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9   ?


1. Biographical notes:


2. Wife:


3. Children: (order uncertain)


a. (? male): Died (intestate) in England, leaving an estate valued at $3 million.  His only living relatives were his three brothers in America.


b. (? male): Emigrated to America from England and went west.


c. David White: See generation 8, below.


d. (? male): Emigrated to America from England. 


8   David White


1. Biographical notes:


Emigrated to America from England and settled in Connecticut.


2. Wife: (?)


3. Children:


a. Isaiah White: See generation 7, below.


7   Isaiah White


1. Biographical notes:


Born about 1769.  Resided and died at Pharsalia, Chenango County, New York on Monday, 21 November 1853, age 84; interred north of the house once owned and occupied by Zelder and Justin Marsh, which is on the east side of the public highway through Pharsalia.


2. Wife: Wealthy Cook


Born 1773.  Died 28 February 1846; interred beside her husband.  Reportedly related in some way to John Cook of Stonington, Connecticut.


3. Children:


a. Isaiah White, Jr.: Born 27 November 1793.


b. Sybil White: Born 24 August 1795.


c. William White: Born 22 March 1798.


d. Joseph White: Born 11 June 1800.  Died 1850.  Married Hannah Thompson (d. 1863) and had many children, including the following son:


(1. Solomon White: Born December 1838.  Veteran of the Civil War.  Married Delette M. (?) (b. Nov 1850) and had the following children:


(a. Loren White: Born 1869.


(b. Prentice B. White: Born February 1875.


(c. Pearl White: Born 1883.  Married John Matzinger, who immigrated to America from Switzerland at age 3, and they resided at Norwich, Chenango County, New York.  John and Pearl had the following children:


(1) Mildred Matzinger.


(2) Wesly Matzinger.


(3) Lewis Matzinger: Born 28 October 1914.  Died 13 November 2002 in Indian River County, Florida.


e. Solomon White: Born 11 May 1802.


f. Austin White: Born 19 April 1804.


g. Celarisa White: Born 17 July 1808.


h. Wealthy White: Born 27 August 1809.


i. Hiram White: See generation 6 below.


j. Printice White: Born 15 June 1814.


k. Mercy White: Born 15 October 1818.


6   Hiram White:


1. Biographical notes:


Born 24 July 1810.


2. Wife: (?)


3. Children:


a. Hiram VanBuron White: See generation 5, below.


5   Hiram VanBuron White


1. Biographical notes:


Born 11 November 1836.  Died 28 June 1903.


2. Wife: Janette Tyler


Of McDonough, New York.  Born 8 September 1837.  Died 5 March 1922.  Married Hiram VanBuron White on 6 January 1856.  An herbalist, who would gather and dry a variety of plants from the woods to treat human ailments.  Smoked a clay pipe.


3. Children:


a. Martin VanBuron White: See generation 4, below.


b. Andrew White. 


4   Martin VanBuron White


1. Biographical notes:


Died 1899 (?); interred in the Plymouth, New York, cemetery.  Owned and operated a livery stable in Deposit, New York (perhaps in Pharsalia).  By one account Martin died before his wife, Jennie; by another he died with Jennie when they were both thrown from an out of control buggy and dragged.  A gold brooch pin reportedly being worn by Jennie at the time and damaged in the accident was in the possession of Nellie Blackman (White) Reff, generation 3, below.  Martin was interred in the Plymouth, New York cemetery.


2. Wife: Jennie Frink


Daughter of John Frink, who was the son of Nathan Frink.  By one account Jennie died after Martin from tuberculosis, having lost all family assets because of limited knowledge of Martin’s business and, perhaps, an unscrupulous insurance man.  By this account Jennie tried to earn a living for herself and her two surviving children by sewing clothes, but was unsuccessful.


3. Children:


a. Grace White: Born 1874.  Died 1896 from complications of tuberculosis.  After her parents died, was raised by distant relatives.  Married ? Crandall.


b. Floyd Ray White: See generation 3, below.


c. Millard White: Had hoped to go into the ministry.  Is thought to have had tuberculosis.  In 1893 fell from a hay wagon and was run over in mid body by a rear wheel, causing fatal injuries. 


3   Floyd Ray White (photos) (more info)


1. Biographical notes:


Born 22/20 October 1883.  Died 6/2 February 1965 at age 81.  Was on his own at age 16, after his parents died.  The relatives who took him and his sister in decided, for unknown reasons, that they did not want him in the family.  For a while Floyd was allowed to sleep in the back of a grocery store.  He was hired as a water boy by the local telephone company and continued to work for the telephone company (which became AT&T) in increasingly responsible positions until retirement at age 65 as a supervisor of work details.  Was transferred from Walton, New York to Carthage, New York in 1920 to be Foreman of a 15 to 20-man telephone construction crew, the position he held at retirement.  In 1951 Floyd operated a machinery repair & sharpening shop at 313 North Clinton Street in Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.


Resided at 224 Spring Street, Wilna Township, Carthage, Jefferson County, New York.  Later resided at 313 North Clinton Street, Carthage.  For years was in almost constant pain from stomach ulcers.  In later life was afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease.


·       Recollections of Camp Kalurah by Robert Floyd White.

·       Recollections of Floyds car by Ruth Jane (White) Bovee.

·       Recollections of a hunt for misplaced dentures by Ruth Jane (White) Bovee.

·       Recollections of Floyd’s exceptional knowledge of forest life by Ruth Jane (White) Bovee. 


2. Wife: Dorothy Dolly Adelaide Blackman (photos) (more info)


Born 6/5 April 1888 at Preston, New York.  Died Tuesday evening, 17 March 1981 (age 92) at the Skilled Nursing unit of Carthage Area Hospital.  Had entered the nursing home in October 1980.  Funeral 21 March at Bossuot-Lundy Funeral Home, Carthage.  Interred Sunnyside Cemetery, Naumburg, New York.


Attended Preston rural schools, where she met Floyd White; started dating when Dolly was age 16.  Her parents did not approve of Floyd, thinking he was a little wild.  With the help of her Aunt Minia (her father’s sister), Dolly was able to continue seeing Floyd.  They eloped and were married 2 September 1906/4 (also seen: 6 April 1907) at Preston.  In the following years the Blackmans came to love and respect Floyd White.


Dolly was a member of the First Baptist Church and was a life member of the Carthage, New York Chapter 276, Order of Eastern Star. 


3. Children:


a. Carl White: (more info) Born approximately 1909.  Drowned in 1930 at age 21/22.


b. Grace White: (more info)


Born 29 April 1910.  Married (1st) Lloyd Bossuot (d. 25046 Riverwalk Dr., Leesburg, FL 34748) on 20 June 1936.  Grace and Lloyd had the following children:


(1. Bonnie Lloyd Bossuot: Born 1937.  Married David F. Lewis at her mother’s home in Leesburg, Florida and still resided at Leesburg in 2003.  David and Bonnie had the following children:


(a. David F. Lewis, Jr.: Born 1965.  Resided in Ohio.


(b. Holly Lewis: Born 1970.  Married Michael Delisa and resided in Ohio.  They had the following son:


(1) Michael Delisa, Jr.: Born 1999.


(2. Lloyd Bossuot, Jr.: Married Phyllis Calvert and raised the following children:


(a. Aaron Bossuot: Adopted.


(b. Crystal Bossuot: Married Tim McCarter and resided in Kansas.  They had the following children:


(1) Wesley McCarter.


(2) Chance McCarter.


(3) Lily McCarter.


Grace (White) Bossuot married (2nd) Alfred Pinet in 1960 and resided at Youngstown, Florida, then in Florida.


c. Nelly “Nell” Blackman White: (photos) (more info)


Born 13 September 1913.  Married Alton/Elton Reff (b. 7 Jul 1909, d. 25 Oct 1999) on 25 May 1936 and resided at 15935 Crestline Road, Fountain, Florida 32434/8.  In 2003 resided with her son in Rochester, New York.  Alton and Nell had the following son:


(1. Richard Reff: Born 5 June 1936/7.  Married Marilyn Beckman in 1961 and resided in New York.  They had the following children:


(a. Michel Reff: (male) Born 1959.  Married Margaret (?) and resided at Rochester, New York.  They had three daughters, including:


(1) Danielle Reff: Born 1988.


(2) Rachel Reff: Born 1992.


(b. Michael Reff: Married Diane (?) in 1981 and resided in New York.  They had the following children:


(1) Lindsay Reff: Born 1982.


(2) Gillian Reff: Born 1984.


(3) Andrew Reff.


(c. Martin Reff: Married (?) and resided in.  He and his wife had the following children:


(1) Samantha Reff: Born 1984.


(2) Alyssa Reff: Born 1994.


d. Martin William White: (photos) (more info)


Born 29 August/July 1915 at Norwich, New York.  Died 27 May 1981, age 65, at Carthage Area Hospital.   Graduated from Carthage High School in 1933.  Worked for the Charles Reilly Service Station until he began military service in 1941.  During World War II Martin served in the Army Corps of Engineers in Panama and Europe and was discharged from active duty as a Master Sergeant in 1945.  After military service he worked for a short time for the Waters Buick dealership in Carthage before moving to be parts and service manager at the Lofink Motor Company there, a position he held for 19 years.  In August 1960 Martin was a founding partner of the Blunden-White Insurance Agency, which continued to grow under his leadership. 


Martin married Frances “Fran” Fritz (more info) (b. 4 Oct 1909 at Norfolk, N.Y., d. Thurs, 16 Oct 1981 (age 72) at Carthage Area Hospital, age 72, after a long illness), daughter of Allen J. and Fannie E. (Shannon) Fritz of Carthage, on 12 May 1943 at the First Baptist Church of Carthage and resided thereafter at the Fritz home (purchased in 1919): 939 Alexandria Street, Carthage, New York.  Frances was a 1927 graduate of Carthage High School, a 1931 graduate of Potsdam State Normal School, and a 1937 graduate of Cortland State Teachers College.  After teaching for one year at both the Martin Street Road School (outside West Carthage) and the Sterlingville, New York school, she joined the faculty at Carthage Elementary School, where she taught (mostly) 5th grade until her retirement in 1971. (obituaries) (other clipping)


Martin and Frances were both very active in church, fraternal, and community/civic organizations. They had no children and were interred in Fairview Cemetery, Carthage.


e. Robert “Bob” Floyd White: (photos) (more info) Born 1920.  1938 graduate of Carthage High School.  Served during World War II and in April 1943, as a Private, was wounded in North Africa, resulting in permanent disabilities.  Married Mary Frances Gormley (more info) (b. 1924, d. 25 Apr 2005, age 80; interred Sunnyside Cemetery, Naumburg, N.Y.), daughter of Leo F. and Vera A. (Doyle) Gormley, in 1947 at St. James Church, Carthage.  Bob was employed as a rural mail carrier (replacing temporary carrier J. Adrian Seaman) and resided at 325 State Street, Carthage.  Later moved to 33720 N.Y.S. Route 126, Carthage (Champion), New York 13619 (White’s Horse Ranch).  Mary graduated from Augustinian Academy, Carthage in 1942 and from the Watertown School of Commerce in 1945.  She was employed by the US Postal Service before marriage.  Robert and Mary had the following daughter:


(1. Holly White: Married Bruce Armstrong and resided in New York.  They had the following children:


(a. Jeffrey Armstrong: Born 1978.  Married (?) and resided at Champion, Jefferson County, New York.  Jeffrey and his wife had the following son:


(1) Trey Armstrong.


(b. Caitlin Armstrong: Born 1987.


f. Bonnie White: Raised by Fred and Agnes (?) Arden.  Died young (poison water).


g. Ruth Jane White: See generation 2, below.


h. Gene Charles White: Born 1928.  Married Gwendolyn “Gwen” Garnsey (b. 1927) in 1948 and resided in New York.  They had the following children:


(1. Laurie/Lori White: Born 1950.  Married Lee Charity (b. 1950) in 1971 and resided in Pennsylvania, also, Ohio.  They had the following children:


(a. Christopher Charity: Born 1976.


(b. Nicole Charity: Born 1978.  Married David Estepp (b. 1976) in 1998.  Were divorced after having the following daughter:


(1) Madeline Vivian Estepp: Born 1999.


(2. Mark White: Born 1953.  Married (1st) Beverly Thumel (also seen: Marilyn) and resided in Virginia.  They were divorced after having the following children:


(a. Ryan White: Born 1981.


(b. Shawn/Sean White: Born 1984.


Mark married (2nd), as her 2nd husband, Maureen (?) Bost (b. 1949), who had the following children from her first marriage:


(c. Christine “CrisseyBost: Married (?).


(d. Daniel “Danny” Bost.


(3. Tracy White: Born 1961.  Married William Crary and resided in New York.  They were subsequently divorced.


2   Ruth Jane White:


Born 11 March 1922.  Died 18 April 2005.  Married Richard John Bovee, generation 2 of the Bovee Annex on 10 August 1947.







a. Robert Floyd White referred to an Uncle Herm of Sherburne, Chenango County, New York.



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