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Cool Ancestors:


     (?) Kuhl - Gen 6 of the Cool Annex

     John Cool/Kuhl - Gen 5 of the Cool Annex

     Jonathan Cool - Gen 4 of the Cool Annex

     Truman J. Cool - Gen 3 of the Cool Annex

     Lorenzo Dow Cool - Gen 2 of the Cool Annex

     Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Slater - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1c of the Cool Annex

     Harold Alberto Slater - Gen 6 in America and Gen 1 of the Slater Annex


Vincent Ellsworth Slater (1913 - 2006)



Cool Generation 7

Descendant # 1


Slater, Vincent Ellsworth (83) #.jpg


1.  Vince’s parents: Harold Alberto and Martha Hazel-Mae (Cool) Slater


2.  Vince’s birth: 25 August 1913 at his parents' residence at Ward's Corners (between Evans Mills and LeRaysville on what is now Route 26, where Bedlam Road meets Simonet Road), LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.  Vincent's grandmother, Anna (Brown) Cool assisted Dr. Norman Hawkins with the delivery.


Vince's death: 29 May 2006 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


3.  Vince’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree

Watertown, High School

College in Florida; majored in music; financial support from the Kirby family (Para. 2.b.(5. Of gen. 5 of the Slater Annex).


4.  Vince’s military service:




Service, Location


US Army Air Corps during World War II; stationed last at Fort Dix, New Jersey; discharged mid-1946.


5a. Vince’s 1st marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: Margaret Lee Ellis (photos) (more info)



(1)  Margaret’s parents: Elgar P. Ellis.


(2)  Margaret’s birth: 1926 in Dade County, Florida.


(3)  Margaret’s formal education:




School Name, Location, Diploma/Degree


(4)  Margaret’s addresses before & after marriage:






(5)  Other biographical notes on Margaret:


(a) Met Vincent Ellsworth Slater when she was a member of the choir of Central Baptist Church, Miami, Dade County, Florida, where Vincent was Choirmaster.


b.  Marriage date & location: 1944 in Central Baptist Church, Miami, Dade County, Florida.


c.  Children:


(1. Patricia Anne Slater: Born 18 May 1945.


(2. Frederick Elgar Slater: Born 1946.


d.  Divorce date & location: 1950 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


5b. Vince’s 2nd marriage:


Photo Substitute


a.  To whom: Shirley Marie Poinsett (photos) (more info)


(1)  Shirley’s parents: Peter Poinsett of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


(2)  Shirley’s birth: 1931 at Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


b.  Marriage date & location: 1959 at St. James E&R, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.


c.  Children:


(1. Scott Vaughan Slater: Born 1960.


(2. Stephen Vincent Slater: Born 1968.


6.  Vince’s employment history:




Employer, location, job

Musician (piano & organ) and music director in numerous (mostly religious) capacities and locations; by one account referred to as the "Minister of Music."  Authored: "Guide to Organ Stops."


Director of Music Emeritus, Plymouth Congregational Church, 501 West Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


7.  Vince’s addresses:







Resided with his parents near LeRaysville, LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York



Resided with his Slater grandparents at 354 South Rutland Street, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.

In 1996 resided in Indiana


8.  Vince’s organizational affiliations:




Organization, offices held


9.  Other biographical notes on Vince:


a. At age 4 (1917) was diagnosed by Dr. Vernan Parkinson (photos) as having tuberculosis.  Dr. Parkinson specialized in that disease.  Being the oldest of his parents' 3 infant children, Vincent was sent to live with his Slater grandparents, Fred and Ida (Pickard) Slater, in nearby Watertown, New York, where he remained until he finished high School.  Vincent was examined annually by Dr. Parkinson until he was 15 years old, spending a couple of weeks every summer at the Dr's Pinecrest Sanitorium.  Thus, he was raised apart from his siblings and had opportunities and experiences they did not.



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