1. Catherine Shuler: Born 1724.  Married Albert Housman at Catskill, New York.


2. George Shuler: Born in 1726.


3. Mary Shuler: Youngest.  Died 1750 during voyage to America; interred at sea.


4. Lorentz Shuler: See generation 6, below.


6   Lorentz Shuler


A. Biographical Notes:


Born in 1735 in Luxemburg, Germany.  Died February 1813.  Emigrated from there to New York in 1750 with two sisters and a brother.  They all settled in Catskill, New York in 1752.  Lorentz became a skilled weaver and reed worker and was a zealous patriot.


Lorentz moved from Catskill to the Mohawk River valley around 1760, where he was married.  Because of his strong desire to contribute to the patriotic cause during the Revolutionary War, he was naturalized by a special Act of the New York Legislature on 18 December 1776.  He eventually became a lieutenant in Colonel Fisher's regiment and fought in the Battle of Oriskany where, on 6 August 1777, the British and Indians attacked a force of patriots who were on their way to relieve Fort Stanwix, about ten miles away.  Each force numbered about 800.  General Herkimer, the patriot commander, was mortally wounded in the battle, which raged for hours in a strong thunder storm and proved to be one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution; more than 500 were killed in a costly victory for the Patriots.


Lorentz was the first Overseer of the Poor for the Township of Florida, New York, where he died in February 1813; interred there.


B. Wife #1: Sarah Dubois


Of French ancestry.  Died about 1780.  Married Lorentz Shuler in 1762.


1. Children:


a. Anna Shuler: Born 1763.  Married David Cady and had the following child:


(1. Elizabeth Cady: Married (?) Stanton and became a celebrated early leader for women's rights in the United States.


b. Jacob Shuler: Born in 1765.  Married Betsy Hazzard.


c. Solomon Shuler: Born in 1768.  Married Lydia Wood.


d. John Shuler: See generation 5, below.


C. Wife #2: Magdalina Serviss


Married in 1785.  Lorentz and Magdalina had eleven children.  No further record.


5   John Shuler


A. Biographical Notes:


Born in 1769.


B. Wife: Hannah Buck


Married John Shuler in 1785.


C. Children:


1. Sally Shuler: Born 1791.  Died 1876 at Elgin, Illinois.  Married Elizah Wilcox in 1813.


2. Anna Shuler: Born in 1793.  Married Lewis Griffin.


3. Lydia Shuler: See generation 4, below.


4   Lydia Shuler


Born 28 January 1796.  Married Dr. William S. Carlisle, generation 4 of the Carlisle Annex in 1818.



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