Esther (Verbeck) Barnes Pedigree

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Origin of the surname Verbeck:







5 Philip Verbeck


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1732 in Germany. Died 1783 in Vermont.


2. Wife: Lois (?)


Born 1735. Died . Married Philip Verbeck in 1753.


3. Child:


a. Henry Verbeck: See generation 4, below.


4 Henry Verbeck


1. Biographical notes:


Born 14 November 1773 in Franconia Township, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Died 1840 in Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


2. Wife: Esther Dunham


Born 1775 in Pennsylvania; daughter of Captain Hezekiah (b. 17 Aug 1745 in Saratoga Township, Saratoga Co., NY, d. 27 Apr 1819 in Saratoga Co. (perhaps Coveville) and Mary (Davis) Dunham (b. 7 Jul 1750, d. 23 Jul 1813). Esther (Dunham) Verbeck died 1835.


3. Child:


a. Henry Philip Verbeck: See generation 3, below.


3 Henry Philip Verbeck (photos)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 1817 in Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Died 25 April 1898 at Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin.


2. Wife #1: Sarah H. Bidlack/Bidlock (photos)


a. Biographical notes:


Born 28/25 September 1809/08 in Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania; daughter of James, III and Esther (Moore) Bidlack. Died 11 March 1883 in Bradford County (perhaps North Ghent). Married Henry Philip Verbeck in 1833; apparently divorced.


b. Children:


(1. John Eli Verbeck: Born 1834 in Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Died 19 September 1912 in Sayre Borough, Bradford County.


(2. Esther Verbeck: See generation 2, below.


(3. Harriet Verbeck: Born 25 January 1837 in New York State. Died 20 August 1918.


(4. Phillip Verbeck, Jr.: Born 17 January 1839 in Windham Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Died 27 September 1905 in Sheshequin Township, Bradford County.


3. Wife #2: Charissa A. (?)


Born July 1826 in Connecticut. Died 9 May 1902 in Chippewa Township, Ashland County, Wisconsin. Married Henry Philip Verbeck in 1848.


2 Esther Verbeck:


Born 25 October 1834 in Nichols Township, Tioga County, New York. Died 11 August 1882 (also seen: d. 22 Apr 1911) at Camptown, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Married Edwin Burr Barnes, generation 2 of the Barns Annex, on 4 November 1852 in Rome Township, Bradford County.



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