Pamelia F. (Waffle) Carlisle Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Waffle:”







6   George Waffle


A. Biographical Notes:


Emigrated, under the leadership of Governor Hunter, to North America in the great Palatinate migration from Germany.


B. Wife: Maria Esther Seeber Esther


C. Child:


a. William Waffle: See generation 5, below.


5   William Waffle


A. Wife: Elizabeth Dornberger/Doinberger


B. Child:


1. William Waffle, Jr.: See generation 4, below.


4   William Waffle, Jr.


A. Biographical Notes:


Born in 1787 at Palatine in the Mohawk River valley.  After the death of his parents, William, Jr. was adopted into the family of Major General Brown and his wife, Pamelia (?), and accompanied the General's family to northern New York State, where they founded the Town of Brownville, approximately five miles north of Watertown, New York.  General Brown built a large stone mansion in Brownville, which was subsequently restored and maintained as an historical structure.


B. Wife: Mary Baxter


Born in 1792.  Married 16 June 1811.


C. Children:


1. Pamelia F. Waffle: See generation 3, below.


2. Anna E. Waffle: Born in 1817.


3. Sarah Waffle: Born in 1819.


4. William Waffle, III: Born in 1821.


5. Charles Waffle: Born in 1823.


6. Mariah Waffle: Born in 1825.


7. Parley Waffle: Born in 1828.


8. Candace Waffle: Born in 1831.  Married (?) Brown and had the following child:


a. Carrie Waffle Brown:  Married John Nelson Carlisle, paragraph C.1.c.(1. of generation 3 of the Carlisle Annex. 


3   Pamelia F. Waffle


Born 8 May 1815; named for the wife of her father’s adoptive father, Major General Brown.  Died 1892.  Married John Cady Carlisle, generation 3 of the Carlisle Annex in 1842.




Other, still unknown, Waffle names:


1. Adam Waffle:


1820 US Census: Adam, age 26 to 45 and employed in manufacturing, was heading a household in LeRay Township, Jefferson County, New York.  The household also included 1 male under age 10 and 1 female age 16 to 26.



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