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Origin of the surname “Wilson:”







3   (?) Wilson (photos)

    "Old Mr. Wilson"


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1.  Biographical notes:


Moved to Pennsylvania from New Jersey.  One (husband or wife) was high Dutch, and the other was low Dutch.  Resided on the Mosher place, near the residence of James Monroe Biles (son of Jacob Place Biles).


2.  Wife: (?) (photos)

"Old Mrs. Wilson"


Wilson, Old Mrs. (1) #.jpg


3.  Children: (order uncertain)


a. Andrew Wilson: See generation 2, below.


b. Mary Wilson: Married (?) Seiple and resided in the old house behind Uncle Jacob Biles.


2   Andrew Wilson (photos)


Wilson, Andrew & Margaret (Bush) (1) #.jpg


1.  Biographical notes:


Born Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  Died 1883.  Moved to Bradford County, Pennsylvania about 1854 and resided on the Mosher farm near where James Monroe Biles lived on Lime Hill (also called Oak Hill), Wyalusing Township.


2.  Wife: Margaret Bush (photos)


Born Monroe County, Pennsylvania.


3.  Children: (13 total; 10 lived to maturity)


a. John Wilson: Married Angeline Lear? and resided in West Virginia.  John and Aneline had five children.


b. Sarah Jane Wilson: Married Sanford Cox and had the following children:


(1. Stella Wilson: Married (?) White.  Friend of Ada Irving, sister of John Milton Irving.


(2. (?) Wilson: Married Elmer Russel; no children.


c. Mary Elizabeth Wilson “Lib”: Married (1st) (?) Coleman and had five children, 3 of whom lived to be old.  James Monroe Biles, son of Jacob Place Biles, purchased the Coleman farm.  Mary Elizabeth (Wilson) Coleman married (2nd) Hiram Elliot and resided at Herrick.


d. Mille Wilson: See generation 1, below.


e. Erastus Wilson: Married Eliza Terry, daughter of John and Catherine (?) Terry, and resided in Albany Borough, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Eastus and Eliza had the following children:


(1. Alma E. Wilson: Married (1st) Lewis Hoffman and had 1 child.  Married (2nd) Freeman N. Phillips.


(2. Mary “Katie” Wilson: Married Delmar Lenox.


(3. George H. Wilson: Died November 1936; interred Camptown Cemetery, Camptown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Married (1st) Minnie Soaper (d. 3 Oct 1940) and had the following children:


(a. Harold Oliver Wilson: Born 23 December 1904.  Died 10 October 1966; interred Camptown Cemetery, Bradford County,  Pennsylvania.  Resided at LeRaysville, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Raised chickens and ran a dairy.  Married Arlene Susie Davis (photos) (more info) (b. 4 Oct 1911 at Neath, Pike Twp, Bradford Co., PA), daughter of Samuel and Hazel (Dodge) Davis, on 20 March 1935 at Neath, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Arlene met Harold when his Grange met with the Wyalusing Grange, of which her family were members.  After marriage Harold and Arlene moved to Lime Hill, Wyalusing Township and had the following son:


(1) Donald Duane Wilson: (photos) (more info) Born 25 March 1936 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Died there 7 February 2022.  Employed as a farmer.  Married (1st) Mariellen Louise Biles (b. 1942), daughter of Irvine Clarence and Margaret Alice (Miner) Biles, in 1958 at Lime Hill Church, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and had the following children:


(a) David Erin Wilson: Born 1958. (David Aaron Wilson?)


(b) Rebecca Carol Aimee Wilson: Born 1960.


Donald and Mariellen (Biles) Wilson were divorced in October 1961.  Donald married (2nd) Loretta Ryan in 1972 in Pennsylvania, and in 1973 resided in Pennsylvania when daughters, Brenda and April, were born.  Resided at Laceyville, Pennsylvania when daughter, Connie, was born.  Donald and Loretta had the following children:


(c) Brenda Susie Ruth Wilson: Born 1974 in Pennsylvania.


(d) April Marie Wilson: Born 1978 in Pennsylvania.


(e) Connie Lynn Wilson: Born 1981.


(b. Dean Edwin Wilson.


(c. Vernon Erastus Wilson.


George H. Wilson married (2nd) (?) and had the following daughter:


(d. Hazel Wilson.


f. Elisha Wilson: Married a woman of Dutch ancestry and resided at Wilmot.  Elisha and his wife had a daughter.


g. Margaret Ann Wilson: See generation 1, below.


h. Esther Wilson: Married Joseph Harris and had the following daughter:


(1. AlverdaVerda” J. Harris: Died 9 December 1951.  Married (1st) Spencer Reed and had the following children:


(a. Adeline M. Reed: In 1953 resided at 415 Westminister Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey.


(b. Spencer Harris Reed: In 1953 resided at 3839 Garfield Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.


AlverdaVerda” J. (Harris) Reed married (2nd), as his 2nd wife, Louis “Lou” Camp, son of Homer Camp.


1   Millie Wilson:


Born 27 September 1845.  Died 21 February 1879.  Married James Monroe Biles, paragraph 4.C.3. of the Jacob Place Biles page (which is gen 8 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles) on 7 August 1870.



1   Margaret Ann Wilson:


Born 30 January 1849.  Died 22 August 1906.  Married Peter Alexander Biles, paragraph 4.C.6.d. of Alexander Patterson Biles page (which is gen 7 of the Ancestors of John Addison Biles) on 27/26 March 1871.




In April 1953, when the estate of Elizabeth “Lizzie” McMoron (Biles) Arnold, who died intestate, was dispensed to relatives, the following (perhaps Wilson) cousins were among those named as heirs:


1. Alverda J. (Harris) (Reed) Camp:  Died before Lizzie, so Verda’s share went to her children.  See generation 2, paragraph 3.h.(1., above.


2. Verdie Wilson Arey: Probably daughter of John, Erastus, or Elishar Wilson.  Resided at Box 616 Dushore, Pennsylvania.


3. May B. Nelson: Resided at the All States Hotel, 514 19th Street (6), Washington, D.C.


4. Margaret (Wilson) Lewis: Resided at RD 2, Athens, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


Other, still unidentified Wilson names:


1. Seipel, Mary (Wilson): (photos) Sister of Andrea Wilson.


2. Wilson, Ellen (Jennings)(Middaugh): (photos) Had the following son:


a. Aaron Depew.



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