Thorna Lucy (Thompson) Biles Pedigree

(a.k.a.: Inez (Thompson) Biles)

(Start at generation 1, below.)


Special thanks to Michelle Constance (Biles) Cox, paragraph 4.C.13.f.(1.(d.(5) of the Alexander Patterson Biles page, for her help in compiling the information in this annex.



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Origin of the surname “Thompson:”







5   John David Wesley Thompson


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1771 at Pelham, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  Died August 1823 at Fredonia, Chataqua County, New York.


2. Wife: Leah Lewis


Born 7 May 1787 at New Ashford, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  Died 3 November 1843 at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois.  Married John David Wesley Thompson in 1812.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. James Lewis Thompson: See generation 4, below.


4   James Lewis Thompson


1. Biographical notes:


Born 22 January 1818 at Pomfret, Chataqua County, New York.  Died 25 March 1890 at Henrieville, Garfield County, Utah.


2. Wife: Matilda Delila Willis (photos)


Thompson, Matilda Delila (Willis) (58) #.jpg


Born 16 February 1819 at Shawnee, Gallatin Township, Sumner County, Tennessee.  Died 25 March 1890 at St. Anthony, Freemont County, Idaho.  Married James Lewis Thompson on 5 October 1837 at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. (?): See generation 1, below.


3   John Orson Thompson (photos)


Thompson, John Orson (58) #.jpg


1. Biographical notes:


Born 8 August 1844 at Nashville, Lee County, Iowa.  Died 31 October 1906 at Duchesne, Duchesne County, Utah.


2. Wife: Lucy Maria Groves (photos)


Thompson, Lucy Maria (Groves) (58) #.jpg


Born 7 May 1848 at Winter Quarters (North Omaha), Douglas County, Nebraska; daughter of Elisha Hurd and Lucy (Simmons) Groves (photos).  Died 5 July 1929 at Duchesne, Duchesne County, Utah.  Married John Orson Thompson on 27 December 1863 at Kanarra, Iron County, Utah.


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. George Thompson: See generation 2, below.


2   George Franklin Thompson (photos)


Thompson, George Franklin age 25 (abt) (58) #.jpg


1. Biographical notes:


Born 12 May 1882 at Henrieville, Garfield County, Utah.  Died 16 April 1950 at Duchesne, Duchesne County, Utah.


2. Wife: Effie May/Mae Lang (photos)


Thompson, Effie May (Lang) age 18 (58) #.jpg


Born 7 April 1881 at Beaver, Beaver County, Utah, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Stansfield) Lang.  Died 7 July 1971 at Provo, Utah County, Utah; interred 10 July at Utahn, Duchesne County, Utah.  Married (1st) John "Jack" William Gray (b. 1877, d. 1953), but he was frequently away from his family.  In 1906, just 11 days after the birth of his son, George, Jack totally abandoned his family and moved to Tennessee.  Effie and Jack had the following children:


a. Gracia Leona Gray: (photos) Born 1903.  Died 1997.  Married (?) Olsen.


b. Franklin William Gray: Born 1904.  Died 1907.


c. George Herbert Gray: (photos) Born 1906.  Died 1960.


John William and Effie May (Lang) Gray were subsequently divorced.  Effie married (2nd) Andrew Johnson Peterson (b. 1871, d. 1921) in 1909 and had the following children:


d. Elizabeth "Beth" Peterson: (photos) Born 1910.  Died 1960.  Married (?) Giles.


e. Pearl Valentine Peterson: (photos) Born 1912.  Died 1997.  Married (?) Keele.


f. Emma Mae Peterson: (photos) Born 1914.  Died 1983.  Married (?) Powell.


g. Dora Christine Peterson: (photos) Born 1916.  Died 1930.


Following Andrew's death, Effie May (Lang)(Gray) Peterson married (3rd) George Franklin Thompson on 28 June 1923.


3. Children:


a. Bud Mancil Thompson: (photos) Born 1924.  Died 2006.  Was a Morman missionary and an avid genealogist.  Married (1st) Phyllis M. Fullmer on 22 September 1950 at Duchesne, Duchesne County, Utah and had the following son:


(1. Randy Leon Thompson: Born 1951.  Married (?) and had the following daughter:


(a. Liberty Thompson: Married Michael Lanier and had the following children:


(1) Tori Karen Lanier: Born 1994.  Married Dustin Jay Swim (b. 1995) in 2018 and had the following daughter:


(a) Eleanor Jae Swim: Born 2020.


(2) Adrian Ellen Lanier: Born 1998.


(3) Zachery Shane Lanier: Born 2001.  Married Jenna Katka (b. 2001) in 2019.


(4) Samantha Bell Lanier: Born 2005.


(5) Lola Lynn Lanier: Born 2011.


(6) Cora Ann Lanier: Born 2016.


Bud Thompson married (2nd) Sherril Burk and had the following children: (order uncertain)


(2. Rebecca Thompson.


(3. Steven Thompson.


b. Thorna Lucy Thompson: Legally changed her name to Inez Thompson Biles after marriage. See generation 1, below.


1   Thorna Lucy Thompson:

   a.k.a.: Inez (Thompson) Biles


Born 29 July 1926 at Duchesne, Duchesne County, Utah.  Died 7 March 1984 at Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York.  Married Leonard William Biles, paragraph 4.C.13.f.(1.(d. of the Alexander Patterson Biles page, on 7 September 1945.



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