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Origin of the surname “von Voigtlander:”







2   Colonel Karl Augustus von Voigtlander


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1913 in New Jersey.  Died 6 January 1969 in New Jersey.  Retired from the US Army.  In 1971 resided at Borrego Springs, California.


1940 US Census: Karl A. Von Voigtlander, age 27 (b. NJ) and employed as Jr. erector for Fay Manufacturing, was heading a household at 1865 Reyburn Road in the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  He had completed 4 years of college.  The household also included his wife, Lois Von Voigtlander, age 29 (b. MI), who had completed 2 years of college; daughter, Marta Von Voigtlander, age 4 (b. MI); and daughter, Marlene Von Voigtlander, age 3 (b. IL).  On 1 April 1935 Karl and Lois resided at Sault St. Marie, Chippewa County, Michigan.


2. Wife: Lois Elaine Foote


Born 7 November 1909 at Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan; daughter of Vern W. and Maude M. (?) Foote.  Died 1 February 1991 at Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.


1930 US Census: Vern W. Foote, age 42 (b. MI; parents b. MI) and employed as a mechanic in an automobile plant, was heading a household at 918 Seymour Street in the City of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan.  He married 1st at age 19, and his residence was valued at $6,000.  The household also included his wife, Maude M. Foote, age 43 (b. MI; parents b. MI), who married 1st at age 20; daughter, Lois E. Foote, age 20 (b. MI) and single; daughter, Shirley W. Foote, age 14 (b. MI); and daughter, Barbara F. Foote, age 11 (b. MI).


3. Children:


a. Marta von Voigtlander: Born 1935 at Sault St. Marie, Chippewa County, Michigan.


At age 22, while a resident of 1529 N. Kenilworth Street, Arlington County, Virginia, Marta Von Voigtlander married, as his 2nd wife, Aldorien Edward Belisle, Jr. (b. abt 1933 at Beddeford, York Co., ME), age 24 and employed as a planning engineer for the RCA Service Company, son of Aldorien Edward and Julia M. (Graffam) Belisle of Alexandria County, Virginia, on 20 July 1957 (license issued 19 Jul 1957) in Arlington County, Virginia.


At age 48 Marta V. Belisle married John L. Bassett, age 48, on 1 January 1984 at Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.


b. Marlene von Voigtlander: See generation 1, below.


1   Marlene “Marianna” von Voigtlander:


Born 1936 at Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois.  Married 1st Earl Moss Swetland; subsequently divorced.  Married 2nd, as his 2nd wife, Raymond Emery Rubert, descendant # 5.4 of generation 11 of the Descendants of John Addison Biles, in 1971.  Married (3rd) Dennis Bryan Lutz of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1992, but they were subsequently divorced.


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