Orseltjen (Westbrook) Hoorbeck Pedigree

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Origin of the surname “Westbrook:”







5   Johannes Westbrook


1. Biographical notes:


Born Albany, New York.  Died .  Resided at Kingston, New York at the time of marriage.


2. Wife: Magdelina Lena Deckker/Jans


Born Kingston, New York.  Died .  In Baptism records referred to several times as Magdelina Jans, but also as Lena Decker.  Resided at Kingston when married to Johannes Westbrook on 12 May 1687 (marriage # 84 in Kingston church records).


Note: Could Jans be a feminine form of Jansen, and thus Jans daughter?


3. Children: (order uncertain; marriage refs are to Kingston church records)


a. Orseltjen Westbrook: See generation 4, below.


b. Heyetje Westbrook: Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 25 May 1690.  Marriage to Enoch Vreeland (b. Gemoene, N.J.) registered 18 May 1718; dated 30 May (Marriage #388).


c. Antoni Westbrook: Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 17 April 1692.  Marriage #313 to Aaltjen Van Etten (b. Horly) registered 11 April 1714.


d. Sara/Zara Westbrook: Baptized 10 June 1694.  Resided at Menissing when married to widower, Jacob Van Kuykendall (Marriage #274) on 3 February 1712.  Jacob also resided at Menissing.


e. Johannes Westbrook, Jr. #1: Baptized 19 July 1696.


f. Johannes Westbrook, Jr. #2: Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 9 January 1698.  Marriage to Antjen Roosa (b. Horly) (Marriage #338) registered 11 December 1715 and dated 19 December.


g. Antjen “Ante” Westbrook: Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 28 July 1700.  Resided at Raysester when she married Jacob Van Etten (b. Horley), which was registered 22 March 1719 and dated 22 April (Marriage #404).  Jacob also resided under the jurisdiction of Raysester when married.


h. Cornelis Westbrook: Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 14 March 1703.  Marriage to Annetjen Roosa (b. Horley) registered 22 March 1724 and dated 10 April (Marriage #524).


i. Dirck Westbrook: Born Kingston, New York.  Born 15 December 1706.  Resided at Kingston when he married Jannelsen Van Keuren, which was registered 21 April 1728 and dated 12 May (Marriage #646).  Jannelsen also resided under the jurisdiction of Kingston when she married Dirck.


4   Orseltjen/Osseltje Westbrook:


Born Kingston, New York.  Baptized 6 November 1687.  According to Russell Van Noy, Orseltjen (Westbrook) Hoornbeck and Johannes Vernooy had the following son: Benjamin Van Noy (baptized 28 Jun 1724 and raised by his grandparents, Johannes and Magdelina (Decker/Jans) Westbrook), who is generation 4 of the Van Noy Annex.  Of interest (because of the overlap of dates), Orseltjen Westbrook (of Raysester) had married Johannes Hoornbeck (b. Horley) (marriage #357) of Raysester in 1716 and, with him, had the following children:


1. Benjamin Hoornbeck: Baptized 1717.


2. Annaatjen Hoornbeck: Baptized 1718.


3. Dirk Hoornbeck: Baptized 1720.


4. Daniel Hoornbeck: Baptized 1726.


5. Jonathan Hoornbeck: Baptized 1730.


6. Abraham Hoornbeck: Apparently a twin.  Baptized 1732.


7. Ysaak Hoornbeck: Apparently a twin.  Baptized 1732.



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