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Special thanks to Alton E. Rogers (more info) (Para. 2.f.(6.(g.(12)(a)[1.[a.[1][a]{1. of gen 11 of the White Annex) for some of the information displayed in this annex.  Additional information on this Vassal/Vassall family can be found in the Vassal Family Genealogy Forum: and the Wikipedia page he helps maintain on William Vassall.  He and his associates have also created numerous other Wikipedia pages for Mayflower descendants, such as William White (see our White Annex) and his son, Resolved White, and Edward Winslow and his son, Josiah Winslow.



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Origin of the surname “Vassal/Vassall:”


“…originally derived from the Old French ‘vassel,’ an occupational name for vassal, servant, or dependent.  …rendered in medieval documents in Latin form from Vassallus.  …brought into England in the wake of the Norman invasion of 1066 and in the 13th century was recorded in Cumberland, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire.” Source: A. Rogers.






14  Jean/John Vassall


Born early 1500s in Caen, Normandy, France.  Descendant of an ancient French family which claimed to trace its ancestry back to the 11th century house of Du Vassall, the Barons deGuerden in Querci, Perigord.  Married at least once about 1543.  Had the following son:


13  John Vassall, Jr.


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1544/48 in Normandy, France.  Died about September 1625 in Stepney, Middlesex, England from complication of the plague; interred there 13 September 1625 at St. Dunstan’s Parish Church.  Was a Huguenot (religious refugee from Catholic France), and before August 1572 was sent by his father from Rinant (by Cany/Caen) in Normandy to England to escape social/religious problems then prevailing in Normandy.  Outfitted, at his own expense, two ships, The Samuel and the Little Toby (which he commanded), and joined in opposition to the Spanish Armada.  For this assistance John Vassal, Jr. was granted an English coat of arms by Queen Elizabeth, which his ancestors continued to use in lieu of the arms of their French ancestors.  Resided at Ratcliffe, Stepney, and Eastwood in Essex County, England.  Was a vestryman in Stepney.


2. Wife #1: Anne Hewes/Howes


Born about 1548.  Died about 1572.  Married John Vassall, Jr. on 25 September 1569 at St. Dunstan’s Parish Church, Stepney, Middlesex, England.  Apparently died without children.


3. Wife #2: Anna/Anne Russell


Born about 1549.  Died age 45; interred 5 May 1593 at Ratcliffe, Middlesex County, England.  Married John Vassall, Jr. on 4 September 1580 at Stepney, Middlesex.   John and Anna (Russell) Vassall had the following children:


a. Judith Vassall


Baptized 25 March 1582.  Died after 29 April 1625.    Married John Freeborne (will dated 27 Jan 1617/18), yeoman of Prittlewell in Essex County, England.  Judith was still alive on 29 April 1625.


b. John Vassall, III #1


Baptized 1 April 1584 at Stepney, Middlesex County, England.  Interred there 3 October 1585.


c. Samuel Vassall


Baptized 5 June 1586 at Stepney, Middlesex County, England.  Of St. George's Southwark in Surrey County, England and of Bedale in York County, England.  Though he never travelled to Massachusetts, was one of the original incorporators of the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1628 and a patentee of land in Massachusetts.  Was an Alderman of London and a Member of Parliament in 1639/40.  Numerous other distinctions.  Married Frances Cartwright, daughter of Abraham and Joan (Wade) Cartwright of St. Andrew's Undershaft, London.  Joan Wade was the daughter of William Wade of Bildeston in Suffolk County.  Samuel died in New England.  Administration of his estate was granted 24 September 1667.  Samuel and Frances had the following children:


(1. Samuel Vassall, Jr.: Died young.


(2. John Vassall: Born 1619.  Of Bedale and London.  Died in 1664.


(3. Abraham Vassall: Died young.


(4. Francis Vassall: Married Alice (?).  Living in 1667.  Francis and Alice had the following children:


(a. Samuel Vassall: Living in 1664.


(b. Francis Vassall: Living in 1664.


(c. Henry Vassall: Living in 1664.


(d. Elizabeth Vassall: Living in 1664.


(5. Henry Vassall: Died without probate, probably in Carolina.


(6. Samuel Vassall: Of St. George Southwark.  Married Margaret Wray of St Andrew's Undershaft on 24 April 1660.  Samuel and Margaret had the following child:


(a. Samuel Vassal, Jr.: Living in 1664.


(7. Mary Vassall: Of St. George Southwark. Married (1st) Robert Arnold of St. Mary Aldermary in October 1664.  Married (2nd) Charles Cliff, who was living in 1667.  Mary and Charles had one son who was living in 1664.


d. John Vassall, Jr., III #2


Born 14 March 1589/90.  Died 30 August 1591.


e. William Vassall: See generation 12, below.


4. Wife #3: Judith (Borough) Scott


Born about 1546 at Stepney.  Died about 1638 at Eastwood, Essex County, England; will dated 9 November 1638 and proved January 1639.  Daughter of Stephen and Joan (Overye) Borough of Stepney and Chatham in Kent County, England.  Married (1st) Thomas Scott of Colchester, Essex County and London, England about 1585/86.  Married (2nd) John Vassal, Jr. on 27 March 1594 (license dated 23 March in London) at St. Dunstan’s Parish Church, Stepney, Middlesex, England and had the following children:


a. Anna Vassall: Born 10 January 1596.  Interred 24 July 1640.  Married John Jones of London.


b. Rachel Vassall: Married Peter Andrews of Ratcliffe, Middlesex County, England.


c. Stephen Vassall: Died 1643.  Married (1st) Mary Bromly of Orsett, Essex County, England.  Married (2nd) Mary Grubb of Hertford.


d. Thomas Vassall: Born 7 April 1602.  Married Anne Dickenson on 27 June 1625.


e. Mary Vassall: Married Edward West of Ratcliffe.


f. Elizabeth Vassall: Born 1607.  Married Henry Church of Wapping, Middlesex County, Enlgand on 20 January 1626.


12  William Vassall


1. Biographical notes:


Born and baptized at Stepney, Middlesex County, England on 27 August 1592.  Gentleman of family and fortune.  First Vassal to move to the Americas.  As an assistant in the Massachusetts Bay Company and one of the original patentees of New England, was appointed, with others, by the Company to "go over" in July 1629.  After a short stay on his first trip to America , returned to England aboard the sailing ship Lyon.  At age 42 embarked for a second trip to New England 17-20 Jun 1635 with his wife (age 42) and six children aboard the sailing ship “Blessing,” mastered by Jo Lecester.


Appears William Vassal settled first in Roxbury, where the Church Registry recorded: "Mrs Anna Vassaile - the wife of Mr. William Vassaile.  Her husband brought five children to this land, Judith, Frances, John, Margaret, Mary."  Was living at Scituate, Plymouth County on 28 November 1636.  Was outspoken regarding Colony politics and religion, and in 1646 William sailed for England aboard the sailing ship “Supply” in aid of a petition for their redress of wrongs in the government and never returned to New England.  In 1648 William moved to Barbados, West Indies where he died in 1655, age 65.  His will, dated there 13 July 1655, names, among others, " Daurs Judith, wife of Resolved White....May Estate and Effects to be equally divided between them."


2. Wife: Anna Kinge/King


Born December 1594 at Woodham Mortimer, Essex County, England (also seen: b. 1593).  Probably died before 1655.  Daughter of George and Jean/Joane (Lorran) Kinge of Cold Norton/Woodham Mortimer in Essex County, England.  Married William Vassall on 29 June 1613 at Cold Norton, Essex County, England.


3. Children:


a. Anna Vassal #1


Born 6 September 1614 at Cold Norton, Essex County, England.  Interred there 22 September 1614.


b. Judith Vassal: See generation 11, below.


c. Frances Vassal


Born about 1623.  At age 12 (1635) emigrated from England to Massachusetts with her parents.  Married James Adams, son of John Adams, on 16 July 1637.  James moved to New England aboard the sailing ship “Fortune” in 1621 and was in Marshfield on 16 July 1646.  He is alleged to have died in 1651, though his name appears on a deed as late as 1657.  Frances and James had the following children:


(1. William Adams: Born 1647.


(2. Anna Adams: Born 1649.


(3. Richard Adams: Born 1651.


(4. Mary Adams: Born 1653.


(5. Margaret Adams: Born 1654.


d. Samuel Vassal


Twin.  Born 22 June 1624.  Interred 16 November 1624.


e. Mary Vassal #1


Twin.  Born 22 June 1624.  Died young, before 1634.


f. John Vassal


Born about 1625.  Died 1688.  At age 10 (1635) emigrated from England to Massachusetts with his parents.  His name was on the militia roll of Scituate, Massachusetts in 1643 and he eventually held the rank of Captain.  Freeholder in 1647.  Sold his property in Boston in 1652 and his Scituate estate in 1661 and moved to the West Indies.  Later might have resided at Cape Fear, North Carolina.  John’s will was dated 10 August 1684 and proved in Jamaica on 6 July 1688.


Married Anna/Ann Lewis, daughter of John Lewis of Genoa.  Died between 10 August 1684 and 6 July 1688 at Jamaica, West Indies / interred Jamaica 23 February 1719/20.  John and Anna had at least the following sons:


(1. John Vassal, Jr.: Married a daughter of Sir William Wilmott.  Died in 1701.  John and his wife had the following children:


(a. John Vassal, III: Will dated 26 March 1728 and proved in Jamaica on 15 November 1728.  Married Elizabeth Williams and had the following children:


(1) William Vassal: Born 22 May 1720.  Married Valeria Senior, daughter of Bernard Senior and sister of Christopher Senior.  Bernard Senior was the first husband of Margaret, who married (2nd) Hugh White, in 1735.  William Vassal died 28 June 1745.  He and Valeria had the following children:


(a) John Vassal: Last male descendant of John Vassal.  Died in Jamaica in 1779.  Married Elizabeth Brooks on 16 May 1778 and had the following child:


[1. Valeria Vassal: Born 12 August 1778; interred 26 January 1779.


(b) Elizabeth Vassal: Died young, 5 March 1744.


(2) John Vassal, IV: Married Mary White, daughter of Hugh and Margaret White, above.  Mary died before John on 24 August 1758.  John was interred 24 January 1770.


(3) Elizabeth Vassal: Married William Foster of Bedford.


(b. William Vassal: Mentioned in his father's will, but no further record.


(c. Anna Vassal: Mentioned in her father's will.  Married Samuel Smith.  No further record.


(2. William Vassal: Married Sarah M. Paine.  His will was dated 2 August 1720 and proved 10 August 1720.  After William's death on 6/7 August 1720, Sarah married (2nd) Henry Stout of Westmoreland.


(3. Lewis Vassal.


Mentioned in his father's will and in a lease dated 16 September 1693.


(4. Samuel Vassal.


Married Elizabeth Young Vere in 1710/11.  He was "of St. Katherine."  Samuel's will was dated 11 July 1711 and proved by his widow on 9 June 1714.  Elizabeth's will was dated 19 August 1726, which appears to indicate she married (2nd) John Mosley.


(5. Leonard Vassal: Married (?) and had the following sons:


(a. John Vassal.


(b. William Vassal.


(6. Florentius Vassal.


(7. Child of unknown name, but referenced in John's will.  Could be assumed to be the Lieutenant Vassal killed at the defeat of the French at Carlisle Bay, Jamaica in 1694.


g. William Vassal: Baptized 2 February 1627 at Little Baddow, Essex County, England.  No further record.


h. Ann/Anna Vassal #2


Baptized 20 April 1628 at Little Baddow,Essex County, England.  At age 6 (1635) emigrated from England to Massachusetts with her parents.  Married Nicholas Ware of Virginia before July 1655 and settled (probably) in Barbados.


i. Margaret Vassal


Born about 1633.  At age 2 (1635) emigrated from England to Massachusetts with her parents.  Married Joshua Hubbard/Hobart on 25 April 1656 at St. Michael Parish, Barbados.  Died before 18 July 1657.


j. Mary Vassal #2


Born 1634.  At age 1 (1635) emigrated from England to Massachusetts with her parents.  Died unmarried in 1657.


11  Judith Vassal


Born about 1619 in England.  Died 1670; interred 3 March/April 1670 at Marshfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Married Resolved White, generation 11 of the White Annex on 5 November 1640 at Scituate, Plymouth Colony.



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