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9   Philip Taber


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1605 at Mumford, England.  Died 1672.  Emigrated from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1630 and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts in 1633.


2. Wife: Lydia Masters


Of Watertown, Massachusetts.


3. Children:


a. John Taber: Born 1640.  Died young.


b. Lydia Taber: Died 1718 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Pardon Tillinghast (b. 1622, d. 29 Jan 1718), one of the 29 male inhabitants of Tiverton in 1692, on 16 April 1664.


c. Joseph Taber: Died 21 April 1713.  Married (1st) Esther Cook (b. 16 Aug 1650, d. 1671) .  Married (2nd) Mary Thompson (d. 3 May 1734) in June 1672.  Had the following son:


(1. Ebenezer Taber.


d. Thomas Taber: Died 11 November 1730.


e. Philip Taber, Jr.: See generation 8, below.


8   Philip/Phillip Taber, Jr.


1. Biographical notes:


Born February 1648.  Died 1693.  Employed as a farmer on a farm given to him and Mary by his father-in-law.  Reference New England Historical and Genealogical Record Volume 35, Page 32.  The Tabor house stands in Fairhaven, a part of Old Watertown, Massachusets, on the site of Reverend John Cooke’s home, which was destroyed during King Phillip’s War.


2. Wife #1: Mary Cooke


Born 12 January 1652; daughter of Reverend John Cooke and granddaughter of Francis Cook., apparently a passenger aboard the Mayflower.  Died 1693/94.  Married Philp Taber, Jr. in 1667.


a. Children:


(1. Mary Taber: Born 28 January 1668.  Married Thomas Earle, with Joseph Mosher, Baptist Minister of Tiverton officiating.


(2. Lydia Taber: Born 28 September 1673.  Died 1743.


(3. Sarah Taber: Born 26 March 1671.


(4. Philip Taber, III: Born 29 February 1675.  Married Susannah (?).


(5. Abigail Taber: Born 27 October 1678.


(6. Esther Taber: Born 23 February 1680.  Married Thomas Brownell.


(7. John Taber: See generation 7, below.


(8. Bethiah Taber: Born 18 April 1689.  Married John McCander.


3. Wife #2: Jane (?) 


Born 1605.  Died 1669.


7   John Tabor/Taber


1. Biographical notes:


Born 18/21 July 1684/87 at Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.  Died 1727/29; interred Dartmouth.  Will dated 18 June 1718 at Dartmouth (recorded at Taunton) describes himself as “being sorely wounded.”


2. Wife: Susannah (?)


Married John Tabor at Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts.  “Of Acoa et” when she was appointed executrix of her husband’s will.  Married (2nd) Thomas Corey of Tiverton on 24 February 1732.  Susannah (?) (Tabor) Corey’s will was dated 14 November 1774 and was recorded in the Tiverton probate records.


3. Children:


a. Mary Tabor: Born 21 March 1707 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Died November 1760.  Married Richard Hart (b. 22 Dec 1704, d. 22 Jul 1792) on 4 February 1725 at Little Compton, Rhode Island.


b. Phillip Tabor: Born 4 December 1708 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Married Mary Sanford of Tiverton, Rhode Island, on 15 January 1732 at Tiverton.


c. William Tabor: Born 28 April 1711 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Married Margaret Mosher on 7 May 1732 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


d. Sarah Tabor: Born 13 September 1713 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Died 16 July 1792.  Married Stephen Hart (b. 2 Aug 1712, d. 16 Sep 1788) on 6 May 1736.


e. Thomas Tabor: Born 30 April 1716 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Married Comfort Record (b. 5 Nov 1714) on 23 November 1738 at Little Compton, Rhode Island.


f. John Tabor: Born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


g. Joseph Tabor: See generation 6, below.


b. Lydia Tabor: Married (?) Faulkner.


6   Joseph Tabor


1. Biographical notes:


Born 21 September 1721 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Died 1798; interred Tiverton.  Will dated 10 February 1798 (recorded at Tiverton).  On 7 November 1755 Joseph was a Deacon in the United Congregational Church of Tiverton. 


2. Wife #1: Abigail Sawyer


Born 4 October 1716 at Tiverton, Rhode Island; youngest daughter of Josiah and Martha (Seabury) Sawyer.  Died before 1788; interred Tiverton.  Married Joseph Tabor on 1 December 1743 at Tiverton, Rhode Island with Reverend Richard Billings officiating (also seen: 1 Nov 1743).


a. Children:


(1. Judith Tabor: Born 6 March 1745 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Baptized 29 May 1745 at the United Congregational Church of Little Compton, Rhode Island.  Married John Stafford and had the following children:


(a. Elizabeth Stafford.


(b. Alice Stafford.


(c. Hannah Stafford.


(d. Mary Stafford.


(2. Lemuel Tabor: See generation 5, below.


(3. Isaac Tabor: Born 13 November 1750 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married there on 27 January 1785 to Peace Tripp.


(4. Ichabod Tabor: Born 11 March 1755 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Elizabeth Lawton on 1 March 1835 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


3. Wife #2: Mary Tabor


Daughter of Thomas Tabor.  Married Joseph Tabor on 12 November 1788 at Little Compton, Rhode Island with Justice of the Peace Enos Gifford officiating.


a. Children:


5   Lieutenant Lemuel Tabor


1.  Biographical notes:


Born 30 December 1748 at Triverton, Rhode Island (also seen: Freetown, MA).  Died 18 April 1833 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson County, New York; interred there (Revolutionary War marker at site).  During that war Lemuel marched for 3 days from Freetown, Massachusetts to Lexington, Massachusetts as a 1st Lieutenant in Captain Levi Rounsewell’s Company of militia (under Colonel D. Brewer’s Regiment) in response to the “Lexington Alarm” of 19 April 1775.  Also served as an Ensign under Colonel D. Brewer and as a 2nd Lieutenant under Captain Israel Prow.  Lemuel resided last at Pierrepont Manor, New York.


2.  Wife: Sarah Brightman


Born 1753 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Died 12/21 August 1832 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson County, New York.  Married Lemuel Tabor on 23 May 1771 at Tiverton, Rhode Island (also seen: m. Dartmouth, MA).


3.  Children:


a. Judith Tabor: Born Monday, 23 September 1771 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Died there 15 February 1774.


b. Priscilla Tabor: Born 18 April 1773 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Isaac Manchester.


c. Thomas Tabor: Born 29 January 1775 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Died 18 January 1777 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


d. Joseph Tabor: Born 20 January 1777 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


e. Christopher Tabor: Born 25 December 1778 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Rhoda Brownell, daughter of George and Elizabeth (?) Brownell of Little Compton, on 25 July 1805 at Little Compton, Rhode Island, with Reverend Mall Shepherd officiating.


f. Sarah Tabor: Born 18 September 1781 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


g. Lemuel Tabor, Jr. #1: Born 14 November 1783 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Died there 20 November 1785.


h. Cynthia Tabor: See generation 4, below.


i. Clarissa Tabor: Born 29 January 1788 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


j. Lemuel Tabor, Jr. #2: Born 7 January 1790 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


k. Elizabeth “Eliza” Tabor: Born 20 December 1791 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Truman Steele (b. 1786 in CT).


l. Isaac Manchester Tabor: Born 27 August 1794 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.


m. Mary Tabor: Born 13 August 1796 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married John Milton Holly “Milton”.


n. Cornelius Manchester Tabor: Born 13 July 1798 at Tiverton, Rhode Island.  Married Pamelia Allen.


4   Cynthia Tabor:


Born 28 November 1784 at Lebanon, Connecticut.  Died 18 April 1833 (also seen: 14 April 1844) at Giddingsville, New York.  Married William Case, generation 4 of the Case Annex on 22 October 1804 at Galway, Saratoga County, New York.



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