Hannah (Starr) Mills Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Starr:”







8   Thomas Starr


1. Biographical notes:


Born 31 December 1615 at Ashford, Kent County, England.  Died 26 November 1658 at Charleston, Massachusetts.


2. Wife: Rachel Harris


Born 1618 at Scituate, Massachusetts (Did the Massachusetts Bay Colony exist before 1620?).  Died 1660 on Long Island, New York.


3. Children:


a. Samuel Starr: See generation 7, below.


7   Samuel Starr


1. Biographical notes:


Born 3 November 1641 at Scituate/Charlestown, Massachusetts.  Died 1687 at New London, Connecticut.


2. Wife: Hannah Brewster


Born 3 November 1641 at Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts (same date as her husband?), daughter of Jonathan (b. 12 Aug 1593/8 at Scrooby, Nottingham, England, d. 7 Aug 1659 at New London, CN) and Lucretia (Oldham/Oldman) Brewster (b. 14 Jan 1600 at Derby, England, d. 4 Mar 1679 at Preston, CN).  Died 22 April 1684 at New London, Connecticut.  Married Samuel Starr on 23 December 1664 at New London.


3. Children:


a. Thomas Starr: Born about 1671.  Married Mercy Morgan (b. 1670) on 1 January 1695.


b. Jonathan Starr: See generation 6, below.


6   Captain Jonathan Starr


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 23 February 1673/72/74 at New London, New London County, Connecticut.  Died 26 August 1747 at Groton, New London County, Connecticut.


2.  Wife: Elizabeth Morgan


Born 9 September 1678 at Groton, New London County, Connecticut, daughter of Captain James and Mary (Vine) Morgan.  Died 8 September 1763 at Norwich, Connecticut.


3.  Children:


a. Samuel Starr: Born 5 November 1699.  Died 1786.  Married Anne Bushnell (b. about 1705) in 1726.


b. Elizabeth Starr: Born 19 August 1701.  Died 29 August 1779.  Married Joseph Turner (b. about 1697).


c. Jonathan Starr: Born 19 August 1705.


d. Lucy Starr: Born 18 Jul 1708.  Died 16 March 1809.  Married Hawkins Turner (b. about 1704).


e. Hannah Starr: See generation 5, below.


f. Joseph Starr: Born 17 July 1713.  Died 13 October 1795.  Married Elizabeth Avery (b. 1718) in 1738.


g. Vine Starr: Born 19 January 1716 at Groton, New London, Connecticut.  Died 1 January 1799.  Married Mary Street (b. 1716, d. 1789) on 14 April 1737.


h. Richard Starr: Born 14 March 1718.  Died 25 February 1805.


i. Mary Starr: Born 30 August 1722.  Died 19 May 1779.  Married Charles Eldridge (b. about 1717) on 23 April 1741.


j. Katherine Starr: Born 18 February 1724.


5   Hannah Starr:


Born 10 December 1710 at Groton, New London County, Connecticut.  Died there in 1795.  Married John Mills, generation 5 of the Mills Annex, about 1732 at Groton.



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