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Origin of the surname Staats:







6 Jan Pieterszen Staats, married Elsje (?) and had the following son:


5 Peter Janszen Staats, married Antje Janse Van Dyke and had the following son:


4 Peter Staats, married Lysbet Aerentsen and had the following son:


3 Abraham Staats, married Elizabeth Jaudon and had the following son:


2 Edmund Staats


1. Biographical notes:


Born . Died before 11 September 1791 in Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.


2. Wife #1: Rebecca Scott


Born 1725, daughter of Benjamin and Jane (Twining) Scott. Died 23 July 1775.


a. Children: (order uncertain)


(1. Benjamin Staats: Died after 1786.


(2. John Staats: See generation 1, below.


3. Wife #2: Jane Van Dyke


Born after 1 April 1746. Died before 6 January 1813. Married Edmund Staats on 10 May 1779.


1 John Staats:


Born . Died before 23 August 1798 at Middletown, Dauphine County, Pennsylvania. Married, as her 1st husband, Sarah Hicks, paragraph 4a.C.2.c.(1.(c.(3) of the William Biles page and had the following children:


1. George Staats: Married Eliza (?) and, perhaps, had the following daughter:


a. Sarah B. States: Married Benjamin Eastburn, son of Joseph and Elcie (Krewson) Eastburn.


2. Rebecca Staats: Born about 1788. Died 18 February 1879. Married James Terry.


3. John Staats: Married Effie Croasdale.


4. Samuel G. Staats: Died 17 January 1875.


5. Maria Staats: Died 17 February 1871. Married Samuel Harding (b. 13 Feb 1797, d. 21 Mar 1871), son of Thomas and Tacy (Roberts) Harding.



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